Life Lately 2.0 – March

Life Lately 2.0 – March

A vacation to me means getting away from social media, technology, the hustle and concerns of daily life for just a little bit. However, my darling sister Tosin won’t let me catch my breath.

The result of course is this post. Needless to say, I love this particular one and what it stands for. It’s a good way to reflect and I might as well do this while here on this beautiful beach, with an amazing view sipping on a mojito.

Tosin shared her version of this post here and it’s only right I share mine, i mean it’s life with two tees.

1. I’m currently ACCEPTING that there’s my plan and then there’s God. Drake captured it perfectly in his new song “God’s plan.” Not to go all spiritual on you guys, but for someone that plans her every move a little too much, Life sometimes fucks it all up and there’s really nothing much to do about it but move on. In the end, I do believe God’s plans are always for good.

2. ‎ READING the thing around your neck by Chimamanda Adichie. It’s not a full-on novel as every chapter is a different story. I initially loved the idea but not every story is as interesting which messes with my flow.

3. ‎Not to sound cheesy, but I am LOVING my husband. He supports me with every damn thing – it’s almost unreal. Like think of the most basic random shit. My man is at the corner cheering. I love you babe.

4. PRACTICING how to edit pictures. I know Tosin will think i am copying her but I am really practicing this. Ufuoma taught me a lot of tricks and i can’t wait to master them. Y’all gonna learn. Lol

5. LISTENING to “Our fav things” podcast. I love that it’s so light and of course the presenters review some of my guilty pleasure shows. Plus they seem so cool. Lol I’m such a fan girl!

6. PRAYING to master how to manage my emotions. I need to be able to move on from issues better. Gotta figure this out.

7. ‎FEELING thankful. Been going through a lot lately and i am super thankful i can afford to escape from it all for a while.

8. ‎TRYING to accept people for who they are. Not everybody will treat me the way i will treat them and that is ok.

9. HOPING that everything i am working on finally clicks. It’s about time.

10. LEARNING how to take better pictures. Lol

11. INTERESTED in making new friends. I need more amazing girls in my corner. Looking back, I used to be so friendly and open-minded with people, but I quickly realized that it takes quite a lot of effort to balance adulting responsibilities with keeping up with my already existing friends. This might just be why I put in zero effort to make new ones. Also, collaborations! Very important. I’m really interested in collaborating. You think there’s something in line with our blog theme that you want us to collaborate on, please do reach out via DM or on any of our social media platforms. You can also send us a mail at [email protected] and we will respond.

Well, that’s that! Thank you guys for all the love and support you show us. We love all our readers. Please share your thoughts on my tags above or share yours with us. Would love to read all about it.



0 thoughts on “Life Lately 2.0 – March

  1. Your outfit is so so cute, I cannot even!

    Accepting: things I cannot change or influence, just putting in my best and letting God do the rest.

    Reading: call my by your name by Andre Aciman and loving it.

    Watching: La Casa De Papel on Netflix

    & Praying: for breakthrough in my professional pursuits.

    P.s I see you! Thank you for the shout out on behalf of the ladies of the podcast 😉

  2. I really enjoyed this post; it has inspired me to do something relatable soon and I am currently stuck on your page. Yes to collaborating with you and being your friend, I am here for that!

    1. I am thrilled you enjoyed it. Means a lot that you are stuck here and i can not wait to read whatever you come up with..
      Whoop! Glad you are here for that, i am ready when you are!
      Thank you for reading.

  3. Major shout out to your Husband! I know how important it is to have someone in your corner cheering you.
    Re: friends – it’s so weird because I think we all feel that way. We should work on hanging out more (without them 🙄)!
    Love and Light,
    Viv AF!

  4. You look so beautiful, Titi. That outfit. Wow! Good thing you hid it from me otherwise you wouldn’t be taking it back with you lol. And shoutout to Kelvin for being an amazing husband to you. Love love this post format. ❤️

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