Swinging out of mood swings

Hey guys! How’s it going?

So a little personal information, You know how it seems like Nigeria is set up to just frustrate you and drive you bonkers? I’ve been experiencing that first hand recently as I’ve been struggling with getting a decent job. It’s been about 2 months now and lately I find myself getting moody and sad about it and life in general – tempted to use the word depressed but then I’m a doctor and I know I absolutely am not depressed.

I often get in these moods on Mondays maybe because I feel every responsible adult is off to work and I have nothing much to do. Recently however, I have found 6 ways to get out of these horrible moods and I know someone is going to see this post and just relate or even try my get-out-of-a-bad mood plan and it just might work for them! . So hey! I thought I’d be nice enough to share.

The first thing i do is pray – I don’t know if this is a regular thing to do but it works for me. I pray and then make a list of reasons to be thankful in my head and then I go ahead and just thank God – especially for the fact that I even have a list.

To be honest, I feel just slightly better right after praying so I move on to the next thing which is

– Eat. I find something I’m craving and eat it. Don’t worry if you feel guilty for spending money you’re not making. It’s normal. Just eat. – try to eat healthy o cuz I won’t be blamed/ responsible if you have chronic illnesses. (Haha!) Thanks

– After eating, If i still don’t feel better, I call or talk to a friend. Just let it all out. If possible cry. If the tears are held up, I just talk and talk until I realize I should probably let my friend get on with her life because I mean she has a life and things to do as well. I believe in the power of positive venting especially to someone who actively listens.

Also please, be sensitive and always ask if your friends – no matter how close y’all are, are available to talk. Don’t just bombard people with rants.

I usually feel like 70% better after praying, eating and ranting but then they don’t call me napaholic for nothing. I take a sweet nap. Guys I always wake up feeling refreshed (except the devil is working overtime that day) and at this stage I’m like 80% better.

To round it off, I go on the internet and read random peoples stories – mostly HONY. Nothing gets me out of my shitty, unemployed, sad mood as fast as a story of how things could be so much worse.

Tip: (sometimes, what we need is to attract positive stuff, so reading success stories is also another way to get going)

Now usually I’m about 90% better and I snap out of it and just get on with my day and try to be as productive or unproductive as I can be.

I remember asking people on Instagram how they get out of bad moods and here are some replies I got.

Be by myself for a while, self pep talk, listen to music.

Eat, cry and sleep.

Change the environment or write it out.

Go out of my way to be nice to someone.

A good read, music. Sometimes I call any of the really great people in my life.



Listen to music , paint or I lay down and go to my own imaginary world. It’s not so bad there.

If you’ve read up to this point, I hope you’re already feeling better. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

I’d like to know how you get over a bad mood. Who knows ? It just might help someone out there!

The Perfect dinner movie – Nothing to hide

We all have that friend or group of friends we absolutely love to hang with, yes? But ever found out if you really know them into their deepest secrets?

Watched a movie the other day that brought this to the fore. Titled “Nothing to hide”

Now, it’s about a bunch of old friends who decided to play a ‘game’ during a dinner night hosted by one of the couples.

The rules of the game were quite simple – everyone has to place their mobile phones at the center of the table and every text message, phone call, email, Facebook message, etc. will be shared verbally with everyone else at the table.

This is clearly a recipe of disaster. A typical example of ‘if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it’.

As the evening proceeds, It unravels a whole lot of hidden issues as they all had something to hide, phones go off, bitter truths are revealed, feelings are hurt, and old friends quickly realize they really don’t know each other completely.

My favorite scene was the father – daughter conversation – Daughter called her dad about losing her virginity and he said “If it was just for me, I’d say don’t do it, don’t ever do it. Stay my little girl forever. But that’s impossible.”

“Nothing to hide” is a good balance of funny, touching and dramatic moments. I particularly loved the plot twists, the ending was unexpected.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this.

This movie just reiterates the fact that mobile phones and social media allows us to build a life that is probably far from the truth.

IMDB rated it 6.8, I’ll rate it 8/10.

