Life lately.

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I haven’t written a personal post in a minute and I haven’t been so active on Instagram so I thought I should share what I’m currently up to.

So I’m currently…

Accepting that sometimes things are not okay or going to go well and that’s life. It’s not necessarily about me or what I’m doing right or wrong.

Reading two books atm. If Beale street could talk by James Baldwin and When the crawfords sing by Delia Owens and funny enough I see some similarities. Loving both so far! I have three paperbacks and two ebooks on my TBR list this month.

Loving my new job. I’ve learnt so much in a such a short time. It’s actually quite amazing. I also love that it’s flexible and I get to sleep at home every night. #Winning.

Practicing this self love thing. I read about it and I’m always reposting things about self love on my instagram story but I have been trying to actually go beyond just reading about it. When life gets overwhelming, I am practicing self love and taking care of my mental health.

Feeling stressed but blessed. I’ve had a rough first quarter of the year and to be able to say I’m feeling blessed is a blessing on its own.

Trying to be more patient with people I love. Trying to see things from their perspective sometimes and not react based on my expectations.

Learning to save for the rainy days. Y’all I don’t know how to save and it’s mad stressful. I usually blame it on unplanned expenses but It’s really just an excuse.

Interested in volunteering. I mentioned this thing last year but somehow never got around to it. Please I need an organization that needs volunteers. It’ll be nice if it’s easy to join as well. Know any? Please share! I’m actually begging guys.

Hoping to get all the schmonayyy I need for all the numerous exams and plans I have before the end on the year. Pray for me guys!

I know this list can go on and we’ll be here till tomorrow so let me stop here so you can get back to your life.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share what you’re currently doing in the comments section.


Women’s day | Celebrating 10 inspiring women.

Hey lovely people! Happy International Women’s Day to all our female readers. We see you, we appreciate you and we love you!

To celebrate the day, we decided to share and talk about women that inspire us. We had to stick to 10 or else we’ll be here all day.

In no particular order,

  1. Serena Williams. I don’t need to list all her achievements because if you don’t know her then i can’t really help your situation. Serena is a strong and beautiful mama! On and out of the tennis court, she’s a queen! Also, let’s not forget she also helped organize Meghan Markle’s baby shower. We stan a good friend!
  2. TheUfuoma Her passion for traveling the world and sharing life saving tips is what put Jessica on our list. She’s dedicated, passionate, consistent and amazing. Her blog is colorful and full of life! She shares stories of her travels and makes her readers feel like they are right there with her.
  3. Amy Purdy is a three times paralympic snowboard medalist, NY time bestseller, actress, model and so much more. At the age of 19 she had a bilateral below the knee amputation and that did not stop her. She moved past it. It did not become a limitation. She is soaring high like nothing ever happened to her. Feel free to listen to her TED Talk here when you can.
  4. Clementine Affana is not only a Medical Doctor, she is a travel blogger and a really good one at that. Her passion for travel and discovering new places is palpable. She has a sweet soul and it radiates through her pictures! She is working hard to be a Neurosurgeon and has interned in reputable hospitals and organisations. She knows what she wants and nothing stops her from going for it. We stan a focused woman!
  5. Tahereh Mafi is one of our favorite authors. We only discovered her late last year. She is an Iranian American writer who is known for writing young adult fiction novels. She’s fairly new in the game but i’m so inspired by her work ethics! She inspires me to write!
  6. Tiese. We remember the first time we visited her blog. We absolutely loved it. We’d never seen a blog like hers. Yes, there are lots of travel blogs but Tiiese tells her stories differently. It was like we were reading a book. She writes beautifully! We later found out she’s a book lover and we’ve connected through books. We found out about her day job on Kacheetee’s blog and we were like ‘can she be any cooler?’
  7. Kacheetee. We found her blog through twitter and we’ve loved it ever since. Kachee’s blog is filled with vital informations and stories. You can’t visit her blog and leave uninspired. She is dedicated and has been consistent since we started following her blog. She inspires us to do better, be better and keep going.
  8. Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh. This would’ve been a silly list if we did not include the late Dr. She crosses our minds every now and then and we just can’t fully express how inspiring she was. Words fail us. Working as a Doctor in Nigeria isn’t amazing. This is from experience. She saw the first ebola patient and she quarantined him, made contact with the authorities, and ensured the provision of protective materials to the hospital staff. She saved a lot of lives and ended up losing hers. We are so inspired. We sometimes imagine the mess Nigeria would’ve been in if she hadn’t stopped the first Ebola patient from traveling to Calabar.
  9. Alessandra is a book and lifestyle blogger over at
    We connected through Instagram. She is a PhD student in the UK and i can imagine how busy and stressful that is but she still finds time to be supportive and consistent. I love that she is a feminist. You can read some of her powerful posts on her blog.
  10. Last but definitely not the least is our Sister Dr. Gbemisola. Yes, she is also a medical Doctor. She is one of the strongest women we know. She never dwells on setbacks or disappointments. We have been through so much together and she remains one of the most positive people around us. She is also an amazing mother. She inspires us.

