First of all…..

Hey guys! I got posted to Urology unit which is like the second worst in surgery after Neurosurgery. We have AM and PM rounds that start at 7am and 6pm respectively. Now residents round start at 7am which means we house officers/junior doctor have to be there before 7 to do our own rounds. STRESS! Add all that to a consultant that feels that all five house officers should clerk each patients and write pre consultant ward round summaries on all the patients and actually goes through the stress of checking each person’s clerking( he legit reads it out on the round). Imma need y’all to pray for me because they give queries in this unit like they’re being paid for it. Stress. 

One week down. So happy it’s going. I’m not having a good time but I’m coping. On to happier news…. Titi’s introduction was last week Saturday! I’ll share some pictures for those that are not on my IG or Snapchat. It was so good to be home with my family. Gosh. 

6 months….

My nephew turned one last week. Cutest boy!

So…. Can y’all believe it’s been six months already since I started housejob??? I can actually. Ive basically stopped blogging, reading non medical books, going out and doing so many other things I love. The whole process has been exhausting but I can’t complain because I met the most amazing person in this mess of a place. 

I’m officially done with Obstetrics and Gynecology and Paediatrics and I’m currently in Lagos for a family event. 

Everyone said Paeds would be horrible. I actually expected the worst. I was pleasantly surprised though. I met some amazing people and I had a blast. I’m not here saying I didn’t feel like slapping people everyday but it wasn’t as bad as they made it seem. Paediatrics was stress sometimes. It was frustrating meeting Parents that obviously have no plans for their kids. Some did not even care. Highlight of my paeds rotation would be the moment we discharged a premature baby I was so attached to. His parents just got married so it sorta hit me like ‘damn, this could happen to anyone I know’. I met baby Miracle when I started my SCBU posting this month and the baby went from stable to really sick to stable.  It was just really a roller coaster. At some point he was the only male baby on the ward. Lol Even when we were distributing patients, the parents insisted I made him my patient. Long story short,  baby Miracle got discharged and guess who wasn’t there? Yeah. Me. I was so happy nonetheless. Watching a baby almost die is the most depressing thing ever. 

Guess what? The most random thing just happened. I just got a call from Baby Miracle’s parents. They were calling to say hi and tell me Baby Miracle does not miss my daily pcv checks and frequent pricks. Lmaoo

My worst moment in Paediatrics happened when I was doing my ward posting. I was in pulmonology unit. I was on call on the haemonc ward. Immediately I started my call, the nurse told me a patient is complaining and I should probably go see her. I went over to the bed side and asked the mother what the problem was. She said her daughter is in a lot of pain and she’s a strong girl so for her to be moaning, the pain must be intense. I asked what analgesics the child has been on. Luckily for me, the primary doctors were still on the ward so I asked them what they usually give her for the pain and they said she reacts badly to opioids so sadly, it’s just the usual IV paracetamol. I was like damn. Well, I went ahead and gave her some, collected my worklist, dropped my phone number and left the ward. I went back to give drugs at some point that night and the girl was not looking good at all. Thankfully, my reg was around. We both walked to the bedside and the mother was just complaining that something is off with her girl. Before we could even ask her what she meant, the girl started gasping. The mother started singing that ‘ You are great.. every single thing about you is great’ song. Said that’s her daughter’s favourite song. Then she told us that whatever happens, do not resusitate. The girl took her last breath and we just stood there looking. The mother did not stop singing. I didn’t even know when I shed a tear. It was so depressing. Then the part I couldn’t handle was when the father came and the mother who has been so strong all along started crying… They basically took turns crying for like 30minutes. Then the mother came up to me and brought all her unused consumables. (In Nigeria, patients buy their own consumables- needle, syringes, water for injection, gloves, cotton wool e.t.c) and gave them to me that she knows they’ll be useful to someone else.

Yeah, that call was the most fucked up call ever. The song was stuck in my head for like a week. so very dramatic. 

Btw, the lil girl had nephroblastoma. 

Ok enough about Paediatrics! 

Starting my Surgery posting next week and I’m not exactly excited because I don’t like surgery either. The consolation right now is that I’ve done my least favourite so how bad can this one be?

