The Backyard Lagos – Review

Hey guys!

It’s been a long minute, right? Seems like we were gone till November, no? We have no legit excuse for our little disappearing act but let’s just say life has been overwhelming, in spite of that, here we are!!!

Thankful for good health and life, we hit the streets again.

The backyard Lagos has been on our “to go” places for a while but somehow it just never happened. Maybe the name made us believe we could just access it whenever, but reality hit and it was a struggle finding the free time to make this happen.

But then, look at God!

He made a way and we found the time to embark on this long-postponed visit. We started off a bit skeptical because a previous visit to one of our ‘to go’ popular places turned out an entire let down as the food was ridiculously poor and our fuel spent was non-refundable. So yeah, you see why we were a bit nervy -There’s no money to waste please.

Delightfully dressed down in denim dresses (see what we did with the letter ‘D’ there?) sourced directly from our store – oh, you don’t know we have a store?! Shame. Please keep up and check it out here – We opted for the simple, casual look to easily blend in and be as comfortable as possible. By the way, our outfits are very very affordable. You really should check them out Here. 

Locating “the backyard” was pretty easy thanks to google maps. Our stomachs seemed to scream with excitement soon as we got there and we rushed for the food menu faster than you pull out your cash from a dispensing ATM. After going through the menu we both decided to go with TBY’s chicken burger and Chapman.

The item prices weren’t over the top. With an average of N6,500/7,000 you’ll get good food and a drink.

Guess the surprise guys? We did not have to wait for years for the food to arrive. In fact we were a little shook by how fast it came and the fact that it was sooooo goood. (Major points here!)

The burger was very juicy and yummy. We absolutely loved it. Tosin ordered wedges and it was really one of the best wedges we’ve had in Lagos. (Please we’ve not been everywhere yet, if your wedges are better, invite us and we’ll come)

Having said all that, it’s one thing to have good food and it’s another to have ambience. The backyard actually nailed both.

Overall it was a really good day and we will totally visit again! Money well spent.

Did you know we own a store? Have you patronized us yet? Ever been to The Backyard Lagos? Any other cool restaurant recommendations? Share with us below.

Exploring Lagos| Rufus & Bee

Hey people!

So we went to Rufus & Bee and it was kind of awesome.

Kelvin hit me up couple of days before Titi’s birthday to tell me about the plan to go to Rufus & Bee to celebrate her birthday the weekend before her birthday. From what he told me, I budgeted 10,000 naira for games, food and drinks.

We planned to go there 4pm and we arrived a little later. Personally, I was looking forward to the whole thing because I haven’t been out properly in Lagos this year especially after returning from Sokoto. We came up with our outfits about 10minutes before we left.

We were going for something comfortable yet stylish.

We took some pictures before we entered the building.

Immediately we entered, we saw the board showing the different amounts per chips available.

We had to buy two buzzzcards – one for my Tolu and i and the other for Titi & Kelvin. Each buzzzcard costs N1,050. We charged up our cards and we were ready! While we waited for everyone to arrive, we decided to go to the restaurant to get some food.

The menu had me like…

The prices were not as affordable as i imagined but weren’t ridiculously expensive either. Or maybe my eyes sorta went towards the meals I could afford. Cheapest meal was 4,500 if i remember correctly.

A waiter came and disappeared before we even told him our order. They were all over the place but somehow they did not get to our table. It was almost like they were forming activity which was quite ridiculous. Titi’s friends arrived and  we were still looking for a bloody waiter. We spoke to someone that was in charge and a guy came to take our orders. He started and mid way through taking our orders, he said he had to go somewhere and he’ll be back. We waited another 10-15minutes. It was actually now ridiculous. At this point, I was over it. A waiter finally appeared and took our orders. Thankfully, the food was ready in less than 10 minutes and the ocean view was AMAZING!

I ordered Fish & chips – N5,000; Titi ordered a burger which was also N5,000; Tolu ordered Spaghetti Bolognese – N4,500.

