Travel Tips – 6 Ways to improve your airport travel experience

Travelling can be such a drag sometimes – from the long queues, navigating airport security, uncomfortable plane seats (oh Lord help if you’re stuck in a middle seat) to unending transit hours and arrival anticipation.
But what if i tell you it doesn’t have to be this burdensome?

Everything/Anything can be fun if you plan ahead and guess what? I’ve  highlighted some tips which I’m certain will enhance your travelling experience.

First thing i like to do and suggest is Check in online.

Most airlines give you the opportunity to check in online. This window normally opens 24 hours before your departure time. So for example, if your flight is for 10pm on Friday, the online check in  portal opens at 10pm on Thursday. The perks of this are numerous.
1. It buys you some time to get to the airport, so you can avoid the airport queues to check in. Just proceed to print your boarding pass and show at the counter.
2. We can agree that a trash seat can make your entire trip a horror story. With this, you  have the opportunity to select from the available best seats to avoid being assigned randomly. This is also useful if you’re traveling with a partner – so you don’t get assigned random seats.  POINT TO NOTE (not all flights have 24 hour online check in. Some have 48 hour windows etc. so do some research to find out)

Keep your travel documents close – If you’re not on a direct flight, endeavor to keep your travel documents close, you don’t want to be unpacking your hand luggage every time you’re asked to show it at the various check points. I’ll suggest a fanny pack or a specific corner in your bag you can easily reach.

Light hand luggage – Is it just me or don’t you roll your eyes at people with “hand luggage” like main luggage, you see them struggling with different boxes while trying to get a charging spot at the airports (read my Nigeria sister and family).I will always recommend light hand luggage, something that you can easily monitor for security purposes and just to make your transit a little less stressful. 

Books/TV to keep you busy – I feel like books/TV shows are usually more fun while traveling but again that’s probably a ME thing. I try to catch up on a chapter or two of that book i’ve not had the time to read or shows i need  to catch up on, thankful for Netflix, you can remotely access and enjoy. So before you travel, try to download your favorite shows so you can binge watch (while waiting) even without internet. 

Dress loose/comfortable – Personally i wont recommend jumpsuit. Maxi dresses, track suits, and leggings are my favorite travel outfits. If possible, avoid belts or anything metal that will need to be removed during screening. 

Cash Always – Have some cash, for spontaneous activities like accessing a lounge or getting coffee. It may or may not have anything to do with my lack of trust in Nigeria cards or maybe I’m just old school but what can really go wrong with that? 

Long transit times and general travel delays can really make you want to tear your hair out. These are just some of my suggestions on keeping your sanity through it. How do you survive? Let’s talk.

Beach please! Bermuda, here I come!

If you live and work in Lagos, then you’re due for a vacation EVERY WEEK because the stress that Lagos brings is enough to break the strongest person down. So it was with lots of tiredness, plenty stress but also inner excitement that I headed to the Int’l airport for my flight out of the city.

I wasn’t expecting the best of flights, you know, considering economy class travelling is not loaded with the best seats, legroom etc. Matter of fact, I wasn’t looking forward. This wasn’t my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic but this trip was quite enjoyable – I think it’s a combination of different reasons. Checking in at Murtala Mohammed Airport was surprisingly so seamless; a random soldier decided to be my guard and followed me everywhere. I guess he probably assumed I was the daughter of some Senator or such, oh well, I played along. (if you’re reading this sir, thank you for the help. I’ll soon be a VIP so your assistance wasn’t a waste).

At the baggage check section, I was a bit worried about the gala and other things i was carrying but guess what? THEY DIDN’T SEARCH MY LUGGAGE! This should be standard practice (I mean, that’s why they have those screening things), but in Nigeria, they always want to check something. “Aunty, oya open ya bag!” LOL! I was so happy to skip all the explaining and stuff.

Finally boarded the plane and the hostesses were so friendly and fun. Got chatty with one of them and she told me all about her life as a hostess – which was extremely interesting. I had a convenient seat and this was a plus for me.

Getting to JFK after a long ass flight was so relieving. Customs was also easy and fast. Considering the color of my passport, I expected a lil bit of stress. As I strolled out to baggage claim, I was so happy to see my luggage smiling at me as I have had my share of issues (if it’s not delayed flight, it’s delayed or missing luggage).

I decided to go for something very comfy because it was a long trip and I really don’t like stress.

Today was pretty seamless and I was so thankful.


1. A simple short prayer goes a long way.

2. ‎wearing something comfortable for a long trip is the only way.

3. ‎Nigeria isn’t always as bad.

How have your travel experiences been? Do you experience hurdles? Missing luggage? Delayed flights? How do you dress when travelling Any Tips? Please share below.

P.S – I decided to turn my vacation post into a series to keep it short and simple with concise details on each aspect.

Thanks for reading.



Hey guys!

How’s it going? Happy new month! Second half of the year already and I’m hoping it’s better than the first.
June was alright… It made me realize how nice I really am and how people especially Nigerians don’t appreciate nice people.

Finally moved to Ibadan and I already made a new friend thanks to twitter (you can follow us on there.. @lifewithtwotees). I plan to explore Ibadan. I passed by Agodi Gardens on my way to the palms and it seems like a place I’d enjoy going.. You know, with some friends, food, wine or alone actually. :/ I also saw pictures of a place called Mapo Hall on twitter. The pictures looked really good. Like damn! Is this Ibadan?

One thing I really miss though is Uber. The convenience! Sigh

This post was supposed to be about pictures from Titi’s trip to Dubai. Somehow I ended up blabbing.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures. (I already shared some on our Instagram page @lifewithtwotees).










