Medicine in Nigeria 2

I’ve been having a shitty day, week, month, year tbh. So this post might be a little intense. E ma binu.  Oh and the blog isn’t really where i want it to be and I need a lot of energy to even try to get things flowing and i don’t have said energy.

I don’t have major depression in case you were wondering but I’m not far from it actually. Ticked off 4 symptoms and that’s actually pretty bad.

So my iPhone suddenly stopped working after I found out I was posted to Sokoto for NYSC. LOL I’m still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out. Like this is obviously a bloody joke right? I’m most definitely not going to Sokoto on Tuesday and I’m yet to fix my phone because i’m really tired of unplanned expenses. I decided to sleep all day and then I watched Greys anatomy- Season 14, episode 8 to be specific and i got angry all over again about the health sector in Nigeria.

Let me break down the episode. So they hacked the network at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and the people who hacked it are requesting for like 20 million dollars. What? Ok now they have to go back to the ‘stone age’as Kepner said. They had to manually take vital signs and record them on papers, they have to queue to do CT scans, they don’t have access to the blood bank so they’re out of blood, they have random power outages, they use their mobile phones to call other people in the hospital, they have to track down the nurse to confirm if a drug was given, they have to do the work of a drug. lmao

Now you want to know the joke in all of this? As I was watching this episode, I was like ‘Look at these ones, something that we have to deal with in Nigeria every flipping day’

Yes, we don’t have monitors that check vitals, if you’re in a big hospital maybe you’ll have like 3 monitors in the ER and a few more in ICU. The nurses take vital signs every 4/6 hours for stable patients and maybe hourly for really ill patients. Joke is that most times, you have to do your own vitals because these days, even the nurses are tired of being overworked so you can’t be too sure the vital signs were not made up. You don’t see any recent record of a patient’s vital signs and the nurse is like ‘oh yea, I checked but i didn’t write it. The BP is …..’ Sure sis.

Yes, we request for x-rays, CT scans, even abdomino-pelvic scans and we’ll come the next day and still be hearing ‘We’ve paid o but they’ve not come to carry him’. We had to refer patients outside to do CT scans because ‘machine no dey work again’. If that is not struggle, I don’t know what is. I wanted to do a study at some point because almost everytime we sent patients outside the hospital to get CT scans done, they come back worse or die before the week runs out. I know at least 5 patients that packed- medical slang for die. One didn’t even come back so only God knows what happened.

Yes, technicians at blood bank will insult you when you call asking if the blood you requested for the day before is ready. I shit you not. I was insulted every other day. Oh but the moment the relative of a blood bank worker is on admission, 5 units of blood will show up even though you requested for 2.  Oh and the doctors will have to leave their sick patients and walk to the blood bank to beg for blood because they know the patients will die and at that point what is pride really?

Yes, we have random power outages. Some last the whole night and God help you if you’re on call that night. You’re expected to secure IV access, see patients, resuscitate patients in darkness because of course you have super eyes. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to tell the nurse to hold my phone closer while I try to secure IV access. You’ll be doing surgery and suddenly, there’s no light. It is actually ridiculous.

Oh and these experiences are from working in one of the biggest hospitals in Nigeria so I can’t even imagine the smaller hospitals. I’m heaving headache thinking about it.

You use your own mobile phone to call your senior colleague because CUG network is forever crap.

The one where they had to look for the nurse who worked a particular shift to confirm if a drug was given. LMAO You’ll be doing ward round and checking the drug chart only to see your patient did not have his drugs the day before. ‘Ah what happened? It finished na. But who did you tell?!’. I’ve almost insulted women old enough to be my mother because of this shit. It was later I realised, they don’t even tell the doctors when the drugs finish because that’s one less work to be done and once again, the patients suffer.

I can keep writing and still have more than enough shit to say about how terrible Medicine is in Nigeria. I’m presently working at a private hospital and I can’t tell you how appalled I am at the way patients, lab attendants, cleaners and everyone talk to Doctors. Safe to say we are not rated. I had a lab technician come to my consulting room to call me stupid. Yes, she lost her job but at the end of the day.. The goddamn audacity! I mean i’m really tiny but are you actually mad?


We have to do better in this country. I personally will not be doing residency in Nigeria as I’d rather slice my toes slowly. It’s not worth the struggle. I however commend Doctors that are willing to stay back and go over and beyond despite the shit they have to deal with. God bless you!


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Have a lovely week guys! For those in Lagos, brace yourself for the traffic on Monday morning and try not to be too depressed or slap someone at work.



Medicine in Nigeria. 

I don’t even know where to start the rant from tbvh.