Apparently neurosurgery is the worst unit so I’m praying I don’t get posted there but people have done it and they did not die so we move!

I’m in Lagos and I’ve not even done anything. I was supposed to get a new phone but everyone has been discouraging me. I’m just tired. 

I’ll probably go visit my friends and sister and buy a couple of things. 

Oh and I need to do my hair. Ugh 

What phone should I get? I need one with a badass camera. Okay maybe not badass but good enough. I’m thinking iPhone 6s or Samsung s6 edge. Epp me please! 

January is almost over. I am excited just knowing I’ll finish housejob this year. 

Are you excited for the rest of the year?! 

Olivia’ cafe

So as I said in my last post, I’m in the children’s emergency ward this month and it’s a shift like system. So guess who has the day off today? Yea, me! I have more time now to chill with friends, eat, sleep and just live. One of my friends decided that we should go for breakfast on Sunday but I did night shift on Saturday and wasn’t able to leave till past 11 am on Sunday. So it sorta became brunch. She told us about this place where they sell bomb pancakes. We eventually got there around 2.

I really liked the decorations and the way things were set up generally. It’s such a cozy place.

Sadly, we were not only too late for breakfast but they pretty much did not have any of the food I wanted. So I was already a bit depressed. They were somehow able to get pancakes for my friend which turned out to be shit.

So, I ordered spaghetti bolognese. It took forever to get ready. I was really over it at some point and we all know I’m not the most patient person. My other friend ordered a burger. After the one hour wait, our food finally appeared. 

What I ordered turned out to be okay. Somehow I ended up having diarrhoea. I’m not saying it was caused by the food o. *Coughs*. 

We later went to get ice cream so that might have contributed. 

Overall, it wasn’t a bad place to eat. I just think we went at the wrong time. The chef was probably different.  It’s a cozy place to spend time with your partner, friends, or parents. I really liked the décor but they definitely need to work on the quality of the food because we are not paying money for decoration and fine environment. 

I’ll go there again. I’ll give them a second chance….. I don’t know why I still think theyre not so bad. My friend that ordered burger feels differently. Lmao the bread literally divided as she lifted the burger. It was tragic. 

Anyway, here are some more pictures.

It’s almost Christmas and it does not feel like it. I’m thankful for this year and everything that happened..good or bad. I think I need to write a post of the things I’m thankful for. It’ll be a good way to wrap up the year. 

Are you excited for 2017? I am because I’ll be finishing my internship next year. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Share and leave a comment. Thanks ! 


Life update

Bae being a nerd.

So I started typing this on the ward while waiting for my call to be over… Yes, I know I didn’t have to sit there but I had a couple of things to hand over to the next  person on call.

I started paediatrics last month and oh boy! It’s been interesting. Let me just mention that my unit presented at Grand Round two weeks ago and I had to present the case. I was so nervous before it started but then again I work with the best people so the moment I started the actual presentation, I wasn’t as nervous. I was in pulmonology so we had a presentation on Pneumonia and emphasized the fact that people should not be dying from Pneumonia. It went well overall and since then I’ve had random people come up to me to tell me I did really well. Lol hayy! 

In my one month in paediatrics, I realised people are suffering in this country. Also  realised that the poor people are the ones that want to have ten children. It’s annoying. It’s so hard not to judge them and flip out. Why the hell are you having more babies ma?? You can’t even afford food for one child. You  now bring your sick child and can’t even buy anything. Bruh. It’s in this paediatrics, I started spending my money for my patients…. I can’t exactly see a hungry child and look the other way. 

What is annoying is that some of them don’t even care. I legit spend at least N500 everyday in paediatrics. Obviously, I’m getting to the point where I don’t give a shit sadly. I can’t come and die because people don’t want to have sense and stop having children they can’t take care of. 

Anyway,  I still haven’t gotten a room inside the hospital because I applied late and I didnt hustle for it tbh but my friends got rooms so I’m kind of covered. It would’ve been nice to have gotten a room sha. Lowks. 

I started otchew (children’s emergency ward) this month which is great because it’s a shift like posting. You have two morning shifts, two afternoon shifts, and two night shifts and then two days off. Morning shift is from 8am-4pm. Afternoon shift is from 4pm-10pm. Night shift is from 10pm-8am. Amazing right? 

