Beach please! Bermuda, here I come!

Beach please! Bermuda, here I come!

If you live and work in Lagos, then you’re due for a vacation EVERY WEEK because the stress that Lagos brings is enough to break the strongest person down. So it was with lots of tiredness, plenty stress but also inner excitement that I headed to the Int’l airport for my flight out of the city.

I wasn’t expecting the best of flights, you know, considering economy class travelling is not loaded with the best seats, legroom etc. Matter of fact, I wasn’t looking forward. This wasn’t my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic but this trip was quite enjoyable – I think it’s a combination of different reasons. Checking in at Murtala Mohammed Airport was surprisingly so seamless; a random soldier decided to be my guard and followed me everywhere. I guess he probably assumed I was the daughter of some Senator or such, oh well, I played along. (if you’re reading this sir, thank you for the help. I’ll soon be a VIP so your assistance wasn’t a waste).

At the baggage check section, I was a bit worried about the gala and other things i was carrying but guess what? THEY DIDN’T SEARCH MY LUGGAGE! This should be standard practice (I mean, that’s why they have those screening things), but in Nigeria, they always want to check something. “Aunty, oya open ya bag!” LOL! I was so happy to skip all the explaining and stuff.

Finally boarded the plane and the hostesses were so friendly and fun. Got chatty with one of them and she told me all about her life as a hostess – which was extremely interesting. I had a convenient seat and this was a plus for me.

Getting to JFK after a long ass flight was so relieving. Customs was also easy and fast. Considering the color of my passport, I expected a lil bit of stress. As I strolled out to baggage claim, I was so happy to see my luggage smiling at me as I have had my share of issues (if it’s not delayed flight, it’s delayed or missing luggage).

I decided to go for something very comfy because it was a long trip and I really don’t like stress.

Today was pretty seamless and I was so thankful.


1. A simple short prayer goes a long way.

2. ‎wearing something comfortable for a long trip is the only way.

3. ‎Nigeria isn’t always as bad.

How have your travel experiences been? Do you experience hurdles? Missing luggage? Delayed flights? How do you dress when travelling Any Tips? Please share below.

P.S – I decided to turn my vacation post into a series to keep it short and simple with concise details on each aspect.

Thanks for reading.



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