We have a big problem in the health division of this country.  Doctors work like slaves yet we get peanut salaries.

We are overworked constantly. Maybe I should stop generalizing this.

I am always angry everyday.

Do you know how exhausting it is to be angry everyday?  I know someone has whispered that  ‘you’re in control of your Hapiness’ bullshit.’ Thanks for your input sis, I’m aware but when you work for 48hours straight and they are still blowing up your phone to do something for them, my first response is not ‘I’m in control of my Hapiness. So I’m not going to be angry’ my first response is ‘what kind of rubbish is this? Are there not rules in this place? Are you freaking mad?

People (senior colleagues) need to stop taking advantage of we the junior ones. It’s disgusting tbh. Frankly, I don’t care if one of them read this post. It has to be said.

Not only do we get sent on stupid errands, which is very unprofessional btw but we also get spoken to anyhow. Like bro/sis, dont be unfortunate. Don’t speak to me like you’ve got no manners.

Everyone frustrates you. Your fellow doctors, the nurses, patients relatives, even the hospital maid and the cleaner. It’s almost like damn, when are we actually going to focus on the patient.

On a ward round, your senior colleague that obviously does not know how to speak and correct politely will yell in front of the patient, their relatives and the whole ward  about how useless the young doctors are. I will say though that not all of them are like this. I’ve worked with some amazing people who taught and corrected young doctors with respect.

You ask the nurse politely for the patient’s chart, you get yelled at. When you correct their mistakes and ask them to do their work, they gather and say you have attitude problems. Ok ma.

The nurses don’t wanna do their work. All they want to do is call you that a patient’s IV line is in tissue. I’ve had to go site a line three times on the same patient in one night. This patient whose veins i could barely see despite the tourniquet was voluntarily removing it and the nurses did not really care. I mean it’s the doctors that site line so for all they care, he can remove it five times. So I mean, let him remove it and bleed every now and then. Where is the love?

Hospital maids/attendants/whatever else they like to be called don’t wanna do anything. All they wanna do is sit and talk all day. Once you tell them to go pick up drugs or drop something at the pharmacy, you’re looking for trouble or you tell them to go drop a sample at the lab. They’ll complain( yes, in front of everyone) about how they’re tired of walking and how they can’t walk far distances. Sis, why are you getting paid then? I don’t have energy because my response is always ‘ Ma, it’s your job o. I didn’t help you apply to a busy hospital as a hospital maid. So please do your job or quit.’ Stupes
Now let’s move to the patient’s relative. This one is a bit cultural. Nigerian adults think because you’re a young lady, they can speak to you anyhow. Like can we all respect ourselves here ffs! Or the younger relatives that call you ‘sister/nurse/eysss’. I had to tell a young man to never call me ‘eysss’ if you don’t have brain cells to see I’m a doctor and should be called doctor then I really don’t know again.

A recent encounter with a patient’s relative

Walked to the patient to resite his IV line. The whole place was a mess. (Half empty pure water satchets everywhere, used plates on the desk where his IV fluids and consumables should be. Opened the drawer and ended up touching a used spoon. FFS!!!!

Me: Hello, are you his son?

Him: Yes.

Me: you need to clear this place. This whole place is a mess.


At this point he got me fucked up.



He insisted he was not going to leave. Super cute.

Of course he left when i almost got security involved. You must be mad to think you can come and disrespect me at my place of work. Absolutely mad.

Its funny how if it was a huge male Doctor, he’d almost be prostrating every time. Trash. Nigerians are disrespectful. No manners. Nothing.

So imagine going to work and having to deal with all these people every single day.

I’m legit a very angry person now. Like I already had low tolerance for nonsense but now I don’t even think I have tolerance again sef.

I try to be positive and just not be so angry all the time but it’s really hard when everyone makes your work 10x harder than it should be.
We really need to fix up in this country because patients will continue to suffer for the mess. I’m not going to work for 48 hours barely eating and sleeping and not snap at someone stupid.

Ok I’m done ranting.

Have a good weekend.

I’m on call on Sunday and Im not answering any phone calls today because I can’t come and die.

(PS- If you’re planning to work in Nigeria as a Doctor, don’t do it abeg. Don’t say I didn’t warn you o)


Life as a house officer. 

Hey guys. First of all, I’m pretty sure my followers/readers outside Nigeria might not understand what house job is all about. 

Its basically your internship year. Your first experience as a Doctor after med school. It is also when you start earning money. 😉

We are at the bottom of the chain as the consultants here keep emphasizing. So basically, we do three months in each department (medicine, obgyn, surgery and pediatrics). 

