May Wrap-up | Links to check out.

May Wrap-up | Links to check out.

Hey friends! I don’t know what is up with 2020 but it seems like we’ll wake up tomorrow and the year will be over. I am a hundred percent ready for that to happen tho. It’s been so overwhelming. May has especially been a heavy month! Like whew! What a month!

So, we’re starting the monthly wrap-ups on the blog where we share interesting things we see/read/watch on the internet.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

  • We all know most countries have started easing lockdown and it seems like life is about to return to normal but I watched a video on BBC on how the super-rich spent lockdown. All i can say is, Money is good.
  • I reckon the most popular word on social media is toxic and notice how people rarely call themselves toxic? It’s always the other person. Anyway, here’s an insightful article on 10 ways to tell if you’re toxic.
  • A lot has been happening in the world lately. It’s been exhausting for us all and we are all angry. From Ahmaud Arbery’s murder to Amy Cooper’s blatant display of racism to George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis police officer to the protests happening. It’s really a lot. As much as i try to protect my mental health, I’ve found myself watching a lot of videos and reading statements about everything going on. One that struck me and just had me amazed was Trevor Noah’s breakdown of the situation on the daily show.
  • I listened to a very powerful chat yesterday and I was honestly so moved. It’s so important that race be discussed openly in churches. I am so thankful for Steven Furtick and the elevation church for doing this. Listen to the chat here.

That’ll be all for now guys! Let us know if you want us to actually make this monthly wrap-up a thing. Happy reading/watching!

Oh and happy new month! I hope June is a better month for us all. Lord knows we need a breakthrough.


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