What would happen if your private messages were read in public? Will you play this game?


Life Lately – March

Hey guys!

April is here!!!

How’s it going? I hope you’re enjoying the long break. I somehow got sick 😰 and thankfully I have till Tuesday to rest!

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Or not. I’m going to share anyway. I’ve actually not been up to much lately. This month has been the most challenging month for me. I cried and stayed up late thinking a lot, over stressed about everything. Such an overwhelming month! Spent money on things I didn’t think I’d spend my money on. I’m much better now though! Thank God.

I saw this currently blog post idea on Pinterest and oh boy there are so many verbs. We’ll be here all day if I decide to do everything. I just picked a few.

Anyway, I’m currently:

1. Accepting the fact that life sucks sometimes but one just has to find ways of dealing or coping with it.

2.Reading Tomi Adeyemi new book ‘Children of Blood and bone’. It’s so interesting. Started yesterday so I can’t have a formed opinion yet. So far so freaking good though.

3.Loving the bookstagram tag. People are so creative and it’s inspiring to see. I follow the tag so photos pop up on my IG feed every now and then. Did you know you can follow tags on Instagram? Well now you know. 🙂

4.Practicing my picture editing skills – with apps I’ve had for the longest time but never really use. So far so good!

5.Listening to Brymo’s new album. That guy is fantastic. If you haven’t listened to it yet get on it. Shalla to Apple Music! Not sure I can pick my fave yet. Will update y’all on IG story.

6.Praying that all my heart desires are granted. I need a breakthrough. 👏🏾

7.Feeling sick. Being sick is literally the worst. Like the absolute worst. I hope I feel better soon.

8.Trying to understand why you people only read and don’t comment/Share your thoughts. Are the posts not relatable ? I’d really like to know why. 🙄 We’re open to constructive criticisms.

9.Hoping that I’ll finally get my shit together. Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s about damn time!

10.Learning to sometimes chill and not be so confrontational. If you know me, you’d know that I am always ready for confrontations. If I don’t like what you’re doing, best believe I’ll confront you and let you know but last last Who confrontation epp? Im learning to pick my battles. Can’t be confronting every single person that annoy me. It’s draining.

Also learning to actually listen to people.

11. Interested in volunteering for organizations that pay attention to the community one way or the other. Hit me up if you know any! I have a lot of free time.

Did you enjoy this post? If there’s anything you’d love us to talk more about or share, feel free to let us know ! Also, I hope you’re following Titi’s travel story on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram to catch up if you’re not already following. She can’t update the blog every day because it’s stressful actually living your best life and trying to update everyone at the same time but not to worry! She’ll be sharing all about her trip when she gets back. She’ll also be doing a similar post to the one you just read! 🙂

Enjoy the long weekend! Spend time with people you love and live your best life!

Love & Light

My Wamakko experience – NYSC Orientation Camp.

Hey guys!

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know I got posted to Sokoto and i did not go last year because i was simply unprepared for the struggle. I found out on the 12th of January 2018 I’ve been posted to Sokoto again and i decided to book my flight immediately to avoid stories that touch. Luckily, i got a flight for 70k (to and fro) with aero contractor. I’m mentioning the airline because they’re actually the worst. I went to the market on Saturday to get things i’d need in camp. I made a list and tried to follow it. I made some enquiries online and also asked my siblings so i was able to make a solid list. My colleague gave me a box full of NYSC shorts/tshirts that she did not use because she ended up not staying in camp but most of the things she gave me were not my size so i ended up not using them. She also gave me a waist pouch which was super useful. Thanks Keni!

I got 4 white tshirts, 3 white shorts, 4 pairs of socks, 2 white sneakers, black camisoles, disposable panties, baby oil, vaseline lotion, bathing soap, detergent, golden morn, sugar, milk e.t.c I took Garri from home because i’m obsessed with Garri and i couldn’t imagine not drinking garri for 3 weeks. I printed my call up letter, green slip and other essential documents. As a foreign trained graduate/doctor, i had to upload most of my documents on the NYSC website. So i made photocopies of all the documents i uploaded – and they were quite useless, i only ended up submitting one copy of each. I had about 6 passport photos but your girl went and snapped like 8 more.  I was fully ready to go to Sokoto. The only thing i forgot to do was check my email until the night before my flight only to see that aero contractor sent a mail. I suspected that they’d delay the flight so i had no problem paying the extra N150 for SMS notifications but guess who didn’t get any?