These women have inspired us and we specially wish them a happy international women’s day.

I hope every woman reading this is having a wonderful day! Sorry guys not today.

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Swinging out of mood swings

Hey guys! How’s it going?

So a little personal information, You know how it seems like Nigeria is set up to just frustrate you and drive you bonkers? I’ve been experiencing that first hand recently as I’ve been struggling with getting a decent job. It’s been about 2 months now and lately I find myself getting moody and sad about it and life in general – tempted to use the word depressed but then I’m a doctor and I know I absolutely am not depressed.

I often get in these moods on Mondays maybe because I feel every responsible adult is off to work and I have nothing much to do. Recently however, I have found 6 ways to get out of these horrible moods and I know someone is going to see this post and just relate or even try my get-out-of-a-bad mood plan and it just might work for them! . So hey! I thought I’d be nice enough to share.

The first thing i do is pray – I don’t know if this is a regular thing to do but it works for me. I pray and then make a list of reasons to be thankful in my head and then I go ahead and just thank God – especially for the fact that I even have a list.

To be honest, I feel just slightly better right after praying so I move on to the next thing which is

– Eat. I find something I’m craving and eat it. Don’t worry if you feel guilty for spending money you’re not making. It’s normal. Just eat. – try to eat healthy o cuz I won’t be blamed/ responsible if you have chronic illnesses. (Haha!) Thanks

– After eating, If i still don’t feel better, I call or talk to a friend. Just let it all out. If possible cry. If the tears are held up, I just talk and talk until I realize I should probably let my friend get on with her life because I mean she has a life and things to do as well. I believe in the power of positive venting especially to someone who actively listens.

Also please, be sensitive and always ask if your friends – no matter how close y’all are, are available to talk. Don’t just bombard people with rants.

I usually feel like 70% better after praying, eating and ranting but then they don’t call me napaholic for nothing. I take a sweet nap. Guys I always wake up feeling refreshed (except the devil is working overtime that day) and at this stage I’m like 80% better.

To round it off, I go on the internet and read random peoples stories – mostly HONY. Nothing gets me out of my shitty, unemployed, sad mood as fast as a story of how things could be so much worse.

Tip: (sometimes, what we need is to attract positive stuff, so reading success stories is also another way to get going)

Now usually I’m about 90% better and I snap out of it and just get on with my day and try to be as productive or unproductive as I can be.

I remember asking people on Instagram how they get out of bad moods and here are some replies I got.

Be by myself for a while, self pep talk, listen to music.

Eat, cry and sleep.

Change the environment or write it out.

Go out of my way to be nice to someone.

A good read, music. Sometimes I call any of the really great people in my life.



Listen to music , paint or I lay down and go to my own imaginary world. It’s not so bad there.

If you’ve read up to this point, I hope you’re already feeling better. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

I’d like to know how you get over a bad mood. Who knows ? It just might help someone out there!

The Perfect dinner movie – Nothing to hide

We all have that friend or group of friends we absolutely love to hang with, yes? But ever found out if you really know them into their deepest secrets?

Watched a movie the other day that brought this to the fore. Titled “Nothing to hide”

Now, it’s about a bunch of old friends who decided to play a ‘game’ during a dinner night hosted by one of the couples.

The rules of the game were quite simple – everyone has to place their mobile phones at the center of the table and every text message, phone call, email, Facebook message, etc. will be shared verbally with everyone else at the table.

This is clearly a recipe of disaster. A typical example of ‘if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it’.

As the evening proceeds, It unravels a whole lot of hidden issues as they all had something to hide, phones go off, bitter truths are revealed, feelings are hurt, and old friends quickly realize they really don’t know each other completely.

My favorite scene was the father – daughter conversation – Daughter called her dad about losing her virginity and he said “If it was just for me, I’d say don’t do it, don’t ever do it. Stay my little girl forever. But that’s impossible.”