I’m finishing this blog post because I resume work at 4 and i have the whole day to myself. The problem however is you don’t exactly get to leave when it’s the end of your shift because there will always be things for you to do…. Sadly. I left few minutes past two in the morning today.. A whole four hours after my shift ended. Strezzup! 
Life has been stressful tbh. They’ve not paid salary for two months now which is blowing my mind because they are overworking us. Last month i did alternate day calls. Which means i was on call every other day. Before you even recover from one call youre already on call again and then we had two consultant ward rounds in a week which means, pre consultant ward round summaries and pcvs. I was legit depressed last month. I complained every day and was very close to quitting this housejob of a thing but God came through. 

Other than work stress, I’ve been doing okay. I have some amazing friends and I have the most supportive and awesome boyfriend. I’ll gist yall how I met said boyfriend eventually. Lol

Can you believe it’s December already? I sure can’t! I’m super grateful to be alive and well. I know Ive been a bad blogger this year. I don’t even think I can call myself a blogger sef but I promise to do better next year. 

Did you achieve all what you wanted to this year? How has the year been for you? Looking forward to the new year? 

Let me know in the comments section. 



So, October is pretty much over and I’m just here asking myself where it went. Not complaining tho. I’m officially done with obstetrics and gynecology. 3 months of house job gone, 9 months to go!!! Whoop! I’m starting Paediatrics on Monday and from what I’ve heard, it’s terrible. I’m trying hard not to make that cloud my experience. A wise man once said ‘ Just because it did not go well for someone else does not mean it’ll be the same for you. You’re different.’

Of course the wise man is my father and of course he’ll always tell me I’m special but still I’m going to say those words to myself everyday if I have to. 

The roster is out for my first month in paediatrics and I’m already sort of depressed. I’m on call 14 times next month (pretty much alternate day calls). The only not so depressing thing about the roster is that I’m starting with pulmonology and I heard it’s one of the best units to be in. So yay! 
I already posted a tweet about my next blog post being a bit personal. 

So do y’all remember my last post about guys in general months ago (Read it here). Where I sort of gave up on humans.

Now, as you all know, my plan was to just do this one year housemanship thing and move on with my life. I had zero interests in finding or dating anyone. Little did I know that I was just saying my own. 

I met the most amazing person two months ago. I’m sure he’ll read this and be feeling himself but it’s all good. 

I remember clearly what happened the day I met him. I was on call the day before and I was cranky as hell. I walked into my ward that Saturday morning because I got a message about the unit doctors meeting up for post op round. I was already up all night and was really upset. My damn period started the night before and of course I had dysmenorrhoea and the nurses had to give me some analgesics. Anyway, so as I walked in, I see this guy sitting and writing something. I’ve never seen his face before but I knew some house officers just started ObGyn. So I asked him if he was the one on call and he said yes. Then I went ahead to complain about the fact that I was on call the night before and also the fact that I  got there before everyone else. I’m sure he was like I don’t even know you ma. ‘ Woz all dis story?’ I remember asking what school he finished from and just trying to talk while I waited for the rest of the unit doctors to arrive. 

We did our post op round and left. Obviously I went home (outside the hospital). Only for my Senior Registrar to call me and request for the two patients’ PCVs. I was like this is just fantastic. I had zero plans of going back to the hospital so I went to the house officers WhatsApp page to dig out this guy’s number since he’s on call on my ward, he can help abi?

I sent a WhatsApp message but it was just a tick for the longest time so I decided to text him. I don’t know why I didn’t just call him. Sent a text begging him to help me do it and get the results to me. He didn’t respond so I was like great!

My SR kept calling later for the results and I was forming ‘ it’s not out yet’ secretly hoping this guy had done it. 

Few minutes past 5 or 6, I get a text from him about the results and I was like ah Thank you. That was it. The conversation ended there. Was that even a conversation?
Somehow, we ended up talking on WhatsApp and the rest is history. Now, I was a bit worried about the fact that we are kind of different but then again I think being different from someone gives you a chance to learn from the person.

