Moist beach club and restaurant review – All you need to know and more.

Hi guys,

How’s everyone doing? I hope the Easter break brought the much needed rest and relaxation a lot of us needed.

Before i dive into today’s post, it’ll be nice if we could pause for a minute and just say a prayer for those affected by the attack at Kajuru castle a few days ago. It’s a trying time for those they’ve left behind and a painful experience to all – May their souls Rest In Peace. Amen.

Beyond the commiserations, it’ll be great to see the government actually rise up to improve the general security of lives as this is one tragedy that could definitely have been avoided. In my own corner, while I try to give you ideas to spike up your quality of life, I can only advise, please be safe at all times and may God/Allah keep us all.

Today I’m reviewing Moist beach. I visited without a plan of reviewing but because i love y’all, I guess it’s only right.

Moist beach is located in Victoria Island – quite close to Landmark event center but Google maps should easily take you there. Considering most beaches are miles away, I was super pleased this was in close proximity.

You have to pay N1,000.00 to gain entrance to the beach and I think it’s a reasonable price to pay for what the beach offers. However wouldn’t it be cuter if we had to pay N1,500 but are welcomed in with a glass of fresh lemonade and flower crown? Oh well a girl can only wonder.

The menu was slightly discouraging. It had about six items and that’s about it and the prices were not close (3,500, 6,500, 11,000, 17,000) so i mean depending on your budget you have very limited choices which was a total dissapointment.

I think they are more focused on their evening/night guest than afternoon. In their own words ‘kitchen is not yet opened’ at about 2pm. That was really confusing for a beach restaurant. The bar was opened though.

I find it really sweet that they have a swimming pool in addition to the main ocean so you have the option of using the pool or go be a shark in the ocean

It is a picture perfect beach so ladies and gentlemen, get your camera ready. I feel like i say this all the time but it is currently my number one beach in lagos – aesthetics wise.

They have a bouncer at the door for a second i thought i was at SIP (a club in lagos that pride themselves with bouncers). I guess that means security is lit.

I had no issues taking pictures but again all my pictures are taken with a mobile phone so i don’t know if using a professional camera will be a problem.

There you go guys. Let me know what you think? I’ll be sharing more pictures on the gram so follow us here.

You should totally read my review of Laguna beach here so you’re spoilt with options.

With love,


3 Must Read Articles This Week

Hi guys,How’s everyone doing today?As random and frequent as that questions is, we really need to take time to sincerely ask and then listen when people respond. You might even need to say “No, i mean it, how are you doing today?” In a world where we are used to routine and cliches, this would really mean a lot to someone. Also, listen to what they \ndon’t say – that wry smile, the drooped shoulders, the heavy sigh. Some people really need someone to show the littlest concern and genuine care, be that person for someone.So I ask again, How are YOU doing today? (do share in the comments)Now to the post – It’s quite different from the norm, but here goes:Most nights, I find myself needing that winding down time, so my night routine involves reading a lot of articles, the motivational ones are my best as they go a long way in helping me unlock the secrets to overcoming the struggles I personally deal with.Of course I have struggles, it’s part of what makes us human.So today, I’ll be sharing some of these articles with the aim of helping just one person out there or who knows? maybe even more. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite reads this week.1. This one was a great read on self love. “What is real self-love? Self-love seems to be one of the hottest words at this moment.Some people think self-love is self-care. For example, a lazy doing nothing day, a bubble bath, a massage and a Netflix day. Some people think self-love is they do whatever to please themselves. For example, buying a designers handbag, booking an exotic vacation, or becoming a serial dater just to have fun.What is your definition of self-love?”Read more here2. “No New Friends” is a trash slogan and this post explains exactly why i think so. Read all about it here3. A popular phrase used in work emails is *Gentle Reminder* but is it ever really gentle? This is a very short read that captures this effectively and teaches us to be direct yet compassionate. I will try this next time I have to send a mail. Read all about it here.I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget to answer my question. How are you?Love.Titi

Life lately.