Anyway, they sent a mail at 5pm. I panicked as i read it.

‘Dear esteemed Customer,

This is to inform you that our Flight NGXXX from Lagos to Sokoto on the 16th of January 2018 has been cancelled due to operational reasons.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

For rescheduling, pls call ………….



Now, Kate did not mention that the number only works from 6am – 8pm. I read this email at exactly 8:05pm. I still tried to call the number but it was unavailable.  At this point, i’m furious like what manner of stress? I was legit thinking this was God’s way of telling me NYSC isn’t for me after all. I was so done with NYSC, Kate and Aero contractor. Like can the country be any more ridiculous? You’re cancelling a flight and i should be the one calling to reschedule.

I went to the airport on Tuesday morning and went straight to aero contractor stand. They were very rude. Like I got there and they were like ‘flight is cancelled. Didn’t you get a call/Email? Just go and collect your money back.’ I was livid. Like how am I supposed to get to Sokoto? They literally did not care.

My dad and i quickly went looking for any other flight to Sokoto but apparently there was no flight to sokoto from Lagos but I was able to get a ticket for a flight to Abuja.

I got to Abuja and there was no flight to Sokoto. Time was like 10am. I had to move fast.Thankfully, my brother is familiar with Abuja/North waka so he told me the name of the bus park in Abuja to get a bus to Sokoto. I got to the park and quickly got in a bus to Sokoto. Thankfully, I saw corpers going to Sokoto as well but I really wasn’t in the mood to socialize but I felt more comfortable and the bus wasn’t bad. After waiting for passengers for hours, the bus driver finally decided to leave at 12:30pm and then he stopped to pray at 1pm (We were still in Abuja). He also stopped in every state till we got to sokoto. Kaduna, Katsina, Zaria, Zamfara. If I tell you I wasn’t furious, I’d be lying.

I sat next to someone that was trying so hard to talk. I tried to be polite but the journey was so long I had to tell him I’m tired of talking and I’m just trying to relax. He understood and wasn’t offended.

I finally got to Sokoto at 11pm and then we(fellow prospective corpers) got a keke to the camp which was N300 per person if I remember correctly. The cold that first slapped my face and body had me shook. Fam, I wasn’t ready. I forgot my sweater/cardigan. That was the first thing i bought when i got there.

I pretty much got settled in that night but had to register the next morning and I spent the whole day registering, opening a new bank account and getting my kit which was ridiculous because everything they gave me was extra large and I’m extra small. I was given a size 11 jungle boot, I wear a size 4. The shorts, tshirts and khaki pants/jacket they gave me looked ridiculous. I went to adjust it but they messed it up because they’re idiots. So I decided to wear everything like that. Later in the day, i registered at the clinic (which I regretted pretty much the next day) and Yes, that took the whole day.

Now let me get right into it.

A lot of people say camp is stress but honestly it depends on your tolerance level for a lot of things. I personally don’t like stress but I can easily adapt to new a environment especially when I don’t really have a choice. The most stressful part of Wamakko camp for me was the bipolar weather. It got as cold as 14 °C in the morning, 30 °C in the afternoon (I did not buy sunscreen and i got roasted! Like it’s terribly hot ) and like 17-20 °C at night. Crazy right?

Also, I legit don’t mind waking up 4am. But I realized waking up at 4am with cold breeze almost lifting you off the ground wasn’t cute.

The famous mami market where i got the noodles, suya, fried potatoes/yam, chips and chicken I survived on.


Another aspect that was super frustrating was living with dirty, loud and extremely obnoxious people. I’m not used to this hostel life abeg. I barely stayed in the hostel. I didn’t want this post to turn to a rant but people were so damn rude. I realized that people lack basic etiquette. They don’t know how to say excuse me, thank you, please, or just politely ask to use your stuff. It was mind blowing.