I’m starting with Obgyn and for the first month I’ve been posted to GOU (Gyne oncology unit). I wasn’t particularly thrilled by this. I mean, who wants to wake up to see cancer patients everyday? Not me! It is quite depressing but I’m not so sad because I hated gyne oncology in med school so I guess this will give me an opportunity to learn and know it by force. 

So, during the three months posting in different units in O&G, you get to do one week in labor ward, another week in Gyne Emergency and then your one week leave. One each month. 

Guess who started with labor ward? Me. I was initially not excited because its usually very busy and unpredictable but I’ll still do it anyway and apparently to get your leave, you must have done your two weeks outside posting. 

First day in labor ward was not bad. They only allow scrubs and slippers in labor ward. I still dont understand why bathroom slippers sha. It was not as bad as I thought it’d be. I heard it was a punishment zone like if you do something wrong in your unit, they might post you to labor ward. The have the first stage area, the second stage area and then the post partum area where they stay till theyre transfered to the warda. The most common diagnosis here from my one week there is preeclampsia.  Basically, we do ward rounds with the registrars, snr registrars and consultants, review patients, fill investigation forms, take blood samples, assist in any procedure being done, assist in the surgeries being done, give IV drugs, take vital signs and deal with any complaint the patient has. Its not as easy as it sounds. I barely got a chance to just relax but the thing is its very unpredictable so it might get quiet for like an hour and next thing you know, they’re wheeling three patients in.  I was excited though. 

If you’re not on call, you get off work 5pm (5 was never really 5 tbh)  but if you are on call, it’s till 8 the next morning and you resume your normal duty. Stress. 

I did my first call in gyne emergency. Bruh. I never hexperret it. I barely slept for two hours. The emergency room here is under construction so it was just chaotic. I learnt a lot though and it was exciting. 
I’m back to my unit on Monday and I have a ward call that day. Hopefully, it goes well. 

This post is mainly for those that asked for house job update. 

So far, so good. I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

Have a good weekend! 


July/ Update

Hey guys. How’s it going? I feel like now that I’ve started working I won’t have the time and energy to post things but I’ll sure update y’all on what’s happening because I like gisting and sharing. 😏

July was a stressful month for me tbh. I started the medicals for my new job and these people are so dramatic. I’m not complaining tho because its all for my health and to make sure I’m fit and protected from some diseases I could get while working here. I legit got over 6 injections, did a bunch of blood tests, found out I was underweight ( I gained weight in July tho) praise jah. 

So I found out I’m starting my internship year in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I was so happy. Its so funny cuz I was talking to the guy sitting right beside me about how I wanted obgyn and they called all the Doctors posted to that department and my name wasn’t mentioned. They initially posted me to pediatrics and randomly changed their minds. I was like ‘look at God!’ 

I just like and feel it’ll nice to transition from Obgyn to pediatrics and not the other way round.

So, I’m doing obgyn for the next three months. We apparently get to go to different units every month so we get to experience and learn as much as we can. That’s really exciting.

Day 1 selfie

I met some really nice people in July and I think I’m going to be really close to some of them. We all just clicked.

I would share more but July was really not that eventful. I was sad I missed Eat Drink Festival and the other  food fest in Lagos but I was eating Amala in Ibadan so life wasn’t so bad and I can’t complain.

How was July for you? Are you excited for the new month? Got plans for it? Looking forward to anything? Share with me in the comments section.

I hope this month goes well and hope I don’t lose weight from the stress but I’ll definitely keep y’all updated. 



Rants | Motivate me! 

Hey guys! How’s it going? I’ve been feeling down recently. Like everything is just weird. I’m tired. This is like a rant. Lowkey. Sorry. Lifestyle blog right? Not everytime outfit and gist, sometimes real life struggles.

So I’m literally still waiting to get called. I feel like if I don’t start working soon, I might lose my mind. I’m always home, in my room watching tv shows & movies. I would say I’m depressed lowkey but I reject it in my life in Jesus name abeg!

One would think that with the population of. nigeria, there will always be need for a doctor! First of all, if you’re planning to study Medicine or are already studying medicine and plan to work in Nigeria at some point in your life. Please think well ehn and have a plan!