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I haven’t written a personal post in a minute and I haven’t been so active on Instagram so I thought I should share what I’m currently up to.

So I’m currently…

Accepting that sometimes things are not okay or going to go well and that’s life. It’s not necessarily about me or what I’m doing right or wrong.

Reading two books atm. If Beale street could talk by James Baldwin and When the crawfords sing by Delia Owens and funny enough I see some similarities. Loving both so far! I have three paperbacks and two ebooks on my TBR list this month.

Loving my new job. I’ve learnt so much in a such a short time. It’s actually quite amazing. I also love that it’s flexible and I get to sleep at home every night. #Winning.

Practicing this self love thing. I read about it and I’m always reposting things about self love on my instagram story but I have been trying to actually go beyond just reading about it. When life gets overwhelming, I am practicing self love and taking care of my mental health.

Feeling stressed but blessed. I’ve had a rough first quarter of the year and to be able to say I’m feeling blessed is a blessing on its own.

Trying to be more patient with people I love. Trying to see things from their perspective sometimes and not react based on my expectations.

Learning to save for the rainy days. Y’all I don’t know how to save and it’s mad stressful. I usually blame it on unplanned expenses but It’s really just an excuse.

Interested in volunteering. I mentioned this thing last year but somehow never got around to it. Please I need an organization that needs volunteers. It’ll be nice if it’s easy to join as well. Know any? Please share! I’m actually begging guys.

Hoping to get all the schmonayyy I need for all the numerous exams and plans I have before the end on the year. Pray for me guys!

I know this list can go on and we’ll be here till tomorrow so let me stop here so you can get back to your life.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share what you’re currently doing in the comments section.


4 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Hello guys,

A popular saying goes “Time is money.” Interpreting this, it means whatever you spend your time on is currency. This is why you can spend, waste or save time the same way you can spend, save or waste money.

So like time, money goes into the things we hold dear. For us, it’s creating content for our blog, for you it could be clothes, data, food, transportation – anything.

I’d always wanted to write on finances and share tips that’ve worked for me but never just got round to it. Today is however a lucky day as we have Muhammad from “the Money Gist”. He’s just started his blog and it didn’t take too much convincing to feature him on here.

Without further ado, let’s say hello to Muhammad.

Have you ever wondered why often, people who earn less than others eventually become more successful financially? or how some literally started from the bottom and made it to the top, financially? Amongst a host of other reasons (that cannot be discussed here), the underlying factors for most people’s financial success are discipline, and delayed gratification.

While both terms (discipline and delayed gratification) might seem “tough”, it’s usually not that deep; because, very simple and subtle steps can be taken towards achieving them.

Check out My 4 simple steps to financial freedom. Again, it’s not that deep.

Let us look at spending from a different perspective; think about it; when you spend, you’re actually paying other people; seems pretty obvious right? Maybe not so much, if I add that while paying everybody, we mostly forget to pay ourselves. Yes! ourselves. We pay DSTV, we pay MTN/GLO… (multiple times in a month), we pay Shoprite, we pay Dominos, we pay Taxify, we pay Jumia, we pay the Government, even Dino Melaye (is our tax money na!). We pay everybody there is to pay, EXCEPT ourselves.

Please understand that I dare not to say they don’t deserve to be paid. I’m saying everybody deserves to get paid, likewise YOU.

Usually, setting aside 20% of your regular income is standard (but who standard epp?). I dare you to, start with 10% of your regular income! Nothing can be more convenient and appropriate at the same time. Feel free to pay the entire 90% to others for your living expenses (i think, that’s as fair as you can be to yourself). Setting aside 10% of your regular income can almost make no significant differences that would cause any inconveniences (see that alliteration?); and if you think it’s to small, then why haven’t you paid yourself more, all this while?

So, when that alert drops, when you make that sale, when you get that commission, make it a habit to pay yourself FIRST, before you think of any other person.