Girls will pick your bucket without asking you, if you see them with it and confront them. They tell you ‘ehn I’ll return it when I’m done now’. I was frustrated.

People don’t have respect for your space. I know i’m not in my fathers house but shit we all have our bonks. One hot afternoon, I met a babe sleeping naked on my bed when I got back from the parade ground. I was pissed. It was frustrating because we are all supposed to be graduates but clearly there are different types of graduates in this Nigeria. 😭Let me not talk about this babe that snapped her fingers and pointed at her cap that fell. Lmao sis what? I was very confused. I hissed and she goes please pick it for me? Authoritatively! I said surely they taught you how to politely ask people to do things for you. She then corrected herself. O din din graduate. Or the one that shoved me because excuse me is not in his vocabulary. I flipped out and he was confused as to why I’m upset and that alone got me even more upset. Or one that grabbed my friends ass and got slapped. Or the guy that kept following me and catcalling and saying some horrible things because clearly he has no home training. I had to ask if he was aware he’s harassing me then he started apologising and said he was joking and I got annoyed because young guys these days think it’s funny to harass a female. Like it isn’t funny. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Gtfoh with that shit.

My routine:

  • Wake up 4am. Get ready (By get ready, I mean put on my shoes. I have my bath at night just before bed and sleep with my clothes on. Judge me all you want but I’m not trying to bathe with cold water in a 14 °C weather. Issa no from me! )

They start chasing people from the hostel at 5am for morning jog/parade. They eventually pitied us and moved it to 5:30am because we were about to die on the line.

  • Go to the parade ground and stand with my platoon members. I was in platoon 9. Someone from a platoon (they move accordingly. We started with platoon 1…) leads Praise and worship then someone else from that same platoon comes out to give a motivational talk. Then we go jogging for about 20 minutes. Right after jogging, we do some stretches/exercises and those that have been picked to march start marching till about 8am then we go for breakfast and we are expected to be at the lecture hall at 9am. Lectures usually end at 2pm sometimes earlier.
  • After lectures, I go for lunch and then back to the hostel.
  • They start chasing us (literally) from the hostel at 4pm and we go to the parade ground. Those marching start practising, those playing volleyball or football start practising as well. We leave at 6/6:30pm.
  • I have my dinner around 7/7:30pm
  • We assemble in front of the lecture hall at 8pm for social night organized by OBS which I thoroughly enjoyed. I normally don’t like boring people trying to be funny and things like that but weirdly, I looked forward to social night every single night. I found it hilarious.
  • We are expected to sleep at 10pm.

I really loved Sundays in camp. Sad part was that no one told me to bring fine clothes o. Matter of fact, the only outfit I brought was what I wore in which was jeans and a retrocode shirt. 😂 People don’t joke with Sundays in camp o. Come and see dresses and make up. O serious gan. That’s not why I love Sundays though. I loved it because we don’t get to do the morning parade and we are allowed to rest till 4pm. I wake up 12/1pm. It’s quite lit tbvh.

I hated the weather, the flies, the rudeness. I made ‘new’ friends. I don’t know how people meet the love of their lives in camp. Maybe in Lagos camp or tush camps but Wamakko was such a dead place. Lmao. The guys in Wamakko were all razz and badly behaved. The whole thing made me super thankful for Tolu. 😭

About a week to the end of camp, I started battling with URTI. I decided to wait till I got home before starting antibiotics. (Update: I’m home now and I’ve started Augmentin but I have diarrhea now which is most likely a side effect of the drug.) I also came back home with my thighs and legs looking like roasted chicken guys! The sun burn was real

We all had to do the man o war drills. It was compulsory. It wasn’t fun for me because i’m a chicken. I did everything eventually but the one that involved somersaulting got me stressed.

Carnival day was pretty boring. Each platoon randomly pick a tribe. I was in platoon 9 and we picked Efik. I was actually pretty shocked that we won.  Each platoon had their different tshirt designs. I liked that my platoon people didn’t do too much. Our design was pretty simple.

