Hi everyone! So, it’s day 4 and we are talking about our dream jobs.

To write about my dream job, I have to talk about the things I like. This will of course spiral into the dream which is to be paid to do what i like. So what constitute the things I like? There has to be a whole lot elements of fun. It has to involve a lot of travelling, lots of clothes, shoes, bags, watching TV shows, finance and innovation.

Now, the dream job.

  1. International TV firm – My role would be to watch and review TV shows. You know, like – is this show good enough to air on our station kinda job? LOL Obviously with heavy pay. So I come to work, I have my own cinema, popcorn, hot dogs and I just watch, review and get paid. I swear, I’ll do this everyday and will work 24 hours non stop.
  2. A tourism company – basically travel the world looking for fun vacation spots. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Meet people, learn different languages/ cultures. Yes, that’s a dream job.
  3. Work in companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft. I can be their finance director and help make sure their books are in order, advice them financially, write budgets, and all other financial stuff I don’t want to bore you with.

But here I am, in the bank. God please pick up. 🙂

  • TITI

With the way this medicine thing is set up, I feel like my dream job will change as I get older and progress in life. Right now, my dream jobs are:

  1. To work for the United Nations as a Doctor
  2. To travel the world as a Doctor like with Doctors without borders
  3. To work in a very good hospital sort of like Meredith and Kristina from Greys anatomy.

Obviously, as i get older, I’ll have less time to travel all over the place working because I’ll obviously have a family (husband and children). I am all about balance in life. I would love to be a great Doctor, Wife and Mother all at the same time and I know this is possible.



Hi everyone, We are so sorry for not posting day 3 and 4. We have both been so busy these past two days. I (Tosin) was busy with a three day interview to get a job as a Medical intern. I can’t even start telling you guys how hectic it was. I really hope i get the job after what they put me through.

DAY 3 – Your favorite quote

I (Tosin) personally don’t have a favorite quote because how is that even possible? I absolutely love quotes tho. I already made a post about quotes Here. My favourite quote today is:

“Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.” – Robert Brault

Titi’s favourite quote is “Sometimes in life we have to choose between what is good for us and what is the right thing to do.”

  • Tosin


Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing okay. So, as you all know we started the 30 day blogging challenge yesterday. We hope we don’t get too busy and forget this thing sha.

Today is day 2! (20 facts about you) Whoop! Enjoy and feel free to share yours in the comment section.


  1. I am addicted to tv shows
  2. Apple juice > Any juice
  3. I over think everything
  4. I love to shop
  5. I go from zero to hundred real quick (working on that)
  6. I love Chinese food
  7. I can’t do without the internet
  8. Selfie Queen
  9. I suck at singing
  10. I am quite the dancer
  11. I like my noodles extra spicy
  12. Rihnavy
  13. Business oriented… I love to make money
  14. I am scared of rats
  15. My closet is always full.. Never enough space
  16. My favourite colour is purple but I really don’t own items in that colour.
  17. Pierced and tatted
  18. I own more heels than flats
  19. Team natural hair
  20. I love mathematics


  1. I love reading
  2. I am too opinionated (I feel like I need to tone this down a bit)
  3. I love God
  4. I can wear tee shirts and jeans forever if i’m allowed
  5. I love flats. (I literally just started wearing heels)
  6. I am obsessed with braids (All kinds and styles).
  7. I love anything black. My mother legit thinks I have a problem.
  8. I can live on noodles. (If you’re a medical student, this shouldn’t be shocking)
  9. I get irritated easily by people
  10. I am extremely picky when it comes to food. This is probably why I’m so skinny.
  11. I don’t give people more than two chances before I cut them off. (Not good. I know.)
  12. I stare a lot. (Not that creepy stare o!)
  13. I can spend 10 hours a day watching You tube videos if you let me.
  14. I hate clubbing. Ew.
  15. I absolutley love Soca music. If you don’t know anything about Soca music, Youtube Machel Montano abeg.
  16. The beach is my favourite place ever.
  17. Ribena > any drink on earth.
  18. I over stress about little things and end up annoying everyone around me.
  19. I love road trips.
  20. My favourite statement is ‘You will be alright eventually.’