“Nothing to hide” is a good balance of funny, touching and dramatic moments. I particularly loved the plot twists, the ending was unexpected.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this.

This movie just reiterates the fact that mobile phones and social media allows us to build a life that is probably far from the truth.

IMDB rated it 6.8, I’ll rate it 8/10.

What would happen if your private messages were read in public? Will you play this game?


The Backyard Lagos – Review

Hey guys!

It’s been a long minute, right? Seems like we were gone till November, no? We have no legit excuse for our little disappearing act but let’s just say life has been overwhelming, in spite of that, here we are!!!

Thankful for good health and life, we hit the streets again.

The backyard Lagos has been on our “to go” places for a while but somehow it just never happened. Maybe the name made us believe we could just access it whenever, but reality hit and it was a struggle finding the free time to make this happen.

But then, look at God!

He made a way and we found the time to embark on this long-postponed visit. We started off a bit skeptical because a previous visit to one of our ‘to go’ popular places turned out an entire let down as the food was ridiculously poor and our fuel spent was non-refundable. So yeah, you see why we were a bit nervy -There’s no money to waste please.

Delightfully dressed down in denim dresses (see what we did with the letter ‘D’ there?) sourced directly from our store – oh, you don’t know we have a store?! Shame. Please keep up and check it out here – We opted for the simple, casual look to easily blend in and be as comfortable as possible. By the way, our outfits are very very affordable. You really should check them out Here. 

Locating “the backyard” was pretty easy thanks to google maps. Our stomachs seemed to scream with excitement soon as we got there and we rushed for the food menu faster than you pull out your cash from a dispensing ATM. After going through the menu we both decided to go with TBY’s chicken burger and Chapman.

The item prices weren’t over the top. With an average of N6,500/7,000 you’ll get good food and a drink.

Guess the surprise guys? We did not have to wait for years for the food to arrive. In fact we were a little shook by how fast it came and the fact that it was sooooo goood. (Major points here!)

The burger was very juicy and yummy. We absolutely loved it. Tosin ordered wedges and it was really one of the best wedges we’ve had in Lagos. (Please we’ve not been everywhere yet, if your wedges are better, invite us and we’ll come)

Having said all that, it’s one thing to have good food and it’s another to have ambience. The backyard actually nailed both.

Overall it was a really good day and we will totally visit again! Money well spent.

Did you know we own a store? Have you patronized us yet? Ever been to The Backyard Lagos? Any other cool restaurant recommendations? Share with us below.

Life Lately – March

Hey guys!

April is here!!!

How’s it going? I hope you’re enjoying the long break. I somehow got sick 😰 and thankfully I have till Tuesday to rest!

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Or not. I’m going to share anyway. I’ve actually not been up to much lately. This month has been the most challenging month for me. I cried and stayed up late thinking a lot, over stressed about everything. Such an overwhelming month! Spent money on things I didn’t think I’d spend my money on. I’m much better now though! Thank God.

I saw this currently blog post idea on Pinterest and oh boy there are so many verbs. We’ll be here all day if I decide to do everything. I just picked a few.

Anyway, I’m currently:

1. Accepting the fact that life sucks sometimes but one just has to find ways of dealing or coping with it.

2.Reading Tomi Adeyemi new book ‘Children of Blood and bone’. It’s so interesting. Started yesterday so I can’t have a formed opinion yet. So far so freaking good though.

3.Loving the bookstagram tag. People are so creative and it’s inspiring to see. I follow the tag so photos pop up on my IG feed every now and then. Did you know you can follow tags on Instagram? Well now you know. 🙂

4.Practicing my picture editing skills – with apps I’ve had for the longest time but never really use. So far so good!

5.Listening to Brymo’s new album. That guy is fantastic. If you haven’t listened to it yet get on it. Shalla to Apple Music! Not sure I can pick my fave yet. Will update y’all on IG story.

6.Praying that all my heart desires are granted. I need a breakthrough. 👏🏾

7.Feeling sick. Being sick is literally the worst. Like the absolute worst. I hope I feel better soon.

8.Trying to understand why you people only read and don’t comment/Share your thoughts. Are the posts not relatable ? I’d really like to know why. 🙄 We’re open to constructive criticisms.

9.Hoping that I’ll finally get my shit together. Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s about damn time!

