Moist beach club and restaurant review – All you need to know and more.

Moist beach club and restaurant review – All you need to know and more.

Hi guys,

How’s everyone doing? I hope the Easter break brought the much needed rest and relaxation a lot of us needed.

Before i dive into today’s post, it’ll be nice if we could pause for a minute and just say a prayer for those affected by the attack at Kajuru castle a few days ago. It’s a trying time for those they’ve left behind and a painful experience to all – May their souls Rest In Peace. Amen.

Beyond the commiserations, it’ll be great to see the government actually rise up to improve the general security of lives as this is one tragedy that could definitely have been avoided. In my own corner, while I try to give you ideas to spike up your quality of life, I can only advise, please be safe at all times and may God/Allah keep us all.

Today I’m reviewing Moist beach. I visited without a plan of reviewing but because i love y’all, I guess it’s only right.

Moist beach is located in Victoria Island – quite close to Landmark event center but Google maps should easily take you there. Considering most beaches are miles away, I was super pleased this was in close proximity.

You have to pay N1,000.00 to gain entrance to the beach and I think it’s a reasonable price to pay for what the beach offers. However wouldn’t it be cuter if we had to pay N1,500 but are welcomed in with a glass of fresh lemonade and flower crown? Oh well a girl can only wonder.

The menu was slightly discouraging. It had about six items and that’s about it and the prices were not close (3,500, 6,500, 11,000, 17,000) so i mean depending on your budget you have very limited choices which was a total dissapointment.

I think they are more focused on their evening/night guest than afternoon. In their own words ‘kitchen is not yet opened’ at about 2pm. That was really confusing for a beach restaurant. The bar was opened though.

I find it really sweet that they have a swimming pool in addition to the main ocean so you have the option of using the pool or go be a shark in the ocean

It is a picture perfect beach so ladies and gentlemen, get your camera ready. I feel like i say this all the time but it is currently my number one beach in lagos – aesthetics wise.

They have a bouncer at the door for a second i thought i was at SIP (a club in lagos that pride themselves with bouncers). I guess that means security is lit.

I had no issues taking pictures but again all my pictures are taken with a mobile phone so i don’t know if using a professional camera will be a problem.

There you go guys. Let me know what you think? I’ll be sharing more pictures on the gram so follow us here.

You should totally read my review of Laguna beach here so you’re spoilt with options.

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13 thoughts on “Moist beach club and restaurant review – All you need to know and more.

    1. I know right. They really did a great job with the landscape. I’m not sure i saw that on the menu, although they did confirm there is a different menu for night time. Thanks for reading.

  1. This beach is so beautiful I’ve been hearing a lot about it but you’ve definitely given me a full insight to what to expect there I’ll be sure to visit soon and would definitely give you credit for giving me the push to go. 💜💜

  2. This is a wonderful review, we’re definitely going there for my friends birthday, do you know if the allow you bring food in ?

  3. This is a wonderful review, we’re definitely going there for my friends birthday. Do you know if they allow one bring food in?

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