30 Day Challenge

Hello everyone, How has the weekend been? church today? Nah i couldn’t make it (don’t judge me), I had a long, emotional week. But anyway, here’s wishing everyone a better month. Its November and that means just a month to Christmas! Looking forward to that.
So based on the way my week went, i felt I needed a distraction to put me in a better place and i found this 30 day blog challenge. I also found a 30 day happiness challenge that i will personally be engaged in. I think they’re both fun.

Right, this means we will be embarking on the 30 day blogging challenge as well as the 30 day happiness challenge. The blog challenge starts tonight, however we won’t be sharing the happiness challenge on the blog but hey feel free to partake in it.

 So here goes:

 Day 1, Your blog’s name. Life with two tees. You already get what that means yeah? Our life.. Two tees… Tosin and Titi.


Customer Service

Hi guys,Can we take a minute to talk about this sun, like what exactly is going on? Lagos sun is not normal, It’s not even trying to chill (I’m so funny I know). One minute you’re all warm, next minute, you step out and become 3 minute barbecue.

It was quite the weekend and that’s lowkey why this post is late – see, I had a big fight with bae, lol but we good now. What doesn’t kill you they say… right? Anyways that’s not why we are here.

I consider myself a person that loves to support start-ups, that is why I’m always buying one thing or the other. Last week was another week of purchases; I experimented with two clients and experienced two completely opposite sides of customer service. One was almost amazing and the other was, well, probably angry with her life – that is the only justification for such a lousy attitude. This triggered my decision to write on customer service in Nigeria.

As a customer in Nigeria, 80 percent of services I receive are poor. Nigerians act like they are doing you a favor while selling their products/services to you. I mean, I understand you have something I want/need but guess what? I’m paying for it, so how about we both treat each other with respect and leave happy?

Oh well, my ten simple tips on customer service.

1. Respond to any/every enquiry timely and be courteous while doing it.

2. Customer is king ALWAYS.

3. Customers may be rude, but you don’t need to react to that. Make excuses for their rudeness.

4. If for any reason you can’t deliver on the product/services promised, Get in touch as soon as possible and apologize.

10. Always thank the customer after any/all interactions.

Yup, You can’t count.

I am not gonna lecture you for free am I?



Hello Abuja!!

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are having a good week. The week has been very interesting to say the least. I am now a licensed Doctor in Nigeria (Thank God!).  I had to travel to Abuja for my induction. I had never been to Abuja so i was a bit excited. I decided to stay with a friend from school and that was probably the best decision I made this week.

I got to Abuja on Sunday and I pretty much just slept the whole day. Monday morning, I woke up and got ready for my induction. We were to be there by 9a.m but we all know Nigerian time. They did not start so late tho. We were all sitted and the dignitaries were welcomed. We swore the Hippocratic oath and got our license. After the event, we took some pictures. It was so hot and crowded that I could not go around looking for my friends to take pictures with them. I did manage to take some pictures though. Thank Goodness.

On Tuesday, i had to go check out some places and then later met up with my friend that lives in Abuja. We went to the coolest place ever. I don’t know if I find it cool just because I’m coming from the Caribbean and that’s the kind of vibe I’m used to. We talked and laughed and then I had to go home because my friend told me they usually go to church on Tuesdays. The service was amazing. I was moved. Anyway, after the service we went back home and I went to bed because i was so tired and i had to wake up early the next morning for my flight to Lagos.

I just got back to Lagos. I’m not so excited to be back lowkey. Abuja is so much cooler, nicer and calmer. Here are some pictures from the induction and my time in Abuja.IMG_3858 (2)





















P.S – I am most likely moving to another state in Nigeria for my Housejob aka internship. I am so excited.


Meet the two T’s

Hey everyone, hope y’all are having a great day so far. We thought we should make a post about ourselves, basically so everyone can get to know us.