10.Learning to sometimes chill and not be so confrontational. If you know me, you’d know that I am always ready for confrontations. If I don’t like what you’re doing, best believe I’ll confront you and let you know but last last Who confrontation epp? Im learning to pick my battles. Can’t be confronting every single person that annoy me. It’s draining.

Also learning to actually listen to people.

11. Interested in volunteering for organizations that pay attention to the community one way or the other. Hit me up if you know any! I have a lot of free time.

Did you enjoy this post? If there’s anything you’d love us to talk more about or share, feel free to let us know ! Also, I hope you’re following Titi’s travel story on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram to catch up if you’re not already following. She can’t update the blog every day because it’s stressful actually living your best life and trying to update everyone at the same time but not to worry! She’ll be sharing all about her trip when she gets back. She’ll also be doing a similar post to the one you just read! 🙂

Enjoy the long weekend! Spend time with people you love and live your best life!

Love & Light

Beach please! Bermuda, here I come!

If you live and work in Lagos, then you’re due for a vacation EVERY WEEK because the stress that Lagos brings is enough to break the strongest person down. So it was with lots of tiredness, plenty stress but also inner excitement that I headed to the Int’l airport for my flight out of the city.

I wasn’t expecting the best of flights, you know, considering economy class travelling is not loaded with the best seats, legroom etc. Matter of fact, I wasn’t looking forward. This wasn’t my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic but this trip was quite enjoyable – I think it’s a combination of different reasons. Checking in at Murtala Mohammed Airport was surprisingly so seamless; a random soldier decided to be my guard and followed me everywhere. I guess he probably assumed I was the daughter of some Senator or such, oh well, I played along. (if you’re reading this sir, thank you for the help. I’ll soon be a VIP so your assistance wasn’t a waste).

At the baggage check section, I was a bit worried about the gala and other things i was carrying but guess what? THEY DIDN’T SEARCH MY LUGGAGE! This should be standard practice (I mean, that’s why they have those screening things), but in Nigeria, they always want to check something. “Aunty, oya open ya bag!” LOL! I was so happy to skip all the explaining and stuff.

Finally boarded the plane and the hostesses were so friendly and fun. Got chatty with one of them and she told me all about her life as a hostess – which was extremely interesting. I had a convenient seat and this was a plus for me.

Getting to JFK after a long ass flight was so relieving. Customs was also easy and fast. Considering the color of my passport, I expected a lil bit of stress. As I strolled out to baggage claim, I was so happy to see my luggage smiling at me as I have had my share of issues (if it’s not delayed flight, it’s delayed or missing luggage).

I decided to go for something very comfy because it was a long trip and I really don’t like stress.

Today was pretty seamless and I was so thankful.


1. A simple short prayer goes a long way.

2. ‎wearing something comfortable for a long trip is the only way.

3. ‎Nigeria isn’t always as bad.

How have your travel experiences been? Do you experience hurdles? Missing luggage? Delayed flights? How do you dress when travelling Any Tips? Please share below.

P.S – I decided to turn my vacation post into a series to keep it short and simple with concise details on each aspect.

Thanks for reading.


The Saturday I got inspired – SLAY FESTIVAL

Hey guys! So I’ve been following She Leads Africa on Instagram for a while now so I was quite aware they were organising a fest and I was going to buy a ticket but I kept procrastinating plus I wasn’t ready to let five thousand naira go. As God would have it, my friend tagged me on a giveaway by Kinkyapothecary on Instagram and I decided to participate and guess what? I won! I’d never won a giveaway prior to this so it was quite exciting because I actually really wanted to go for the event and that was a story of the one time procrastination saved my life. Lmao I’m dramatic, I know.

I wanted to go with my sister but she had to go to work. I hate going to events alone but I wasn’t willing to let the opportunity go. I got there a bit late but thankfully they also started late so I did not miss anything. I was quite confused when I got there. It seemed like a lot was going on at the same time. Thankfully, I made a new friend (my fellow giveaway winner) and she told me I could download the schedule for the day to decide which classes to go for and what not.

So basically, there were three main stages

Arts and Culture hosted by Tuke Morgan

Health and Wellness hosted by Jola Ayeye

Money and Success hosted by Feyikemi Abudu

They also had Masterclasses and the Tech village.

I started off going to the tech village and listening to a lecture on taking mobile photography to the next level with Samsung which was actually a very good class. The guy went through the basics of photography and was also selling his Samsung market. They had a giveaway which I was so positive I was going to win until your girl went to the toilet only to return to hear that they’ve just finished the giveaway and the winner has been picked. I felt slightly better that my new friend won it.

