Life Lately – March

Life Lately – March

Hey guys!

April is here!!!

How’s it going? I hope you’re enjoying the long break. I somehow got sick 😰 and thankfully I have till Tuesday to rest!

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Or not. I’m going to share anyway. I’ve actually not been up to much lately. This month has been the most challenging month for me. I cried and stayed up late thinking a lot, over stressed about everything. Such an overwhelming month! Spent money on things I didn’t think I’d spend my money on. I’m much better now though! Thank God.

I saw this currently blog post idea on Pinterest and oh boy there are so many verbs. We’ll be here all day if I decide to do everything. I just picked a few.

Anyway, I’m currently:

1. Accepting the fact that life sucks sometimes but one just has to find ways of dealing or coping with it.

2.Reading Tomi Adeyemi new book ‘Children of Blood and bone’. It’s so interesting. Started yesterday so I can’t have a formed opinion yet. So far so freaking good though.

3.Loving the bookstagram tag. People are so creative and it’s inspiring to see. I follow the tag so photos pop up on my IG feed every now and then. Did you know you can follow tags on Instagram? Well now you know. 🙂

4.Practicing my picture editing skills – with apps I’ve had for the longest time but never really use. So far so good!

5.Listening to Brymo’s new album. That guy is fantastic. If you haven’t listened to it yet get on it. Shalla to Apple Music! Not sure I can pick my fave yet. Will update y’all on IG story.

6.Praying that all my heart desires are granted. I need a breakthrough. 👏🏾

7.Feeling sick. Being sick is literally the worst. Like the absolute worst. I hope I feel better soon.

8.Trying to understand why you people only read and don’t comment/Share your thoughts. Are the posts not relatable ? I’d really like to know why. 🙄 We’re open to constructive criticisms.

9.Hoping that I’ll finally get my shit together. Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s about damn time!

10.Learning to sometimes chill and not be so confrontational. If you know me, you’d know that I am always ready for confrontations. If I don’t like what you’re doing, best believe I’ll confront you and let you know but last last Who confrontation epp? Im learning to pick my battles. Can’t be confronting every single person that annoy me. It’s draining.

Also learning to actually listen to people.

11. Interested in volunteering for organizations that pay attention to the community one way or the other. Hit me up if you know any! I have a lot of free time.

Did you enjoy this post? If there’s anything you’d love us to talk more about or share, feel free to let us know ! Also, I hope you’re following Titi’s travel story on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram to catch up if you’re not already following. She can’t update the blog every day because it’s stressful actually living your best life and trying to update everyone at the same time but not to worry! She’ll be sharing all about her trip when she gets back. She’ll also be doing a similar post to the one you just read! 🙂

Enjoy the long weekend! Spend time with people you love and live your best life!

Love & Light


0 thoughts on “Life Lately – March

  1. Hope you get well soon 🙏
    I can relate to 10
    Currently undergoing that learning process too. Learning not to respond to everyone & everything that I don’t agree with.

  2. I didn’t plan to comment o. But that bit on why we don’t comment convinced me. I don’t like owning up to having similarities with people but we share Tosin and we’re quite similar. I think you’re really quiet though at least from afar. I hope I can learn to be less confrontational. I want to be. I can’t just let some things go. God help me. I love Brymo so maybe I’ll listen to that album. I really hope you get well soon. Your full strength is restored by God’s grace. I wish I had the strength for Lagos so I could do more with my free time and maybe feel less depressed. Check pinkoaktrust on IG and mail them maybe. I tried to contact them but they’re yet to get back to me. All the best in April!

    1. Aww! Thanks for leaving a comment. Lmao a lot of people think I’m quiet. I am to some extent but I’m very confrontational and I always feel the need to let people know how I’m feeling about anything which is not necessary tbh! I’ll check them out. Hopefully it works out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! Hope everything goes well for you. I volunteer at an ngo focused on raising Scoliosis awareness. It’s @beyondacurvedspine. You should check us out and sign up here if you’d love to join us. Wish you a great month ahead! Xx

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