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Today on the blog, I’ve decided to share on “Ten things to do in Bermuda” These are in no order but take into consideration location and the time you must spend. I would advise you plan your day based on the proximity of the locations below, so you visit places in the same area on the same day- this way, you maximize your time efficiently and effectively.

Exploring George Island, Flatts Village and Hamilton City

Bermuda is known for its beautiful, colorful structures so it’s only right to spend some time strolling and taking in all the beauty the city has to offer. Oh and of course it won’t hurt to take a picture or two while you are at it. I spoke about Flatts Village and Hamilton Street in my previous post. Let’s give you a minute to catch up.

img-20180331-wa0050-017669557744184560158.jpegGreat! Moving on.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Except you have a phobia for underground activities and the likes, this is a MUST VISIT actually. Crystal Cave is said to be one of Bermuda’s oldest natural treasures. We set out early in the day and the tour took about 40 minutes. Our tour guide was quite funny and witty and this made the experience even more fun. He explained how two little boys ages ago, were searching for a lost cricket ball and stumbled on this cave. The deep clear blue waters, the incredible crystal like formations will astound you and leave you in awe. Sadly we did not have enough time to visit the fantasy caves but I would recommend both if you have the time and money.

img_20180331_084017-024106452834678191767.jpegHORSESHOE BAY BEACH  

Horseshoe bay beach is Bermuda’s most popular beach and one of the best beaches in the world. No, no need to argue, just research OK?  One advice – dedicate a lot of time because walking on the light pink sand, viewing the gorgeous rock formations and experiencing the clear waters and blue skies is not something you want to do in a rush. You need time to take it all in. I am not sure pictures can do justice to how beautiful this beach is. You need it to experience it. So amazing and picturesque. No exaggerations here. Guess what? It is free.

img-20180330-wa0030-02852755035454319775.jpegBREAKFAST AT THE LOREN AT PINK BEACH

Why are you on a vacation if you cannot enjoy great breakfast with an amazing view?

img-20180331-wa0096-35038594811656299434.jpegELBOW BEACH

Elbow beach is a lot less crowded than other beaches. The beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow hence the name. Great place to just kick back and enjoy the day. One tip – take your drinks and food with you.

img_7337-014588264114712083486.jpegST PETER’S CHURCH

For a little bit of history St Peter’s church is a place to stop by. It is the oldest Anglican Church, as it has been in use from the beginning, we accidentally went there on Easter holidays so we were opportune to watch the folk perform, singing drumming and playing different instruments.

img-20180331-wa0016-037209126295424092731.jpegTHE UNFINISHED CHURCH

Construction of the unfinished church started in 1874, which was to replace St Peter’s Church as the community felt St Peter’s church was old and in a poor state and warranted instant demolishing. However, things did not go as planned. Several developments and improvements later (over more than 140 years now), the church is still not finished. It has become a picturesque scenery and a popular tourist spot.

mvimg_20180330_100906-013900521537517292511.jpegHORSEBACK RIDING TOUR

Riding horses isn’t for the fainthearted! What this automatically means is I can now claim to be a strong one! Lol! I was a bit nervous as I had not ridden a horse for a long distance, however I got comfortable with little practice. The ride was beautiful as we rode to the beach. However, our tour guide was not as friendly or engaging as I expected. She did not attempt to explain any history and was grumpy when asked to take photos. I can only imagine how beautiful and scenic it would be with a better guide. Jack was the name of my horse and he was such a sweet boy.

img_6991-1-011601877280418773740.jpegOK, I lost count; I did not want this post to be super long. Other places you can visit are the aquarium, museum and zoo, Warwick Long Bay Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and in addition to horseback riding tour, other fantastic tours like boating and sailing tours are available to make your vacation all the more exciting.

I say this a lot but i really appreciate you for stopping by to read this, please share your thoughts or questions.

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  1. The pictures are breathtakingly gorgeous, what a beautiful country. The underground cave looks like a lot of fun too. Wow, a beach with pink sand? How beautiful! I’m loving all the Bermuda posts from you and Ufuoma, please keep them coming! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Absolutely love the photos and your reviews are so spot on. Loved sharing this moment with you and can’t wait for many more adventures together by God’s Grace. ❤️

  3. I particularly love the colorful houses behind you in that picture you wore a crop top. The colours, your pants, the top, everything; such a look! love itttt

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