L-R: Ope (Platoon 8). Dara (Platoon 9). Yours truly (Platoon 9) and Funmi (Platoon 7)

I participated in Parade competition and we came third which wasn’t bad. Although, i was so sure we’d win.

My hand got slightly swollen because people kept hitting my hand during practice. lmao
Posing with the trophy. L-R: Uncle Shaibu, yours truly and  Aunty Peace.

The last day of camp was not as stressful as i thought it’d be. I got up pretty early. I already packed my bags the night before. I got news that one of my friends was sick and spent the night in the clinic so we had to help her get her stuff together and return her mattress. By 5:30am we were already done and just waited in the clinic for the passing out ceremony to start. They called us out at 8:30am to the parade ground only for them to actually start at about 10am. The ceremony ended past 12 noon.

Once the ceremony was over, I got my posting letter. My friends and I decided to stay at this guest inn the day we left camp because the flight to Lagos was the next day. They came to pick us from camp so that was a plus. The inn was literally in the middle of a village. I guess it’s for people that are into lowkey waka. I was very glad to be out of there the next morning. It would actually not have been so bad if they actually put in effort but it’s Nigeria and clearly that’s too much to ask for.

Our flight to Lagos from Abuja got delayed but they were able to put us on an earlier flight. I still got home late because Uber delay and Lagos traffic.

I am so excited and grateful to be home.

I tried to make this post as short as possible because no one likes long ass posts. So i hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you done NYSC? Did you enjoy it? Do you think it’s necessary? Share in the comment section and tag someone who is yet to do it!

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Love & Light


4 Books On My TBR List This Month. 

Hey beautiful people!

Today is a public holiday here in Nigeria as yesterday was our 57th Independence anniversary and we’ve basically not done much as the weather has been crap.

I spoke about getting a job in the last post. It was pretty impromptu. A friend told me about the hospital hiring about two days before I went there for an interview. Started work the next day.

It all happened so fast. Lol

It’s been going okay I guess. Not so busy ( Thankful for this). In fact, I am still able to read books/listen to podcasts when the place is quiet. The hospital has an Assisted Conception Unit so most of the patients we see are ObGyn patients but we still see regular patients. Common cases are Malaria, Gastroenteritis, Threatened Miscarriage, Incomplete Miscarriage, Allergies, Upper respiratory Tract Infection, Pelvic inflammatory Disease. We also do ObGyn surgeries/procedures – Manual Vaccum Aspiration, Cervical cerclage to Myomectomy, Hysterectomy, Caesarean section e.t.c.
I swear I was going to talk about books but here we are!

Books I read in September: I read The Reading Group – Elizabeth Noble which I reviewed here. I also read Stay With Me – Ayobami Adebayo, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman, Hello Sunshine – Laura Dave and The Sun is also a star – Nicola Yoon.

Safe to say my reading habit is now on fleek. It’s funny because I put zero pressure on myself. I had a lot of free time and I really enjoyed these books so it was easy to read 5 books last month. I read Hello Sunshine in like 3days. It was that good. Stay with me was pretty intense. I had to take breaks because it was just too much to handle all at once.

I’m currently reading Mrs. Fletcher – Tom Perrotta.

I should be done reading it in a couple of days. Hopefully! I’m lowkey tired of reading it but I am still looking forward to seeing how it ends.

Books I plan to read this month. (ALL E-BOOKS)

1. Little Fires Everywhere -Celeste Ng

2. Fool Me Once – Harlan Coben

3. Small Admissions – Amy Poeppe

4. Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult 

P.S- If you’re interested in reading any of these books with me, comment below!

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DIY | Cupcake toppers 

So the Saturday before the wedding was Titi’s aka Nikky’s bridal shower and thank God it was a success because it seemed ridiculous to plan a bridal shower without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

This diy post was inspired by Pinterest and @whogomake (IG).

So here is how I achieved this

First thing is to look for ideas for the design. What exactly do you want the toppers to look like, what you want printed on them and colors. Pinterest came through for this! There were lots of printable designs. Microsoft word also came through for the editing.