2. Control Your Expenditure

Now that we’ve agreed to set aside 10% of our regular income as payments to ourselves, it is important that we protect it and ensure that it doesn’t get eroded; because, as small as it is, it could easily be stolen by our insatiable desires (They are bullies).

How do we protect it…?


Yes! A budget is one of the most overlooked POWERFUL tools today. We have no idea what that list could achieve for us. For a start, it can save our 10% from the bullies
that kidnap it.

We need to budget our expenditure in such a way that the remaining 90% is enough to cater for our needs and our substantial wants; and while at it, we also need to track out spendings. Before you buy a thing, or include an expenditure in your budget, ask yourself this one question, If I don’t buy it, what would happen? If we are honest enough with ourselves, more often than not, we’ll end up cutting down on frivolous spending.

All that being said, you can have what ever you like (I thought of T.I too, lol). As long as you don’t have to expend the 10% we have set aside.

What are your thoughts? Is 10% too much? Should you really pay yourself? Do you pay yourself already? Do you budget?

I know we mentioned 4 points, but In my next post, we’ll be talking about Putting your money to work.

Restaurant Review – Sugarcane

Hey guys!

How has life been treating you? I really hope at least, you have reason to be thankful. Now I got some good news this month, yes, I got a job y’all! I know! I’m happy too!
But that’s not what this post is about (I’ll share soon) so let’s get right into what’s in store

Last week Saturday, I was at work when Titi called that we should meet up for lunch with her friend. I thought why not? Oh and the restaurant chosen was only 12minutes from my office. I was totally in!

I got there 30minutes later because my Uber driver was acting all confused and ‘purposely’ going in circles. Yet another story for another day.

Right after I struggled with the push/pull door shamelessly, I hurriedly went in to meet them. Titi and her friend wanted to eat but I had just had rice/beans/plantain and beef from a buka close to my office an hour before so I stuck to just getting a drink.

Funny enough I know the exact cocktail I like (strawberry mojito or Long Island) but for some weird reason, I ordered spiked Chapman.

Turns out there was absolutely nothing spiked about the Chapman. Titi ordered a strawberry mojito but it took a while to get to us so we used the opportunity to take pictures.

Ordering food was a chore for Titi and her friend mostly because it wasn’t a picture menu but one of those wordy ones, so they weren’t really sure what they were getting. They ended up ordering the same meal: spicy chicken with some veggies and shrimp fried rice.

The food came and we all just started laughing. It was so funny. It really wasn’t what we were expecting. The rice was quite small, the chicken was huge with pepper stew on it. Basically the pepper stew you’d cook at home just poured on top of a chicken the size of my hand. Great stuff.

The chicken was pretty basic to me. The only thing I liked was the extra sauce they brought. THAT was the actual pepper sauce I was expecting on top.

We finished eating and asked for the bill so we could pay. The waiter said: “The POS isn’t working well, your card will be declined but they’ll debit you”

We started laughing again because we were confused.

We suggested doing a transfer but he said that can’t be done as his boss isn’t on ground to confirm the transfer.

So, We asked him what he wanted us to do. He said he’ll take us to an ATM two streets away.

We tried the POS anyway and the card was declined but the account wasn’t debited. Whew!

That was sha how we began our Israelite journey o with full breeze, dust and everything. My guy said two streets away but we walked for at least 5minutes.

Warning – To eat here you obviously gotta be fit.

We finally withdrew the money, paid and went back for the car.

And then it started to rain heavily on our way home. Like I said in one of our old posts, the weather is always against us doing anything fun in Lagos. If it’s not raining before we go out, it’s raining as we drive home.

