The cutest outdoor bar in lekki – Bolivar Bar review

The cutest outdoor bar in lekki – Bolivar Bar review

Sometimes life happens and everything around you screams “Take a break!” and then you do, but nothing compares to eventually bouncing back – we will probably share all about that much later but today, a serving of good tidings in your quest to find a less crowded yet picturesque hangout spot.

Bolivar bar is that lowkey place in lekki you go if you’re just trying to have a likkle fun here and there but nothing too grand. Also, If you’re a fan of art, you might also appreciate this place.

Titi happened on Bolivia bar on instagram and we decided to check it out. Their doors open at 4pm so we had to occupy ourselves with other things till then before we headed out. See that we are pretty dedicated to putting out great content, yes?

The drive there was pretty short from our location as Its an outdoor space located on Wole Olateju street.

Ambience – very nice! It gets nicer once it’s darker. Also they have an art gallery upstairs with a great view. It’s definitely picturesque enough to satisfy Instagram cravings. We gave this 4/5

Food- We did not try their menu but they had finger foods and the options weren’t exactly enticing. I guess because it’s a bar they didn’t prioritize this but food should always be a priority. We gave this 2/5

Staff- They were all very nice and eager to work. Although the place was not busy so that might have contributed. We gave this 4/5

Drinks – We were slightly disappointed by the cocktails. We got the bolivar special and it was pretty much Wilson lemonade. We had to confirm if it was a cocktail or a mocktail. Although when we complained and they didn’t hesitate to fix it.

Price – It was not more expensive than your average bar on the island. Most cocktails cost N3,500.

Pros – Affordable, nice ambience, lovely art gallery with a view! Friendly staff.

Cons- Limited options on the menu, drink standard was a bit poor.

I have a love/hate relationship with the effort put into decorations in restaurants. Love because i love cute spaces, hate because food is just as important and I don’t see the effort put into that. What are y’all thoughts on this?

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Titi & Tosin.


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