I initially wanted a pink background to go with the pink/sparkle theme but I realized it won’t look great on pink cupcakes.

Anyway, Once you’re done with the design, all you have to do is print them and cut them.

Once you’re done cutting, it’ll look like this

Then you get your toothpicks and the best glue ever!

Simply  glue the toothpick to the back of the topper.

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment and share your fav DIY bloggers. Totally into this DIY thing now.


Diary of a stressed house officer| 5 coping tips. 

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I’m currently in Lagos for just two days. 😦 I wish I could stay longer but i have to go back to work on Monday, yes I’m aware it’s a public holiday but when you’re a Doctor, public holiday is nothing exciting. It’s just another day. Especially if you’re on call, it’s pretty much like a weekend call. 

Anyway, im home and wide awake so I decided to type this post. 

Let’s get right in, shall we?

1. Prepare your mind for the worst. 

I don’t mean to scare you but it works well for me. I prepare my mind for the worst and  nothing can really surprise me anymore. Just know it’s going to be one long year and once you’ve accepted the fact that you’re in for struggle, you’ll be fine.

2. Eat. 

I really have no shame for confidently writing this because I have a terrible eating habit. I go from not eating to binge eating and the cycle goes on and on. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed with work and forget to eat. Yes, I didn’t think it was possible to forget to eat either until I started housejob. Have snacks in your bag. Work can go from zero to one hundred real quick and before you know what’s happening, it’s 8pm and you’ve not had a proper meal all day. 


Be nice but not too nice. 

I know it’s like I’m contradicting myself but I started house job with the ‘I’m going to be nice to everyone’ mentality and it didn’t take long for me to be like ‘uh fuck it’. Nigerians don’t like nice people. Nigerians respect you when you’re mean and you yell. Sadly. I mean, I’m not saying disrespect anybody but don’t let people walk all over you especially the nurses because they tend to think they know better and they always want you to do what they want you to do but if you really know what you’re doing, they can’t bullshit you into doing anything. Bottom line is know what you’re doing and stand your ground. Respectfully tell them to do their work and do yours. Nurses can be your best friend and your worst nightmare. 


Don’t forget to read. I can count how many times I’ve opened my book to read. You’ll learn everyday and it gets overwhelming sometimes but get a small notebook and write down things you see/hear/learn so you can find time to go over them. I can’t promise you that you’ll find time. From being on call and not sleeping to doing 5hour ward round to being yelled at. Honestly, all I think about is sleep. I can’t come and die. Housejob kinda makes you better at clinical skills than theory because who has time to read honestly? 


Rest. Rest. Rest.

I know this might sound like a foreign term to you but you gotta find time to rest. Even if you have to ’tissue’ to sleep. Do what you gotta do smartly. Except you’re ready to overwork yourself and burn out/collapse. I’ve heard stories from people i know and random people of how doctors faint at work from exhaustion. How sad is that? I have friends that have collapsed at work. It’s really not that deep. Do your work but try to rest. If you’re known to do your work well, no one can fault you for taking some time off to rest. I know it’s hard for some people *coughs*. I’m a workaholic and I barely rested these past few months but hey, even if I can’t take my own advice i can help someone out there! 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Want more tips? 

Drop a comment!


First of all…..

Hey guys! I got posted to Urology unit which is like the second worst in surgery after Neurosurgery. We have AM and PM rounds that start at 7am and 6pm respectively. Now residents round start at 7am which means we house officers/junior doctor have to be there before 7 to do our own rounds. STRESS! Add all that to a consultant that feels that all five house officers should clerk each patients and write pre consultant ward round summaries on all the patients and actually goes through the stress of checking each person’s clerking( he legit reads it out on the round). Imma need y’all to pray for me because they give queries in this unit like they’re being paid for it. Stress. 

One week down. So happy it’s going. I’m not having a good time but I’m coping. On to happier news…. Titi’s introduction was last week Saturday! I’ll share some pictures for those that are not on my IG or Snapchat. It was so good to be home with my family. Gosh. 