My ratings :

⁃ Ambience was not bad, they have an outdoor section at the back of the building which we did not explore 👍👍👍👍

⁃ Food was pretty basic. I’m not sure if it was what we ordered or a general thing either way I’m not trying to find out. Also, it’ll be nice if they had a picture menu. Oh and they can definitely do better on the food presentation front. 👍👍

⁃ Customer service was not bad tbh. The waiters were nice and pleasant however that walk was pretty ridiculous. The whole payment thing was also ridiculous. I mean, next time just tell people as they enter that you’re only accepting cash today. Life isn’t that hard. 👍👍👍.5

Overall verdict – It looks like a decent place to go with a couple of friends. Not so intimate tho. So I probably wouldn’t recommend Sugarcane for a date. We also can’t say much about the food. Sadly.

Sugarcane is located on No 6b Ologun agbaje Street. V.I.

Have you been here? Did you enjoy it?


Living la vida loca on a budget – Laguna beach

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts of recent, I’ve been talking about Jamaica quite a lot. Only downside is I’m completely present in Lagos Nigeria. That’s the vibe Laguna beach gave me. If you want to “live la vida loca” on a budget then this is for you.

Before we go full in though, our sincere condolences to the families of all those aboard the Ethiopian airlines flight that crashed at the weekend. A really sad occurrence and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Now about Laguna, I stumbled on a picture of this beach on Instagram a few weeks ago. What caught my attention was the fact that i wouldn’t need to get on a boat to visit. Now it’s not that i mind, it’s just easier when you can drive there, let loose and sip on cocktails spontaneously.

I believe weekdays are best for exploring because everywhere is less crowded and it just so happened that I was on a week vacation off work for my birthday. This made it easier figuring out what day to visit. The sun was out, I invited my friend, opened google maps and headed out.

Laguna Beach is located at In Ajah area of Lagos state. It’s right next to Atican beach so with Google maps you should be fine. it’s pretty direct.

What i loved about Laguna Beach

1. It’s beautiful. A for effort.

2. It’s clean. It’s refreshing to not deal with dirt which is the norm for most Lagos beaches.

3. Good food. There’s a variety of options to choose from including asun (spicy goat meat), small chops, fish and chips; and lots more

4. Alcohol. What’s a beach without good cocktails? There is also coconut water which was what i started my day with. It was sooo good.

5. Affordable. Entrance fee is 1k on weekends and free weekdays. Food and drinks were also super affordable. Fish and chips – 3,500. Cocktails – 2-3k, coconut – 500.

6. Service. The staff were really nice and approachable. Took their time to explain things that weren’t clear and even took some pictures for us.

What i didn’t like

Parking space. Although it wasn’t crowded, i can only imagine what it’ll be like when they officially launch and you visit on a weekend. I’m not sure i would want to park somewhere far and be worried.

Overall Laguna beach is definitely worth the visit, i enjoyed every bit of my time there and can’t wait to visit again.

Have you visited Laguna Beach? Any beach recommendation? Please share with me.

I’ll be sharing more on instagram so don’t forget to follow.

– Titi

Women’s day | Celebrating 10 inspiring women.

Hey lovely people! Happy International Women’s Day to all our female readers. We see you, we appreciate you and we love you!

To celebrate the day, we decided to share and talk about women that inspire us. We had to stick to 10 or else we’ll be here all day.