  1. It’s a struggle to get into Med School here in Nigeria.
  2. When you finally get into Med School, they’re trying to frustrate your life and graduating is hectic.
  3. You finally graduate! Yay? Let’s say you’re a foreign trained Doctor like me. You have to write one exam here in Nigeria you know, just incase your degree is fake and shit. :/
  4. You finally pass the exam! Wonderful stuff eh? It’s a struggle to get a job. Every hospital have their own exam and interviews. So just imagine the amount of exams you have to write. Oh btw, they give you two years to get a spot for internship and finish it. If you don’t get a job within two years, (You’re proabably thinking ah ahn. How possible is that? Well, you’ll be shocked by the amount of jobless Doctors in this Country) you get an extra year to look for job. If you still don’t get a job (They’ve probably submitted your name in the village at this point because….) you have to write the exam again. :S Like oh we know you passed before but then the fact that you can’t get a job in three years probably means you’re just stupid or greedy because there’s a thing called Supra – Which I think is a smelling idea. (Where you work for free and they treat you like you’re getting paid)
  5. Let’s say you’re lucky and you get a job. Yay? You still have to deal with Consultants that can just decide to prolong that one year for you. You probably will start looking like struggle in a couple of months from the work.  I’ve heard weight loss stories because of housejob.
  6. Ok you’re finally done with Internship. Great stuff! You now have to serve our great nation Nigeria for a year. (If you’ve done this already. Lucky you!) Then there’s a chance you go from earning 170k naira to like less than 100k. (Don’t bother converting that to dollars. Ko worth e)
  7. You’re finally done with NYSC. By this time you’re probably like 30 years old or not sha. Shalla to the young Doctors out there! Now it’s time to marry! Jk. But now you have more exams to write to start residency. :/
  8. Now you pray that you get a spot for residency.

Let me stop here because I feel like a bunch of you are probably already like Nah. Not for me. I mean, I don’t have regrets but If somehow I’m able to turn back the hands of time, Medicine wouldn’t be my first choice. Tbh. I love it tho! If your dad or mom is a Doctor it’ll be easier for you!

Moral of this rant is you can get through it. All you need is ‘support’. It’s always amazing to have good friends ready to support and encourage you. I was on twitter recently and I saw this picture Nina Dobrev posted. I thought I should share with you wonderful people!

Honestly, is it even possible to do everything in this picture? 2016 goals to be honest! Let’s do this!! One step at a time. Feel free to join me! 🙂

(P.S- I’m really grateful for the readers of this blog. Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading posts like this! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts because I see y’all but You people won’t comment and let me know whats up! Fix up!)

Are you currently going through something similar? Let me know how you’re dealing with it.


Life as a Foreign-Trained Medical Graduate in Lagos. (Final part)


Hey y’all! Finally, the last post! If you’ve not been reading then you should probably check the last four posts. 🙂

So, they called the first hundred in. I was number 61. The nerves that day was unreal. I was finally called in. I got to the first station and the question was so basic like ‘take a gynaecological history on this woman’. I already practised the most common cases here like ‘Fibroids, Infertility, Uterine prolapse’ so I was pretty confident after station 1. I got to the next station and I was asked to do an abdominal examination. That went well too until I got to the third station where they asked me to take a history on a woman that came in with her 6 hour old newborn that had difficulty breathing and the woman was an actual illiterate. Jesus take the wheel. I didn’t even know where to start. I was asking this woman some random ass questions and she wasn’t even answering properly so I was like why me?

The examiners were just looking at me like are you actually stupid? They rang the bell and I moved to the next station still so worried about my last station. They asked me to do  a cardiovascular examination on a man. I had practiced this the night before so I was supposed to be confident but station 3 had me so confused that I kept second guessing my every move.  I finished and I wasn’t so confident over all. I felt like I could’ve done way better. They told us the results would be out the week after and honestly it was the longest four days of my life. I tried not to think of my performance and just hope for the best but every now and then the thought of failing would pop in my head and I’d freak out. I prayed every day. I talked to my friends to try to calm myself but it didn’t really work.

On Tuesday, the day has come o. I woke up nervous. I tried to pretend not to be too nervous. My friend told me they said they’d release the results around 4pm and by release I mean put our names on a website for the world to see. Oh Jesus.

4pm and still nothing. My phone vibrated and it was whatsapp message from my friend saying ‘ITS OUT O!’ I quickly requested for the link, opened it and looked for my number. THERE IT WAS! NUMBER 61. I SAW MY NAME YOU GUYS. I SHOUTED. My dad knew what was up immediately and was like yaaayyyy Congrats. Then I relaxed and obviously started looking for my friends numbers. Almost all of them made it! So very proud of every one of them!

Life lesson: Even when you feel like your best isn’t or wasn’t enough, all you gotta do is trust God. It’s okay to freak out once in  a while tho 😉

Hope yall are having a wonderful day and to the New Medical Graduates coming back home for the assessment examination! You can do it. Ezz nothing! 😉

I thought the hard part was over until I started looking for a job. You’d think a Doctor should be able to get a job easily considering how populated we are in Nigeria. Well, that’s not the case because I am still looking for a job. :/