The perfect getaway spot in Lagos – Lakowe Lakes

Daily we rant and vent about how draining Lagos can be. From the hassle of waking up early (to beat traffic) and get to work, to the stress of closing late (and getting stuck in traffic) to get home. We crave that relaxing getaway but our bank accounts tell us “don’t try it!” and the thought of long journeys make it all not worth it. But what if I told you there’s a friendly neighborhood solution to this?

So let’s say you are looking for a perfect spot for that trip with your girls? A baecation? Or just want to spend some time out of your house but still within Lagos? Ladies and gentlemen, think Lakowe Lakes!

During the month, I was invited by Filmorealty to spend the weekend at Lakowe Lakes and I must say, my expectations weren’t grand but by the time I had to leave, they were pretty much exceeded.

The resort is located at KM 35, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lakowe, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. (Just use Google maps and save yourself the stress). Don’t let the KM deceive you, It’s not on the way to Ibadan, but just slightly after Ajah – slightly.  The first thing that caught my attention as we drove in was the beautiful buildings arranged systematically, with pedestrian pathway, this is perfect for you fitfam folk who like to jog and run.

We arrived at our apartment, a one-bedroom apartment with a view. Apartments come in different shapes and sizes – cabins, apartments of different sizes etc. and all fully furnished. There’s also cable tv (so you can keep up with your football games or series), kitchen utensils, towels, shower gel were also provided. All you basically need to do is bring yourself. Oh! I love the fact that you can cook if you so wish to. There is also a restaurant available if you are like me that wont be caught cooking on a getaway.

Beyond the living area, there’s other fun stuff to do around the grounds so if… just if you get bored, you have alternatives.

I will be detailing all the activities I got up to but list is not limited to this. Lets dive in shall we?


The entire resort was so calming and picturesque.


I have never done anything like this so I was definitely pumped to experience this. I was hoping to catch a fish and maybe roast the fish, sadly I didn’t catch any. It was fun all the same.


This was also a first-time experience, The instructors personalized the experience and made time for a one-on-one training with everyone. Immediately I got the hang out it, your girl couldn’t stop.


We ended the day by seeing a movie under the stars, popcorn and soda were provided.


I love the fact that right in front of my apartments, table tennis and bicycles were available for the sports love. Of course trust me to explore this. Learned very quick that I suck at both.

Please share your thoughts on Lakowe Lakes, will you be visiting?

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Exploring Lagos| Rufus & Bee

Hey people!

So we went to Rufus & Bee and it was kind of awesome.

Kelvin hit me up couple of days before Titi’s birthday to tell me about the plan to go to Rufus & Bee to celebrate her birthday the weekend before her birthday. From what he told me, I budgeted 10,000 naira for games, food and drinks.

We planned to go there 4pm and we arrived a little later. Personally, I was looking forward to the whole thing because I haven’t been out properly in Lagos this year especially after returning from Sokoto. We came up with our outfits about 10minutes before we left.

We were going for something comfortable yet stylish.

We took some pictures before we entered the building.

Immediately we entered, we saw the board showing the different amounts per chips available.

We had to buy two buzzzcards – one for my Tolu and i and the other for Titi & Kelvin. Each buzzzcard costs N1,050. We charged up our cards and we were ready! While we waited for everyone to arrive, we decided to go to the restaurant to get some food.

The menu had me like…

The prices were not as affordable as i imagined but weren’t ridiculously expensive either. Or maybe my eyes sorta went towards the meals I could afford. Cheapest meal was 4,500 if i remember correctly.

A waiter came and disappeared before we even told him our order. They were all over the place but somehow they did not get to our table. It was almost like they were forming activity which was quite ridiculous. Titi’s friends arrived and  we were still looking for a bloody waiter. We spoke to someone that was in charge and a guy came to take our orders. He started and mid way through taking our orders, he said he had to go somewhere and he’ll be back. We waited another 10-15minutes. It was actually now ridiculous. At this point, I was over it. A waiter finally appeared and took our orders. Thankfully, the food was ready in less than 10 minutes and the ocean view was AMAZING!

I ordered Fish & chips – N5,000; Titi ordered a burger which was also N5,000; Tolu ordered Spaghetti Bolognese – N4,500.

One small thing i did not understand was the fact that coke/fanta/sprite was N600. WHAT? LMAO

Anyway, we eventually finished eating and with so much excitement walked to the games section. They have A LOT of games. I legit got confused at some point.