In no particular order,

  1. Serena Williams. I don’t need to list all her achievements because if you don’t know her then i can’t really help your situation. Serena is a strong and beautiful mama! On and out of the tennis court, she’s a queen! Also, let’s not forget she also helped organize Meghan Markle’s baby shower. We stan a good friend!
  2. TheUfuoma Her passion for traveling the world and sharing life saving tips is what put Jessica on our list. She’s dedicated, passionate, consistent and amazing. Her blog is colorful and full of life! She shares stories of her travels and makes her readers feel like they are right there with her.
  3. Amy Purdy is a three times paralympic snowboard medalist, NY time bestseller, actress, model and so much more. At the age of 19 she had a bilateral below the knee amputation and that did not stop her. She moved past it. It did not become a limitation. She is soaring high like nothing ever happened to her. Feel free to listen to her TED Talk here when you can.
  4. Clementine Affana is not only a Medical Doctor, she is a travel blogger and a really good one at that. Her passion for travel and discovering new places is palpable. She has a sweet soul and it radiates through her pictures! She is working hard to be a Neurosurgeon and has interned in reputable hospitals and organisations. She knows what she wants and nothing stops her from going for it. We stan a focused woman!
  5. Tahereh Mafi is one of our favorite authors. We only discovered her late last year. She is an Iranian American writer who is known for writing young adult fiction novels. She’s fairly new in the game but i’m so inspired by her work ethics! She inspires me to write!
  6. Tiese. We remember the first time we visited her blog. We absolutely loved it. We’d never seen a blog like hers. Yes, there are lots of travel blogs but Tiiese tells her stories differently. It was like we were reading a book. She writes beautifully! We later found out she’s a book lover and we’ve connected through books. We found out about her day job on Kacheetee’s blog and we were like ‘can she be any cooler?’
  7. Kacheetee. We found her blog through twitter and we’ve loved it ever since. Kachee’s blog is filled with vital informations and stories. You can’t visit her blog and leave uninspired. She is dedicated and has been consistent since we started following her blog. She inspires us to do better, be better and keep going.
  8. Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh. This would’ve been a silly list if we did not include the late Dr. She crosses our minds every now and then and we just can’t fully express how inspiring she was. Words fail us. Working as a Doctor in Nigeria isn’t amazing. This is from experience. She saw the first ebola patient and she quarantined him, made contact with the authorities, and ensured the provision of protective materials to the hospital staff. She saved a lot of lives and ended up losing hers. We are so inspired. We sometimes imagine the mess Nigeria would’ve been in if she hadn’t stopped the first Ebola patient from traveling to Calabar.
  9. Alessandra is a book and lifestyle blogger over at
    We connected through Instagram. She is a PhD student in the UK and i can imagine how busy and stressful that is but she still finds time to be supportive and consistent. I love that she is a feminist. You can read some of her powerful posts on her blog.
  10. Last but definitely not the least is our Sister Dr. Gbemisola. Yes, she is also a medical Doctor. She is one of the strongest women we know. She never dwells on setbacks or disappointments. We have been through so much together and she remains one of the most positive people around us. She is also an amazing mother. She inspires us.

These women have inspired us and we specially wish them a happy international women’s day.

I hope every woman reading this is having a wonderful day! Sorry guys not today.

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Circa Lagos – Worth the hype?

There’s a popular saying about how time waits for no man. Have you ever wondered the patience levels it has for women? Non existent!

So it was that on this particular day, Titi and I were bored and wanted somewhere to pass time and have fun. Somewhere close with good scenery and food – also fit for our musings without distractions.

And so we prepared but then, it seems every time we want to do something together in Lagos, the weather decides to f*ck shit up! Because down came the rain. See, I’m not even sure why it’s raining in March. 🤷🏾‍♀ Anyway, we weathered the storm (see what I did there?) and still headed out. The focus was obviously on a place with a nice indoor ambience and proximity to the house.

We decided on Circa Lagos. We’d heard a lot about this place and it was fun to finally be here

There is a “Circa non pareil” located on Admiralty road. This is more of a bar I think. Circa Lagos is located at No 2 Kola Adeyina Close, Lekki phase 1.

On getting there, we saw the famous wall and decided to have a mini photoshoot. The security guy on duty politely agreed to take pictures of us. He was even open to corrections as regards the positioning of the camera. This was already a good sign as far as we were concerned.

After our photoshoot, we entered the restaurant and noticed it’s a small space compared to most restaurants in Lagos but it has that minimalist vibe which we absolutely love.

We loved that It wasn’t so crowded as well maybe because we visited on a week day.

We came there to work and they had free WiFi. So it can actually double as a quick work space if you’re a creative. Obviously we were loving it but the most important thing for me is the food. It’s not ambience I came to eat dears.