One small thing i did not understand was the fact that coke/fanta/sprite was N600. WHAT? LMAO

Anyway, we eventually finished eating and with so much excitement walked to the games section. They have A LOT of games. I legit got confused at some point.

Once we started playing, it was hard to stop. We eventually left around 9 pm.

It was a really fun and chilled day. I had a blast and i kept my buzzcard because i’ll most likely be going there again.

If you’re looking for a spot to hangout with your friends and family (it’s a kid friendly place), then I’d recommend Rufus & Bee and budget at least N10,000 per head if you’re planning to eat or drink and N5,000 if you’re going for the games.

Rufus & Bee is located at TwinWaters, Okunde Bluewater Zone, off Remi Olowude Steeet, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. They’re open everyday between 12pm and 1am.

Have you been to Rufus & Bee? Did you enjoy it?

Also, If you know any other cool spot to hang out (In Lagos), let us know in the comments section.

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Love and light,


Road Chef | Review

Hey guys.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I actually wrote it along with the bay lounge review but somehow ended up not posting it. I went the same day too.

I’d already been there before like three times. I saw some reviews online and figured why add another review to the numerous ones already out there but on my fourth visit there, I was like nah! I have to review this place.

I always get the same burger tho but the last time I went, I got fried chicken and sweet potato fries. It was so good. It sort of reminded me of the KFC in Dominica. I couldn’t finish it though so I took it home and ended up forgetting to put it in the fridge and the ants in my house decided to have a feast but yeah it was really good.

I love Road Chef because its so cozy, the service is great and they always play good music. Shout out to the owner of the playlist. You sabi the thing! Also, you can go upstairs if you want more privacy. I noticed it’s always empty or almost empty every time I go there. I wonder why. I’m hoping its because people take their food home instead.
The prices are reasonable, they have a breakfast menu, quesadillas, burgers, wraps, desserts and so on. 

Anyway, Road Chef is located near Ascon filling station off Admiralty road. Very close to the lekki-ikoyi bridge.









I’d definitely recommend going to road chef. I heard they make pizzas now.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.



The Lagos Home Show/ Foodie in Lagos Fair

Hey guys! We told y’all we were going to be at the Lagos home show. Well guess what? We were there.

We got there pretty late tho. It started around 12 noon and was supposed to end at 7pm. We got there almost 5pm. Getting a place to park was a struggle. I guess that means it was a success?

I was more excited about the food part tbh but because we were late and I wasn’t like fully impressed with what I was seeing, I decided to get zobo first which was N300. The girl at that stand was quite nice too. Shout out to you. Whoever you are!

I actually thought id buy at least one item but honestly, the prices were not exactly friendly considering I’m jobless atm (This might change very soon! Yay!). The little money I have, I’m not sure I want to spend it on household stuff. There were a lot of cute items tho. I wish I had money or a new house to decorate.

Here are some pictures. I already shared some on our twitter/instagram page (@lifewithtwotees) and will be sharing more so follow us jor.










I look like I was really admiring Titi in this picture. :/





The zobo was bae!


E (friend) got small chops and it wasn’t so great apparently. The chicken was too salty. The guy selling was really nice tho. I had HOTR small chops earlier in the day so I already satisfied my small chops craving.




The venue was really nice. The view was great. It was a good show altogether.

We’d probably look into selling some assessories at the next show.

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We hope you have a lovely weekend.


First attempt | Puff Puff

Hey guys!! How’s it going? I’ve been studying  properly for the past two weeks. It has been good actually. Starting to get my groove back. Ya know?

I’m still jobless so every now and then, I try random things to keep busy. Last week, I made puff puff. With my mom’s help of course and 9jafoodie’s recipe. If you know me, you’d know cooking or anything related to the kitchen isn’t my favourite thing to do but as a future mother and wife. I have to start entering kitchen and sturvs.


Clearly the bowl was too small.


I did quite well. If I do say so myself. Wife material? Ok, I’m pushing it.

I hope your week has been going good?

Any plans for the weekend?

  • Tosin

Hydrate | Fruits


So, for the past two days, I’ve been feeling a bit sick. I have the flu. My head is currently pounding as I’m typing this sef.