My name is Tosin. I’m a medical doctor and I just moved back to Lagos from the Caribbean (where i lived for over 5 years). Rihanna is my cousin (Argue with your mirror). I am 24 years old, the youngest in my family aka last born aka baby of the house. I am very shy yet opinionated, outspoken (only after chilling with you for like 5 times), observant. I freak out in uncomfortable situations and can’t hide it when I’m uncomfortable… this is a problem and I’m working on it. I don’t have a lot of friends because y’all can’t be trusted… just kidding. I think it’s because I’m just not that friendly… working on this too. I still live with my parents because in Nigeria, one cannot simply move out without the parents questioning your whole existence and even if one wants to move out, the prices of apartments will drive you back to your father’s house. I just wrote the medical licensing exam and when the result is out, the search for where to do my internship aka house job starts. So for now, i’m just home doing nothing really with my life. I started reading books again. Great stuff!

My name is Titi and I’m an Economist. I moved back to Nigeria over three years ago. I remember looking forward to serving my country (N.Y.S.C). Biggest Joke!!! (You guys thinking of moving back especially for this. DON”T. Seriously, Don’t. I cried on my first night in camp, and YES it is that deep). I work in a bank in Lagos, it is definitely not the dream job but hey one step at a time yeah? I recently got double promoted so I sometimes smile to the bank..L.O.L. I am a TV show addict, OMG!!! I can watch TV shows to save Nigeria. I love shopping, for anything and as such always seeking something new to buy every other day. (My last purchase was natural hair products and a wig) and oh! I love cheesecake.  I’ve heard it said that I can be stubborn but Tosin is in first place. For demeanour,I don’t consider myself  shy, but I can be very quiet.

Because of our current schedules, Tosin will be updating the blog during the week and Titi on weekends.

We welcome you on board this journey, we expect it to be fun, we’ll look forward to your comments and criticism.

Welcome again to “Life with two Tee’s”



Don’t you just love quotes?

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are having a good week. Well, i was on my tumblr dashboard and I realised I may be following quite a lot of quote blogs. I have this thing where I take quotes seriously. My favorite kinds of quotes are inspiration/motivational quotes. Nothing like a good motivational quote to start your day!

Here are two of the amazing quotes i read this week. I thought I should share.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” STEVE JOBS

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” SWAMI SIVANANDA

Stay Inspired!



First of all, introduction…

Hey yall

I’m back!!! So, last week our elder sister did her introduction. I (Tosin) don’t go to a lot of Nigerian ceremonies so i was very excited. Titi, on the other hand always have one event or wedding to go to. Smh

Even though i had exams the Wednesday after, i tried not to think of it and just relaxed. We were all excited to be honest. Everyone tried to be home on Friday to prepare for the introduction. My mom, aunt and cousin went to the market to get the food stuff (Most exciting part!). Sadly, i have no pictures of the food.

For those who don’t understand what “introduction” is all about, let me explain briefly. It is basically a small gathering/ceremony where the groom and his family go over to the bride’s house to meet her family and ask for her hand in marriage. The families are introduced to each other, gifts are exchanged, a few words here and there and then everyone eats and it’s over.  It is supposed to be small thing but if you don’t know anything about Nigerians, you should know this: we don’t play with parties. “Ezz not a joking sturvs”. We grab every and any opportunity to sew native and look cute.

Okay, back to the gist. The introduction was supposed to start at 1pm but Nigerian time, it started at 2:30pm with friends and family arriving and making sure everything runs smoothly. Then the groom and his family arrived and the ceremony officially started. The groom arrived, then the bride and the introduction started off with prayer for both families and a short sermon. Then i went missing because every 5mins, someone was calling me to do something for them. -___- It ended with everyone eating and drinking.

Long story short, it was an eventful day and a wonderful experience for me. Here are some pictures from the introduction. (P.S – My sister is very reserved and kept telling my parents she doesn’t want crowd). I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t tradition, she’d have cancelled the introduction.