We quickly scanned through the menu and placed our order. I ordered Fish and fries (because I’ve learnt that in Lagos I’d rather be safe than sorry) with a strawberry margarita. Titi ordered some sort of seafood Alfredo pasta with a virgin Pina colada.

The waitresses were polite and indulged our numerous requests to take pictures of us while we waited for our food. We didn’t have to wait too long before the food arrived and the food was so delicious. The portions were not bad either. I don’t eat large portions but I was full and still had some to take home with me. I wasn’t so impressed with the cocktail – maybe because the week before I had the same cocktail at Crossroads and it was heavenly but I wasn’t so bothered because the food made up for it.

The budget for having a decent meal here is approx. 10k per person.

I got at least 3 Instagram messages from random people saying they really love the restaurant and the food there. So they are definitely doing something right.

So if you’re looking for a cute , intimate restaurant for lunch or dinner alone or with friends in Lekki, then Circa Lagos is the place for you.

You can follow us on Instagram for more pictures because like I said we had a mini photoshoot and you must see everything.

Location – With google maps you should easily locate it. However it does not look like a restaurant from outside so you might think you’re entering someone’s house.

Budget – At least 10k per person

Ambience – 👍👍👍👍

Food – 🤙🤙🤙🤙.5

customer service – 👍👍👍👍👍

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Have you been to Circa Lagos? Will you revisit ?

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Wrapping up my 20’s

Life comes at you fast.

One day you’re graduating secondary school, saying bye to your friends and the next you’re preparing for ‘freedom’ in university.

One day you’re starting off your new job and the next, you’re planning your wedding.

And there’s today!

It’s my birthday!!! Damn I’m old af!

Over the years, I’ve sort of developed a tradition which includes getting myself a cake, a birthday dress, shoes and a weave.

This year is definitely odd, I’m with zero excitement and generally not interested in anything. All I pre-planned was not to be working on my birthday. I think this is something I’m going to adopt going forward in life.

As today approached and my loved ones started reaching out to me to gauge my excitement, it dawned on me that i wasn’t remotely excited or happy as i normally would be.

You see my life hasn’t been bad: was top of my class in high school, first class economics graduate, served NYSC in a good organization, right after i got into the graduate associate program in another organization and doubly promoted in two years, met and married the love of my life, and the list goes on. The downside of this is that i am programmed to always succeed and dealing with failures wasn’t something familiar.

Society sets expectations for us to feel like at certain age we should be at certain levels with certain goals achieved. When we’re not there, horrible thoughts creep in. I finally figured out why this year was odd, I’ve pressured myself to feel like at this age i should have crossed certain milestones and because i haven’t, here i was feeling bleh.

Eventually I had to sit myself up, accept my failures and things that were in my control but i didn’t do enough, accept that some things weren’t in my control and nothing in my power would’ve changed the outcome.

What’s the moral of this post? There is no time limit on what you want to achieve, que sera sera.

We are humans, sometimes we don’t do enough, sometimes we do. and that’s OK, that’s part of life, we learn and unlearn.

As I’ step into this new age, I’m letting go of certain mindsets. I’m embracing my achievements so far, I’m accepting my flaws and finally I’m taking charge of my life and going after everything i want with God’s help of course.

I know 2019 will be a year of new amazing experiences and i am ready.

I will come back to this post, this time next year and smile because i did all i said i would.

Do you ever struggle with not doing enough? Not achieving enough? Please share with me. I would really really love to read other perspectives.

Thank you for reading, now wish me a happy birthday.

I have a birthday wish list if you’re feeling nice, no pressure my darlings.

1. Follow my blog.

2. Follow my instagram & twitter.

3. Upgrade my Medium subscription to the unlimited access plan.

4. Get a Cassiedaves blog planner.

5. A warm present (falling in love with pictures with warm vibes).

6. A website upgrade from to

With love, Titi