The Backyard Lagos – Review

Hey guys! It’s been a long minute, right? Seems like we were gone till November, no? We have no legit excuse for our little disappearing act but let’s just say life has been overwhelming, in spite of that, here we are!!! Thankful for good health and life, we hit the streets again. The backyard Lagos... Continue Reading →



Hey guys! How is it going? So we obviously have not been taking the blog seriously and we are sure most of you are like it's supposed to be life with two tees, two sisters but somehow one of them disappeared! LOL Don't worry guys! She's back! What were we up to in August??? -... Continue Reading →

Happy new year | 2016 

Hey beautiful people! Happy new year!! I'm very excited for 2016. After church last night, I had this intense stomach pain, nausea and discomfort for a while (Ulcer problems). I immediately went to take my antacid. The devil tried to show himself but obviously he is a loser so I'm alright. Anyway, that's story for... Continue Reading →

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