Long story short, I am glad we did that post op round. 😊😊😊

OMG GUYS! Two more months and the year is over. Isn’t that insane?

Wish me luck in paediatrics guys! I’ll need all the luck I can get tbh.

How was the month October for you and what plans do you have for the new month? 

ObGyn Posting

Hey y’all!

(I don’t take selfies as much as I used to but these are some selfies I managed to take in the past three months).

Okay, so this post is probably going to interest the medical followers. Sorry non medical followers.

I felt like writing a post about my ObGyn posting.

As i already told y’all in one of my earlier posts, we do three months in each posting.

In ObGyn here, they have five units. So, you rotate through three of them and every month, you do one outside posting. The outside postings are Labor ward and Gyne emergency.

I started my housejob with my labor ward posting so you can imagine how horrible it went. I did not get to do much cuz i was new and i was really just trying to understand how things work here.

I remember them asking me to take a pcv sample in a capillary tube on my first day and i was struggling. LMAO.

Anyway, i’d rather not talk about how shitty that week was.

Ive been taking advantage of my labor ward calls because I know I did not do much during my labor ward posting. I’ve repaired perineal tears, induced labor, augmented labor, monitored patients in labor, assisted in caesarean deliveries. So I can confidently say I’ve learnt some stuff. Abi now? 

We have like 8/9 calls every month. Ward calls, labor ward calls and gyne emergency calls.  Yes, I said ward calls and not unit calls o. Makes no sense, I know. How can you be on call when you don’t even know the patients? You just basically hope for the best every time. So we  have 5 wards in total so you’re on call on two wards everytime you do a ward call.

So we drop our numbers on the board so the nurses can call if they need the Doctor around and I shit you not these nurses can call for the most ridiculous things.

phone rings at 1am

‘Hello, am i speaking with the doctor on call on W4 big?’

‘Yes, you are. Any issues?’

‘Ehn Doctor, theres a patient going for elective CS tomorrow morning and she has not signed her consent form’

‘um you actually want me to come get a consent at 1am? Okay then!’

I obviously did not go as they will all be alright when they get the consent in the morning. Surprisingly, this is not the worst call i’ve gotten. Also, apparently, if the nurses don’t like you, that plays a huge role on how terrible your call can be because they will practically call you to come because a patient has a headache.

What we do when we are on call is basically give IV drugs and manage any situation on the wards. So imagine units not dropping worklist (names of patients that are on IV drugs) and having to go through the case notes of all the patients and make your own worklist. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘It’s not so bad’. Yeah, it’s not until you have to give drugs at 10pm, 1am and 4am and you’re thinking and convincing yourself that you did not make a mistake with this medicine thing.

I remember someone asking me about the most common cases here. In this environment , i’d say the most common cases are

  • Preeclampsia and PIH
  • Post partum hemorrage
  • Malaria in Pregnancy
  • Leiomyoma
  • Cervical cancer
  • Hemoglobinopathies in pregnancy
  • HIV in pregnancy
  • Threatened abortion/miscarriage.
  • Ectopic pregnancy

I don’t know if it’s just this hospital  or these are also common in other parts of  Nigeria generally. (I’ll add more as i remember)

It is so sad though that most of the patients only come here when they’re almost dead or when they’ve been  mismanaged by doctors in random hospitals. I mean, I know it’s a teaching hospital but damn… can these rubbish private hospitals make life easier for everyone.

I just finished my Gyne emergency posting yesterday and I actually loved it. I thought it’d be horrible because i had not worked with the house officers doing the posting with me and I just assumed the worst tbh but i was pleasantly surprised.

My typical day in Gyne emergency.

I get there 8/8:30 am.

Drop my bag and take all the essentials ( like pens, money, prescription sheets, continuation sheets e.t.c.)

Wait for everyone to get there. Even on Thursday when i thought i was late, still got there first.

 The registrar gets there around 9:30am. But obviously if they bring a patient, he’ll have to come earlier.

Usually like two patients come before he gets there so we the house officers start seeing them and filling out some routine investigation forms and other forms as required (by using our initiative obvs)

Malaria is very common here so once a patient comes in complaining of feeling sick, we just fill the form for them to go do the test. It’s free actually and the result is usually out in one hour. 