Once we started playing, it was hard to stop. We eventually left around 9 pm.

It was a really fun and chilled day. I had a blast and i kept my buzzcard because i’ll most likely be going there again.

If you’re looking for a spot to hangout with your friends and family (it’s a kid friendly place), then I’d recommend Rufus & Bee and budget at least N10,000 per head if you’re planning to eat or drink and N5,000 if you’re going for the games.

Rufus & Bee is located at TwinWaters, Okunde Bluewater Zone, off Remi Olowude Steeet, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. They’re open everyday between 12pm and 1am.

Have you been to Rufus & Bee? Did you enjoy it?

Also, If you know any other cool spot to hang out (In Lagos), let us know in the comments section.

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Love and light,


The Saturday I got inspired – SLAY FESTIVAL

Hey guys! So I’ve been following She Leads Africa on Instagram for a while now so I was quite aware they were organising a fest and I was going to buy a ticket but I kept procrastinating plus I wasn’t ready to let five thousand naira go. As God would have it, my friend tagged me on a giveaway by Kinkyapothecary on Instagram and I decided to participate and guess what? I won! I’d never won a giveaway prior to this so it was quite exciting because I actually really wanted to go for the event and that was a story of the one time procrastination saved my life. Lmao I’m dramatic, I know.

I wanted to go with my sister but she had to go to work. I hate going to events alone but I wasn’t willing to let the opportunity go. I got there a bit late but thankfully they also started late so I did not miss anything. I was quite confused when I got there. It seemed like a lot was going on at the same time. Thankfully, I made a new friend (my fellow giveaway winner) and she told me I could download the schedule for the day to decide which classes to go for and what not.

So basically, there were three main stages

Arts and Culture hosted by Tuke Morgan

Health and Wellness hosted by Jola Ayeye

Money and Success hosted by Feyikemi Abudu

They also had Masterclasses and the Tech village.

I started off going to the tech village and listening to a lecture on taking mobile photography to the next level with Samsung which was actually a very good class. The guy went through the basics of photography and was also selling his Samsung market. They had a giveaway which I was so positive I was going to win until your girl went to the toilet only to return to hear that they’ve just finished the giveaway and the winner has been picked. I felt slightly better that my new friend won it.

Because they started late, we almost couldn’t tell what was happening at the different sections. After the photography class, we went to a master class on saving and investing.

At the end of this class, I was tired of sitting and decided to do a little exploring.

They had different vendors – Revlon, Clinique, Avon HMO, Patabah books, Lady Biba, Mama Julie’s food company, insolitus (Got a free coaching session. It was an interesting experience as i’d never been coached before.), Muji bags, The kinky Apothecary,  Tremendoc (offered free health checks) e.t.c.

I wandered around for a while actually. Took some pictures.

I really wanted the free food Maggi was giving out but the wait was a bit ridiculous.

I went over to the Clinique stand to get a little touch up – powder and lipstick. That touch up got me some free samples.

Then I went over to listen to Bonang Matheba who is actually the sweetest. She talked about her life and her hustle. People asked questions which she graciously answered. She had a book signing afterwards. She was selling her book for N6k but at that time i’d spent way above my budget for the day so it was a NO from me. I really wanted to wait to see Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde but she wasn’t on stage till like 6:30pm. Putting Lagos traffic in mind, I had to leave before 7pm.

I got home only to find out later that I did not only miss meeting Omotola but I also missed my bae’s performance. Such a disappoint. If you don’t know who bae is then I don’t even know for you.

Overall it was a really good day. I was very inspired listening to/seeing young entrepreneurs and young people in general just living their creative lives, innovating and exploring new ideas. Definitely gave me some kinda hope which was needed because after camp i was pretty sure we’re fucked as a nation.

Oh btw, a LOT of people kept telling me they love my hair. Hay God I wasn’t ready for all that attention. You guys Dolapo Oni said she loves my hair. Yeah, it was lit.

Wig: Nappyhairedwigs (IG)

I kinda wished they started on time and kept to time. I also kinda wished so many good stuff wasn’t happening at the same time. Like damn!

P.S- This outing landed me a job so yay to coming out of my shell, networking and meeting people.

P.P.S- Today is Titi’s birthday! Wish her a happy birthday.

Have you heard about She Leads Africa? Have you networked/met anybody new this year?

Go out, explore and live your best life!

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