Because they started late, we almost couldn’t tell what was happening at the different sections. After the photography class, we went to a master class on saving and investing.

At the end of this class, I was tired of sitting and decided to do a little exploring.

They had different vendors – Revlon, Clinique, Avon HMO, Patabah books, Lady Biba, Mama Julie’s food company, insolitus (Got a free coaching session. It was an interesting experience as i’d never been coached before.), Muji bags, The kinky Apothecary,  Tremendoc (offered free health checks) e.t.c.

I wandered around for a while actually. Took some pictures.

I really wanted the free food Maggi was giving out but the wait was a bit ridiculous.

I went over to the Clinique stand to get a little touch up – powder and lipstick. That touch up got me some free samples.

Then I went over to listen to Bonang Matheba who is actually the sweetest. She talked about her life and her hustle. People asked questions which she graciously answered. She had a book signing afterwards. She was selling her book for N6k but at that time i’d spent way above my budget for the day so it was a NO from me. I really wanted to wait to see Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde but she wasn’t on stage till like 6:30pm. Putting Lagos traffic in mind, I had to leave before 7pm.

I got home only to find out later that I did not only miss meeting Omotola but I also missed my bae’s performance. Such a disappoint. If you don’t know who bae is then I don’t even know for you.

Overall it was a really good day. I was very inspired listening to/seeing young entrepreneurs and young people in general just living their creative lives, innovating and exploring new ideas. Definitely gave me some kinda hope which was needed because after camp i was pretty sure we’re fucked as a nation.

Oh btw, a LOT of people kept telling me they love my hair. Hay God I wasn’t ready for all that attention. You guys Dolapo Oni said she loves my hair. Yeah, it was lit.

Wig: Nappyhairedwigs (IG)

I kinda wished they started on time and kept to time. I also kinda wished so many good stuff wasn’t happening at the same time. Like damn!

P.S- This outing landed me a job so yay to coming out of my shell, networking and meeting people.

P.P.S- Today is Titi’s birthday! Wish her a happy birthday.

Have you heard about She Leads Africa? Have you networked/met anybody new this year?

Go out, explore and live your best life!

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My Wamakko experience – NYSC Orientation Camp.

Hey guys!

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know I got posted to Sokoto and i did not go last year because i was simply unprepared for the struggle. I found out on the 12th of January 2018 I’ve been posted to Sokoto again and i decided to book my flight immediately to avoid stories that touch. Luckily, i got a flight for 70k (to and fro) with aero contractor. I’m mentioning the airline because they’re actually the worst. I went to the market on Saturday to get things i’d need in camp. I made a list and tried to follow it. I made some enquiries online and also asked my siblings so i was able to make a solid list. My colleague gave me a box full of NYSC shorts/tshirts that she did not use because she ended up not staying in camp but most of the things she gave me were not my size so i ended up not using them. She also gave me a waist pouch which was super useful. Thanks Keni!

I got 4 white tshirts, 3 white shorts, 4 pairs of socks, 2 white sneakers, black camisoles, disposable panties, baby oil, vaseline lotion, bathing soap, detergent, golden morn, sugar, milk e.t.c I took Garri from home because i’m obsessed with Garri and i couldn’t imagine not drinking garri for 3 weeks. I printed my call up letter, green slip and other essential documents. As a foreign trained graduate/doctor, i had to upload most of my documents on the NYSC website. So i made photocopies of all the documents i uploaded – and they were quite useless, i only ended up submitting one copy of each. I had about 6 passport photos but your girl went and snapped like 8 more.  I was fully ready to go to Sokoto. The only thing i forgot to do was check my email until the night before my flight only to see that aero contractor sent a mail. I suspected that they’d delay the flight so i had no problem paying the extra N150 for SMS notifications but guess who didn’t get any?

Anyway, they sent a mail at 5pm. I panicked as i read it.

‘Dear esteemed Customer,

This is to inform you that our Flight NGXXX from Lagos to Sokoto on the 16th of January 2018 has been cancelled due to operational reasons.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

For rescheduling, pls call ………….



Now, Kate did not mention that the number only works from 6am – 8pm. I read this email at exactly 8:05pm. I still tried to call the number but it was unavailable.  At this point, i’m furious like what manner of stress? I was legit thinking this was God’s way of telling me NYSC isn’t for me after all. I was so done with NYSC, Kate and Aero contractor. Like can the country be any more ridiculous? You’re cancelling a flight and i should be the one calling to reschedule.

