Living la vida loca on a budget – Laguna beach

Living la vida loca on a budget – Laguna beach

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts of recent, I’ve been talking about Jamaica quite a lot. Only downside is I’m completely present in Lagos Nigeria. That’s the vibe Laguna beach gave me. If you want to “live la vida loca” on a budget then this is for you.

Before we go full in though, our sincere condolences to the families of all those aboard the Ethiopian airlines flight that crashed at the weekend. A really sad occurrence and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Now about Laguna, I stumbled on a picture of this beach on Instagram a few weeks ago. What caught my attention was the fact that i wouldn’t need to get on a boat to visit. Now it’s not that i mind, it’s just easier when you can drive there, let loose and sip on cocktails spontaneously.

I believe weekdays are best for exploring because everywhere is less crowded and it just so happened that I was on a week vacation off work for my birthday. This made it easier figuring out what day to visit. The sun was out, I invited my friend, opened google maps and headed out.

Laguna Beach is located at In Ajah area of Lagos state. It’s right next to Atican beach so with Google maps you should be fine. it’s pretty direct.

What i loved about Laguna Beach

1. It’s beautiful. A for effort.

2. It’s clean. It’s refreshing to not deal with dirt which is the norm for most Lagos beaches.

3. Good food. There’s a variety of options to choose from including asun (spicy goat meat), small chops, fish and chips; and lots more

4. Alcohol. What’s a beach without good cocktails? There is also coconut water which was what i started my day with. It was sooo good.

5. Affordable. Entrance fee is 1k on weekends and free weekdays. Food and drinks were also super affordable. Fish and chips – 3,500. Cocktails – 2-3k, coconut – 500.

6. Service. The staff were really nice and approachable. Took their time to explain things that weren’t clear and even took some pictures for us.

What i didn’t like

Parking space. Although it wasn’t crowded, i can only imagine what it’ll be like when they officially launch and you visit on a weekend. I’m not sure i would want to park somewhere far and be worried.

Overall Laguna beach is definitely worth the visit, i enjoyed every bit of my time there and can’t wait to visit again.

Have you visited Laguna Beach? Any beach recommendation? Please share with me.

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– Titi


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  1. This is coming just in time… I and some friends were jusf thinking of hanging out soon, Laguna seems like the ideal place…..

    Thanks 😁

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