6 months….

My nephew turned one last week. Cutest boy!

So…. Can y’all believe it’s been six months already since I started housejob??? I can actually. Ive basically stopped blogging, reading non medical books, going out and doing so many other things I love. The whole process has been exhausting but I can’t complain because I met the most amazing person in this mess of a place. 

I’m officially done with Obstetrics and Gynecology and Paediatrics and I’m currently in Lagos for a family event. 

Everyone said Paeds would be horrible. I actually expected the worst. I was pleasantly surprised though. I met some amazing people and I had a blast. I’m not here saying I didn’t feel like slapping people everyday but it wasn’t as bad as they made it seem. Paediatrics was stress sometimes. It was frustrating meeting Parents that obviously have no plans for their kids. Some did not even care. Highlight of my paeds rotation would be the moment we discharged a premature baby I was so attached to. His parents just got married so it sorta hit me like ‘damn, this could happen to anyone I know’. I met baby Miracle when I started my SCBU posting this month and the baby went from stable to really sick to stable.  It was just really a roller coaster. At some point he was the only male baby on the ward. Lol Even when we were distributing patients, the parents insisted I made him my patient. Long story short,  baby Miracle got discharged and guess who wasn’t there? Yeah. Me. I was so happy nonetheless. Watching a baby almost die is the most depressing thing ever. 

Guess what? The most random thing just happened. I just got a call from Baby Miracle’s parents. They were calling to say hi and tell me Baby Miracle does not miss my daily pcv checks and frequent pricks. Lmaoo

My worst moment in Paediatrics happened when I was doing my ward posting. I was in pulmonology unit. I was on call on the haemonc ward. Immediately I started my call, the nurse told me a patient is complaining and I should probably go see her. I went over to the bed side and asked the mother what the problem was. She said her daughter is in a lot of pain and she’s a strong girl so for her to be moaning, the pain must be intense. I asked what analgesics the child has been on. Luckily for me, the primary doctors were still on the ward so I asked them what they usually give her for the pain and they said she reacts badly to opioids so sadly, it’s just the usual IV paracetamol. I was like damn. Well, I went ahead and gave her some, collected my worklist, dropped my phone number and left the ward. I went back to give drugs at some point that night and the girl was not looking good at all. Thankfully, my reg was around. We both walked to the bedside and the mother was just complaining that something is off with her girl. Before we could even ask her what she meant, the girl started gasping. The mother started singing that ‘ You are great.. every single thing about you is great’ song. Said that’s her daughter’s favourite song. Then she told us that whatever happens, do not resusitate. The girl took her last breath and we just stood there looking. The mother did not stop singing. I didn’t even know when I shed a tear. It was so depressing. Then the part I couldn’t handle was when the father came and the mother who has been so strong all along started crying… They basically took turns crying for like 30minutes. Then the mother came up to me and brought all her unused consumables. (In Nigeria, patients buy their own consumables- needle, syringes, water for injection, gloves, cotton wool e.t.c) and gave them to me that she knows they’ll be useful to someone else.

Yeah, that call was the most fucked up call ever. The song was stuck in my head for like a week. so very dramatic. 

Btw, the lil girl had nephroblastoma. 

Ok enough about Paediatrics! 

Starting my Surgery posting next week and I’m not exactly excited because I don’t like surgery either. The consolation right now is that I’ve done my least favourite so how bad can this one be?

Apparently neurosurgery is the worst unit so I’m praying I don’t get posted there but people have done it and they did not die so we move!

I’m in Lagos and I’ve not even done anything. I was supposed to get a new phone but everyone has been discouraging me. I’m just tired. 

I’ll probably go visit my friends and sister and buy a couple of things. 

Oh and I need to do my hair. Ugh 

What phone should I get? I need one with a badass camera. Okay maybe not badass but good enough. I’m thinking iPhone 6s or Samsung s6 edge. Epp me please! 

January is almost over. I am excited just knowing I’ll finish housejob this year. 

Are you excited for the rest of the year?!