Monthly goals?

895-goalsmonthly-goalsHi guys, how are you doing?
Your weekend go good? Last week was loaded was with work related trainings with some great facilitators. While I’d rather have been on some beach sipping exotic juices, they did manage to catch my attention more than once and they triggered certain thoughts: like what is my life? What am i doing? Am i on track? Do you sometimes feel like you are not achieving your goals, or not even setting one? and feel a bit down and all that sad stuff?
What if we all set goals and try to achieve them this month? Nothing too dramatic, it could be a book you’ve been trying to read for a while now, or a soup you wanted to make. (This marriage life got me thinking soups now, wow!)
Tosin any goals for the month? – Titi
Yeah, actually. I’m lowkey trying to get a job. I mean Nysc is in two months and it just seems like a really long time right now. I mean I won’t lie and say I’m not enjoying the post housejob resting sha – Tosin
Exactly, i was going to say the exact same thing. Enjoy it. I wished i made more memories when i was jobless. – Titi
LMAO! I don’t know how I feel about that word ‘jobless’ tho – Tosin
You are kinda jobless yeah? – Titi
Such an intense word. But Why are you now shouting? Well, I’m also trying to explore Lagos a little bit. I went to “bogobiri house” and “the jazzhole” the other day, and they weren’t half bad to be honest. So if you know any cool/quiet spots in Lagos, holla at your girl – Tosin
I’m just goint to be here hating on you and all your free time. – Titi
With salary entering every month. Must be niceee – Tosin
Lol it is quite nice. Anyways i was asking you about monthly goals. – Titi
I don’t know how we got here. Lol  I’ve mentioned my goals na – Tosin
I feel like i sometimes get so tired and overwhelmed with what i am doing, where i want to be, where i think i should be and other times i look at my life and i am like, Girl you are doing amazing. – Titi
I totally get you! Tbh – Tosin
I am trying to set realistic goals, of course sometimes goals can be challenging but i have to remind myself “no pressure, no pressure.” Monthly goals, hmm its already 16th o. So i don’t know about this month. Maybe I should rename it to ’30-day goals’.
But on my roster, I have to figure out if i am writing my professional exams this december. If i am, I have to register.
Then I definitely have to read a book and review it on the blog much later.
I need to finish Game of Thrones, AH! This one is a major need, Because my husband is over my slow ass. lol. – Titi
Okay I’m lowkey tired of typing lmao that will be removed obvs – Tosin
Lmfao. Nope – Titi
I don’t know what you people see in the Game of Thrones. I watched season 1 when they first started showing it and fell asleep every time! Zzzz  Lmao aww at reading a book. Which time do you have to read book. Now that’s a goal – Tosin
Don’t let the GOT fans beat you up oh.  I am lowkey tired too  Lol  – Titi
You should totally write the professional exams. Me sef, I have to decide which country I wanna disappear to for their medical exams. Nigeria is a hot mess rn. Ain’t nobody tryna stay here –Tosin
I dont know what you are typing but i need to go back to my GOT. – Titi
Byeeee – Tosin
This is just not me o, remember we are posting this, no sweet words to your readers? Ok ok.
Thank you guys for reading, please subscribe. Tell us about your monthly goals, or what you think of ours? Can you relate? – Titi

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  1. I’m low-key tired of GOT too😩. I’m still stuck in season 1 but people are telling me it’ll get better. My main goal for September is to get some sleep!!! Every other goal is simply by the way lol

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