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Early this year, I moved to Canada after getting my permanent residence last year and i shared some of that process on my Instagram feed (last week to be precise). I also asked those on there what particular parts of the process I should share and the overwhelming response was EVERYTHING so let’s commence at the beginning.

For me, documenting this journey is important so I can look back and remember this period of my life, I’m currently excited but nervous at the same time because this is a HUGE step and unlike Nostradamus, I can’t predict the future. Also, sharing might help someone learn what to do as well as how to avoid the mistakes I might have made.

Oh yes, please DISCLAIMER o!!! {I am not an immigration officer}; just sharing my personal story. Also because of the length of the process, I reckon it’s best I share in series covering it all in bits and to ensure I don’t gloss over and overwhelm you with information. Deal? Good.

Journey to permanent resident

So, I fully decided to move to Canada in 2019, I had done my research on how to get the Canadian permanent residence, discussed with my best friend, family and a few others and decided to focus on pursuing it. Everyone has different reasons for leaving their country. I will sum mine up into a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.

There are several routes to immigrate to Canada but I’ll focus on the Federal Skilled Worker Program – because that was my route. I did the entire thing myself, there are so many resources out there to guide you including the official website but if you think you don’t have the time, energy or patience, you might consider using an agent. I have heard both success and horror stories about agents, so do your due diligence before deciding, but I promise, you can do it yourself.

What is Express Entry?
Express Entry is designed to facilitate express immigration of skilled workers “who are most likely to succeed economically.” to Canada. It is a competitive immigration system, ranking all qualified candidates against one another and then inviting the best ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

Using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) – a points-based system that calculates your age, level of education, work experience, whether you have a valid job offer, English and/or French language skills and adaptability (how well you are likely to settle here). The system then ranks candidates and selects the ones who meet the set score. It’s almost like JAMB. There’s a cut-off score and you have to surpass that score to be considered.

An ideal candidate to get the Canadian Permanent Residence would be between the age of 20-29, possessing a high level of education, and advanced proficiency in either English or French.

Those who meet the score are then invited to apply (ITA). Acceptance of the invitation, submitting all required documents, paying necessary fees and positive assessment by the organization in charge will grant the applicant, and their accompanying family members (if any), Canadian permanent resident status.

Under Express Entry, individuals and families wishing to settle in Canada can become new permanent residents within just a few months. The system is known to be efficient in processing times, with 80% of applications processed in 6 months or less. My sister got hers in less than three months, a friend got hers after 10 months. So many factors can delay but I think that will be a post for another day. The important thing is to ensure you cross your Ts, dot your Is and leave the rest to God.

The number one important factor in all of this is that you do YOUR RESEARCH. You are here so I will say you are on the right track. You have to take it further though, visit the official website and digest everything. Let me give you an example of how important this is: When we started, our score wasn’t the best. However, while researching, I stumbled on a section that talked about evaluating diploma qualification and how this adds to your score. We immediately did that and it boosted our points. That pre-degree course you took before entering university can boost your chances. So like I said, DO YOUR RESEARCH. You can click here to start.

Also, get familiar with the CRS TOOL to know if you are eligible for this program. Compare your score with the recent score which you will find here.

Feels like a lot of information, I know, but subsequent posts will be more focussed on particular sections of the process.

The next post will be about my experience writing the English exam and evaluating my results. You can read it here. I will also share some tips that worked for me. You should subscribe to the blog here so you get the information directly to your inbox and you don’t miss anything.

Until next time, please ask your questions and I will do my best to respond to all. You can also check out my Instagram CANADA highlight here, I share all the behind-the-scenes as I navigate my new home. Will you ever consider leaving your country of residence to start all over in a new country? Why would you leave?? Let’s talk in the comment sections.

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  1. Hiiii thank you for this! It’s a simple and easy read… my question- asides from pre-degree diplomas can you recommend any short diploma/course that’s not tech based that could boost my score?

    1. Hey Toluwalase, I can’t recommend but I do know a lot of universities offer different courses, you will need to check what courses are available at the university of your choice.

  2. Hi dear, thank you for this. I have been reading on Express entry and still trying to understand and figure out where to start. I hope I do soon.

  3. Hi titi, I read all about your experiences processing your permanent residency I am currently in the pursuit for this process tho i haven’t started anything yet. I know you have quite alot going on right now but i will really appreciate if you can tell me my first task in seeing this thru without mistakes.

  4. Hi Titi, really grateful to you for sharing. Just like Lydia in the comment section, I greatly desire to immigrate to Canny, for better quality of life, ESPECIALLY for my children yet unborn, been reading a lot of stuff but still trying to figure it out. I’m a very patient person, even if the process takes a while, I’d go through with it. I just need guidance to see it through please. I’m 30 years old (officially 31, lol), got a lot of work experience, hold a Masters degree as well. hoping to hear from you soon…thank you!!!

  5. Hello Two Tees,
    I guess congratulations are still in order.
    I have a diploma from Unilag. Does it need to be evaluated together with my BSC, or should the evaluation be separate.

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