So i remember when I was always ranting about not having a job and now I have 5 months left in this house job struggle. 

– It has actually been going well. Not perfect but I wasn’t expecting perfect so it’s all good! 

– Bae is leaving this month. He’s going back home. 😦 

– I am almost done with Urology you guys! 

– It’s crazy how I thought I’d struggle. Well, I Kinda did for the first week. At some point I was sure my SR could not stand me. But it went from 0-100. She told me couple of days how she knows a well behaved girl when she sees one and how she can tell I was brought up properly and that there’s nothing better than a good upbringing! 

Who woulda thunk it?!?! 

– I have three more calls and I’m moving to Plastic Surgery! I really like Plastic Surgery so I’m looking forward to it and hoping to learn a lot. 

– I hated Urology before I started but i actually find it interesting now. 

Omgggg! I’m turning 26 in a couple of days! Whut?!?! 

– I’m old y’all! 

– I spent the weekend with bae and it was amazing. 

– I’m on call tomorrow again so bleh. 

– I finally took my camera out of my room today. Exciting! Since I got my iPhone, I’ve neglected my camera. 

– I did not take a lot of pictures tho.

– These are iPhone pictures. 

Have a lovely week guys! Kick ass! 



So, October is pretty much over and I’m just here asking myself where it went. Not complaining tho. I’m officially done with obstetrics and gynecology. 3 months of house job gone, 9 months to go!!! Whoop! I’m starting Paediatrics on Monday and from what I’ve heard, it’s terrible. I’m trying hard not to make that cloud my experience. A wise man once said ‘ Just because it did not go well for someone else does not mean it’ll be the same for you. You’re different.’

Of course the wise man is my father and of course he’ll always tell me I’m special but still I’m going to say those words to myself everyday if I have to. 

The roster is out for my first month in paediatrics and I’m already sort of depressed. I’m on call 14 times next month (pretty much alternate day calls). The only not so depressing thing about the roster is that I’m starting with pulmonology and I heard it’s one of the best units to be in. So yay! 
I already posted a tweet about my next blog post being a bit personal. 

So do y’all remember my last post about guys in general months ago (Read it here). Where I sort of gave up on humans.

Now, as you all know, my plan was to just do this one year housemanship thing and move on with my life. I had zero interests in finding or dating anyone. Little did I know that I was just saying my own. 

I met the most amazing person two months ago. I’m sure he’ll read this and be feeling himself but it’s all good. 

I remember clearly what happened the day I met him. I was on call the day before and I was cranky as hell. I walked into my ward that Saturday morning because I got a message about the unit doctors meeting up for post op round. I was already up all night and was really upset. My damn period started the night before and of course I had dysmenorrhoea and the nurses had to give me some analgesics. Anyway, so as I walked in, I see this guy sitting and writing something. I’ve never seen his face before but I knew some house officers just started ObGyn. So I asked him if he was the one on call and he said yes. Then I went ahead to complain about the fact that I was on call the night before and also the fact that I  got there before everyone else. I’m sure he was like I don’t even know you ma. ‘ Woz all dis story?’ I remember asking what school he finished from and just trying to talk while I waited for the rest of the unit doctors to arrive. 

We did our post op round and left. Obviously I went home (outside the hospital). Only for my Senior Registrar to call me and request for the two patients’ PCVs. I was like this is just fantastic. I had zero plans of going back to the hospital so I went to the house officers WhatsApp page to dig out this guy’s number since he’s on call on my ward, he can help abi?

I sent a WhatsApp message but it was just a tick for the longest time so I decided to text him. I don’t know why I didn’t just call him. Sent a text begging him to help me do it and get the results to me. He didn’t respond so I was like great!

My SR kept calling later for the results and I was forming ‘ it’s not out yet’ secretly hoping this guy had done it. 

Few minutes past 5 or 6, I get a text from him about the results and I was like ah Thank you. That was it. The conversation ended there. Was that even a conversation?
Somehow, we ended up talking on WhatsApp and the rest is history. Now, I was a bit worried about the fact that we are kind of different but then again I think being different from someone gives you a chance to learn from the person.

Long story short, I am glad we did that post op round. 😊😊😊

OMG GUYS! Two more months and the year is over. Isn’t that insane?

Wish me luck in paediatrics guys! I’ll need all the luck I can get tbh.

How was the month October for you and what plans do you have for the new month? 

Catching up | Ft Didi 

Hey  guys! How are you doing? This year is already going by so fast. We currently haven’t paid for our wifi, so I’m blogging with my phone. I mistakenly deleted the post and had to type it all over again because I love you guys so much. Anyway, I met with my friend Didi today to copy some USMLE videos and catch up/gossip/run errands. We decided to have a mini photoshoot in the process. Lol  Enjoy!








     I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂 Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment! 

    – TOSIN 


    Hello everyone! It’s Saturday already! No, seriously! This year is going to be over next week or something at this rate. Anyway, today is day 12 and we are talking about our favorite childhood book.

    We were raised in a Christian home. My dad was a Pastor and we were in church almost every day of the week. I attended Mayflower junior school in Ogun State. When you’re in boarding school, you’re trying to do everything but actually read books. I can’t even remember having free time then. When we returned home for holidays, we would get so busy trying to have fun before going back to the struggle life called boarding school. I honestly don’t remember reading a lot when I was younger. I mean, I read school books sha. My favorite book then was ‘My Book of Bible Stories’. This book made the stories in the bible so interesting and intriguing. (PICTURE WAS GOTTEN FROM THIS SITE)


    • TOSIN

    I really don’t have much memory of the books I read growing up. I read a lot of Mills and boons in high school. Romance and fiction. One major book that stood out for me as a child was ‘ My Book of Bible Stories’.

    • TITI

    First of all, introduction…

    Hey yall

    I’m back!!! So, last week our elder sister did her introduction. I (Tosin) don’t go to a lot of Nigerian ceremonies so i was very excited. Titi, on the other hand always have one event or wedding to go to. Smh

    Even though i had exams the Wednesday after, i tried not to think of it and just relaxed. We were all excited to be honest. Everyone tried to be home on Friday to prepare for the introduction. My mom, aunt and cousin went to the market to get the food stuff (Most exciting part!). Sadly, i have no pictures of the food.

    For those who don’t understand what “introduction” is all about, let me explain briefly. It is basically a small gathering/ceremony where the groom and his family go over to the bride’s house to meet her family and ask for her hand in marriage. The families are introduced to each other, gifts are exchanged, a few words here and there and then everyone eats and it’s over.  It is supposed to be small thing but if you don’t know anything about Nigerians, you should know this: we don’t play with parties. “Ezz not a joking sturvs”. We grab every and any opportunity to sew native and look cute.

    Okay, back to the gist. The introduction was supposed to start at 1pm but Nigerian time, it started at 2:30pm with friends and family arriving and making sure everything runs smoothly. Then the groom and his family arrived and the ceremony officially started. The groom arrived, then the bride and the introduction started off with prayer for both families and a short sermon. Then i went missing because every 5mins, someone was calling me to do something for them. -___- It ended with everyone eating and drinking.

    Long story short, it was an eventful day and a wonderful experience for me. Here are some pictures from the introduction. (P.S – My sister is very reserved and kept telling my parents she doesn’t want crowd). I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t tradition, she’d have cancelled the introduction.