I went to the airport on Tuesday morning and went straight to aero contractor stand. They were very rude. Like I got there and they were like ‘flight is cancelled. Didn’t you get a call/Email? Just go and collect your money back.’ I was livid. Like how am I supposed to get to Sokoto? They literally did not care.

My dad and i quickly went looking for any other flight to Sokoto but apparently there was no flight to sokoto from Lagos but I was able to get a ticket for a flight to Abuja.

I got to Abuja and there was no flight to Sokoto. Time was like 10am. I had to move fast.Thankfully, my brother is familiar with Abuja/North waka so he told me the name of the bus park in Abuja to get a bus to Sokoto. I got to the park and quickly got in a bus to Sokoto. Thankfully, I saw corpers going to Sokoto as well but I really wasn’t in the mood to socialize but I felt more comfortable and the bus wasn’t bad. After waiting for passengers for hours, the bus driver finally decided to leave at 12:30pm and then he stopped to pray at 1pm (We were still in Abuja). He also stopped in every state till we got to sokoto. Kaduna, Katsina, Zaria, Zamfara. If I tell you I wasn’t furious, I’d be lying.

I sat next to someone that was trying so hard to talk. I tried to be polite but the journey was so long I had to tell him I’m tired of talking and I’m just trying to relax. He understood and wasn’t offended.

I finally got to Sokoto at 11pm and then we(fellow prospective corpers) got a keke to the camp which was N300 per person if I remember correctly. The cold that first slapped my face and body had me shook. Fam, I wasn’t ready. I forgot my sweater/cardigan. That was the first thing i bought when i got there.

I pretty much got settled in that night but had to register the next morning and I spent the whole day registering, opening a new bank account and getting my kit which was ridiculous because everything they gave me was extra large and I’m extra small. I was given a size 11 jungle boot, I wear a size 4. The shorts, tshirts and khaki pants/jacket they gave me looked ridiculous. I went to adjust it but they messed it up because they’re idiots. So I decided to wear everything like that. Later in the day, i registered at the clinic (which I regretted pretty much the next day) and Yes, that took the whole day.

Now let me get right into it.

A lot of people say camp is stress but honestly it depends on your tolerance level for a lot of things. I personally don’t like stress but I can easily adapt to new a environment especially when I don’t really have a choice. The most stressful part of Wamakko camp for me was the bipolar weather. It got as cold as 14 °C in the morning, 30 °C in the afternoon (I did not buy sunscreen and i got roasted! Like it’s terribly hot ) and like 17-20 °C at night. Crazy right?

Also, I legit don’t mind waking up 4am. But I realized waking up at 4am with cold breeze almost lifting you off the ground wasn’t cute.

The famous mami market where i got the noodles, suya, fried potatoes/yam, chips and chicken I survived on.


Another aspect that was super frustrating was living with dirty, loud and extremely obnoxious people. I’m not used to this hostel life abeg. I barely stayed in the hostel. I didn’t want this post to turn to a rant but people were so damn rude. I realized that people lack basic etiquette. They don’t know how to say excuse me, thank you, please, or just politely ask to use your stuff. It was mind blowing.

Girls will pick your bucket without asking you, if you see them with it and confront them. They tell you ‘ehn I’ll return it when I’m done now’. I was frustrated.

People don’t have respect for your space. I know i’m not in my fathers house but shit we all have our bonks. One hot afternoon, I met a babe sleeping naked on my bed when I got back from the parade ground. I was pissed. It was frustrating because we are all supposed to be graduates but clearly there are different types of graduates in this Nigeria. 😭Let me not talk about this babe that snapped her fingers and pointed at her cap that fell. Lmao sis what? I was very confused. I hissed and she goes please pick it for me? Authoritatively! I said surely they taught you how to politely ask people to do things for you. She then corrected herself. O din din graduate. Or the one that shoved me because excuse me is not in his vocabulary. I flipped out and he was confused as to why I’m upset and that alone got me even more upset. Or one that grabbed my friends ass and got slapped. Or the guy that kept following me and catcalling and saying some horrible things because clearly he has no home training. I had to ask if he was aware he’s harassing me then he started apologising and said he was joking and I got annoyed because young guys these days think it’s funny to harass a female. Like it isn’t funny. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Gtfoh with that shit.