 We have two nurses working with us and two bed spaces. 

We basically see patients till 5pm. Most times we don’t even get to leave at 5. Yesterday was actually the earliest I’ve left and it was 5:30pm. 

The gyne emergency room is located in the O&G clinic area so they bring a lot of ‘stable’ patients which I think is bloody irritating. This is supposed to be gyne emergency not the place for ‘oh this patient  is here for her routine clinic day to see a DOCTOR but she has a headache’

I’m sorry what? That’s the bloody point of a clinic visit. See the doctor and complain. Or am I missing something?

We get cases like that a lot but obviously if we have a real emergency, we ask them to wait. 

The most common emergency cases here are;

– Incomplete abortion (most of them are bleeding and require MVA).  

– Ruptured ectopic pregnancy 

– Eclampsia

– Severe preeclampsia

– PPH 

So because it’s Nigeria and things don’t work as per everything is upside down, we have a gyne emergency bag. The house officers are responsible for the bag and it’s contents. The bag when stocked contains disposable speculums, urinalysis strips, iv cannulas, glucometer, needles and syringes, oxytocin, MgSO4, pregnancy test strips, misoprostol, gloves and other consumables. 

 The main purpose of this bag is to make your life easier. I’ve been to A&E where asking for ordinary glove is like asking for a unicorn. The nurses yell and tell you to ask the patient’s relatives to buy gloves And I’m like ‘Ma, there is a reason this is the emergency room. Did they plan to come here that they’ll have spare gloves in their bags because I’m not understanding.’ and then she goes ‘ Doc, I’m busy. Ask other patients if they can give you one’. It was then I knew I definitely don’t see myself working here. God forbid.

This place can be really frustrating.

Sadly, patients pay for some of the things in the bag like the sterile speculum, urinalysis, pt. They also replace the drugs used when they buy theirs but the whole point is to try to save the patient when every single thing is working against that. 

It was when I got back to Nigeria, I knew patients buy their own needles, syringes, gloves, cotton wool and even methylated spirit. It’s sad tbh. 

Before I turn this post to a ranting post, let me stop here. 
For the curious ones wanting to know how house job is, this post was for you and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I was going to write about the different cases and their managements but that’s why you have your textbooks. Go and read ya book. Tanz much. 

Thanks for stopping by though. It was my wordpress anniversary two days ago.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Thank you guys for always reading and commenting. 


One month after…..

Hey y’all! I know I’ve been MIA for almost two months now. I’m sorry. I remember when I  was complaining to you guys about my joblessness. Now, I barely have time for myself. 😢 I miss the days when I’d wake up, eat, read and sleep. Life was easier.

So as y’all know I started housejob in August. Started with Obgyn. Its been going well actually. Every now and then someone annoys me but it’s all good. Scratch that! I’ve made a conscious effort not to get upset by little things and just do my job and go.

I started with Gyne Oncology unit and i’m now in Genitourinary unit. So basically in each unit we have the obstetrics side and the Gyne side. We don’t have a lot of patients on the Gyne side where i was initially  so its not so busy. They made me the SHO (Senior House Officer) of my unit(which basically means more work and responsibilities). Trust me, it had me confused too like I just got here nauuuuu. Can I chill small???

I did the first week on the Gyne side but had to move to the Obs side. It’s not extremely busy but it’s still so draining because I work with a registrar that probably has OCD and stresses about every single thing who i really appreciate now having worked with some lazy ones.
Oh btw, I got my first salary ever in my life. It was a good feeling tbh. I need a proper plan on how i’m going to spend and save my money because so far the saving part is not going well.

This is such a boring post because I don’t have a lot to say or talk about. Sigh. I honestly just typed this post because I felt like it’s been so long and you guys deserve better tbh. My one week leave started yesterday and i’m in Lagos. YAY!

One short sad story tho, my phone fell and the screen broke so i really can’t do anything right now. I wanted to post some pictures with this post but wellllllll….. and i forgot my camera in Ibadan… I’m really just hoping i’ll be able to fix the screen here becausemans don’t have money for a new phone. The economy is not exactly friendly.

Anyway, hopefully i’ll be able to write more posts this week since i’m free.