I’ve been trying to increase my fluid intake but these days I just don’t feel like drinking water or any liquid for that matter. I literally drink water because I don’t want to be dehydrated. Lagos heat is not a joke.

Anyway, I figured why not hydrate through fruits and veggies?! So this week, I’ve been eating my fruits especially the ones with high water contents like water melon and cucumbers (Tbh, these two are the only ones available that I actually enjoy eating.)

Did you know that cucumber has about 97% water and watermelon 92%?! Well, now you know.

There are others like tomatoes, celery, red/green pepper, spinach, broccoli but honestly, I’m not a huge fan of any of these and I want to join fit fam? Lol. What a joke. If there is a fit fam association, they’re probably currently writing a letter like this to me. :/

Dear Tosin,

We were going to welcome you properly to our association but you keep disappointing us? Why are you eating at 11pm? We also saw your blog post talking about ‘I’m not a huge fan of tomatoes, spinach and the rest’. Clearly, you don’t take our membership seriously. We might have to kick you out soon.


Fit fam association.


What was even the point of this post? Sigh.



Sunday Rice.

Hello there! How are you? No seriously, this is not a rhetorical question. Tell me how you’re doing. Okay. So you know how every Sunday, there’s that obligatory Sunday rice for lunch and a long ass nap right after? Well, we decided to go to China town restaurant, Mega Plaza for the rice.


  • Prices are not bad.
  • The service was quick. They brought the menu immediately we sat down despite the crowd.
  • Didn’t eat in there but the place was filled when we got there so they must be doing something right abi
  • The food wasn’t spectacular. It was just bleh. I won’t front sha… I finished it. I was hungry.
  • The pepper sauce is quite good. The only thing I liked tbh



The heat in Nigeria has been slightly ridiculous lately so we find ourselves looking for anything to keep us from exploding.

This definitely helped.


Thank you for stopping by!


Simple lunch | Jollof spaghetti

Hey guys! How’s it going? By ‘it’, I mean life in general. Life has been pretty boring these past few weeks tbh. I’m thinking of going for like a Lagos tour. Is there anything like that out there? Like a whole day to explore some parts of Lagos because let’s be honest, you can’t do a Lagos tour in one day. Anyway, if you guys know anything about tours and tings, let me know! 🙂

So, I’m sure y’all saw the title of this post and were like ‘When did this one become a food blogger’. Well, If you know me, you’d know cooking is not my favorite thing to do. I can cook.. I think. No seriously, I don’t mean to brag but my fried rice is bae. (People that know KNOW).

So one faithful day, I was home alone. I woke up pretty late so breakfast was done. To be very honest, I’m still working on my ‘Eat breakfast everyday’ thing. It’s going okay for the most part. Anyway, so I decided to cook something pretty easy and quick. I opened the deep freezer (Every family in Nigeria has a deep freezer. I shit you not). I found already blended/cooked pepper. First thing I thought of was rice and stew but honestly, I am over Rice. So I decided to cook spaghetti, the next best option. I didn’t wan’t spaghetti and stew because ew. I made jollof spaghetti instead. It turned out really yummy. Yay me? It was a quick meal too. Oh, I threw in some Dodos because everything is better with Dodo (okay, maybe not everything but you get the point) and a cold can of malt to wash it down.



Hope you enjoyed this post!


Shout out to the food bloggers out there! No, seriously! You guys are amazing.

Fav food bloggers (Okay, I honestly have been following these two for years and they’re my fav!)


Sisi Yemmie

You should totally check them out.


Sunday afternoon food

So i mentioned in the last post that we went to Eat Drink Festival. We were impressed with the food and everything. They need a better venue for the next one tho but it was a good way to spend the afternoon/evening. Here are some pictures I (Tosin) took. I was not so comfortable walking around with a big camera taking pictures of food and people. I’m working on being comfortable with the camera in general. 🙂 Here are some pictures I was able to take.

P.S – We will make a post about what we wore soon. 🙂