My routine:

  • Wake up 4am. Get ready (By get ready, I mean put on my shoes. I have my bath at night just before bed and sleep with my clothes on. Judge me all you want but I’m not trying to bathe with cold water in a 14 °C weather. Issa no from me! )

They start chasing people from the hostel at 5am for morning jog/parade. They eventually pitied us and moved it to 5:30am because we were about to die on the line.

  • Go to the parade ground and stand with my platoon members. I was in platoon 9. Someone from a platoon (they move accordingly. We started with platoon 1…) leads Praise and worship then someone else from that same platoon comes out to give a motivational talk. Then we go jogging for about 20 minutes. Right after jogging, we do some stretches/exercises and those that have been picked to march start marching till about 8am then we go for breakfast and we are expected to be at the lecture hall at 9am. Lectures usually end at 2pm sometimes earlier.
  • After lectures, I go for lunch and then back to the hostel.
  • They start chasing us (literally) from the hostel at 4pm and we go to the parade ground. Those marching start practising, those playing volleyball or football start practising as well. We leave at 6/6:30pm.
  • I have my dinner around 7/7:30pm
  • We assemble in front of the lecture hall at 8pm for social night organized by OBS which I thoroughly enjoyed. I normally don’t like boring people trying to be funny and things like that but weirdly, I looked forward to social night every single night. I found it hilarious.
  • We are expected to sleep at 10pm.

I really loved Sundays in camp. Sad part was that no one told me to bring fine clothes o. Matter of fact, the only outfit I brought was what I wore in which was jeans and a retrocode shirt. 😂 People don’t joke with Sundays in camp o. Come and see dresses and make up. O serious gan. That’s not why I love Sundays though. I loved it because we don’t get to do the morning parade and we are allowed to rest till 4pm. I wake up 12/1pm. It’s quite lit tbvh.

I hated the weather, the flies, the rudeness. I made ‘new’ friends. I don’t know how people meet the love of their lives in camp. Maybe in Lagos camp or tush camps but Wamakko was such a dead place. Lmao. The guys in Wamakko were all razz and badly behaved. The whole thing made me super thankful for Tolu. 😭

About a week to the end of camp, I started battling with URTI. I decided to wait till I got home before starting antibiotics. (Update: I’m home now and I’ve started Augmentin but I have diarrhea now which is most likely a side effect of the drug.) I also came back home with my thighs and legs looking like roasted chicken guys! The sun burn was real

We all had to do the man o war drills. It was compulsory. It wasn’t fun for me because i’m a chicken. I did everything eventually but the one that involved somersaulting got me stressed.

Carnival day was pretty boring. Each platoon randomly pick a tribe. I was in platoon 9 and we picked Efik. I was actually pretty shocked that we won.  Each platoon had their different tshirt designs. I liked that my platoon people didn’t do too much. Our design was pretty simple.

L-R: Ope (Platoon 8). Dara (Platoon 9). Yours truly (Platoon 9) and Funmi (Platoon 7)

I participated in Parade competition and we came third which wasn’t bad. Although, i was so sure we’d win.

My hand got slightly swollen because people kept hitting my hand during practice. lmao

Posing with the trophy. L-R: Uncle Shaibu, yours truly and  Aunty Peace.

The last day of camp was not as stressful as i thought it’d be. I got up pretty early. I already packed my bags the night before. I got news that one of my friends was sick and spent the night in the clinic so we had to help her get her stuff together and return her mattress. By 5:30am we were already done and just waited in the clinic for the passing out ceremony to start. They called us out at 8:30am to the parade ground only for them to actually start at about 10am. The ceremony ended past 12 noon.

Once the ceremony was over, I got my posting letter. My friends and I decided to stay at this guest inn the day we left camp because the flight to Lagos was the next day. They came to pick us from camp so that was a plus. The inn was literally in the middle of a village. I guess it’s for people that are into lowkey waka. I was very glad to be out of there the next morning. It would actually not have been so bad if they actually put in effort but it’s Nigeria and clearly that’s too much to ask for.

Our flight to Lagos from Abuja got delayed but they were able to put us on an earlier flight. I still got home late because Uber delay and Lagos traffic.

I am so excited and grateful to be home.

I tried to make this post as short as possible because no one likes long ass posts. So i hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you done NYSC? Did you enjoy it? Do you think it’s necessary? Share in the comment section and tag someone who is yet to do it!

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Love & Light