The hotel was quite great. Free breakfast and dinner. Buffet style. It was not so expensive too.


The view was amazing too. Oh the name of the hotel is Atana Hotel. In case you were wondering.


P.S- I have my camera back so expect pictures of ibadan on our instagram

P.P.S- Titi is engaged! Whoooooop! We have a wedding to plan! I can’t wait.

How was the month June for you?

Any plans for the new month?

Share in the comments section. We’d love to hear them!



Dubai |Day 1(b)

After we left the creek, we decided to go to Dubai mall which is a big ass mall. Clearly, we underestimated the walk.

Right outside the mall is the dancing fountain which comes on every thirty minutes and  right across is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It was ridiculously crowded there like the kind of crowd where your body is touching the next person.

It was worth it though. It was absolutely breathtaking. These pictures are not doing it justice but I’m definitely going to go back during the day.


I couldn’t take pictures of the dancing fountain but I took some videos. I shared a short clip on instagram (mz_tosin).



Dubai | Day 1

Ok so we got there on Thursday morning. You can read the first post here

I was quite tired from the flight, I slept the whole morning. Got up around 1pm. Decided to go to the mall close to the hotel to get a few things with my dad. Took some pictures.


I’ve missed Mcdonalds fries so much. It wasn’t as great as I expected it to be tho.


My dad got this. I didn’t even bother tasting it.


Benefits of going out with my dad: I never spend my money.


Got home  , sorry to the hotel, watched shameless, Youtube and slept.


So, apparently, Friday is like Sunday here in Dubai. Like everyone goes to church/Mosque, stores are not open till like 1pm. We went to church around 10. Taxis are pretty cheap here well compared to Lagos. The taxi fare was like 15 dirhams. Metro is even cheaper obviously.

Am I the only one that converts every currency to Naira( or whatever currency you’re used to) when I travel?  I just like to make sure I’m not going above my budget. I tend to forget I’m actually jobless. lmao

After church, we stopped by KFC cuz that was the only place open at the time. UGH. (KFC in the caribbean is the best. Don’t even bother arguing with me.) Got this for 20 dirhams which is like 1,100 naira and 5.5 dollars.Not worth it if you ask me.


More pictures.


After eating, we took a walk to Dubai creek. It was beautiful. It reminded me of bay front in Dominica, the only difference is that it’s a lot busier and there are different cruise boats (different prices) and small boats.



The cruise is usually at night so we decided to take the smaller boat to see the creek. We were four and we paid 80 dirhams. They bargain here too. So don’t visit and be forming tourist and drop all your cash. I’m sure the 80 sef is much cuz the guy initially called 120 dirhams.

(P.S – I wore heels to church. I pretty much only wear block heels and this particular one was extremely comfortable until I was about to enter the boat. LMAO)


Twin towers is apparently owned by the late Stella Obasanjo. I was in shock.I don’t know how true it is sha. Nigerian Politicians be living large while the people are suffering. Wonderful stuff!


This first building is a bank and it runs on solar energy. How amazing.


This boat apparently costs 80 million dirham. I was a bit confused. Like why are you going to buy boat if you have 80 million dirham which is like 433 million naira/ 2.1 million dollars. It just hit me that Naira is pretty useless right now.


We passed the ruler of Dubai’s palace but we were not allowed to take pictures. Apparently cameras are everywhere so I respected myself but I already sorta took one picture before  I saw the ridiculously big sign. It is so huge! Apparently, over 6,000 people work there.


We also passed the president’s office as well and his boat.


Then we took some pictures.


That was pretty much it. More pictures coming soon. I know this post has a lot of pictures in it. Bear with me my Naija peeps. I know data is expensive.

Lots of love,


Dubai | Day 0

My mom and I left for Dubai on Wednesday afternoon.

DSC_0013 The airport struggle wasn’t so bad. (Nigeria airport struggle is real, if you know what I’m talking about). We checked in, oh you know how before checking in, they check all your bags, like literally bring almost everything out (except you pay them of course, but aint nobody got time for that). Well, the guy, man that checked my bags started flirting with me in front of my mom. Talk about disgusting and he even had the audacity to say ‘Your mom is here so I won’t say much but when you come back’. I was like huh? But you know you can’t be rude to these people before they frustrate your life.

We sha successfully and without dropping cash anywhere checked in.


Oh, we bought the wakanow travel sim and even topped up $10 each. Continue reading for the gist about that one.




We transitted in Doha for like 35 minutes

DSC_0068and then we were on the flight to Dubai. My dad insited on us going with Qatar airways and so we arrived at Al Marktoum airport which was quite far from the hotel. We arrived in the middle of the night so we figured taking the bus might be better and cheaper. It was actually pretty comfortable, I slept.


So, I decided to put my wakanow sim so I could message a couple of people and stuff. (I broke my phone so i’ve been using an old iphone 4s which was recently repaired…. in the process of them repairing it, they  messed up the wifi thing so it’s pretty difficult to connect to the internet). I put it in, and I quickly sent some messages on whatsapp, not up to 5 minutes into that, they said my $10 was done. Nonsense something. They told us, they won’t charge roaming rates and that was the main reason we got it. Clearly, they were lying.


While waiting for the bus, my mom was my photographer.


I already knew I am terrible with maps but I confirmed it this morning.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

More updates on the trip coming soon. I plan to do some fun tours. Let’s see how that goes because so far, I’ve been really lazy!!!! I just wanna sleep.