Diary of a stressed house officer| 5 coping tips. 

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I’m currently in Lagos for just two days. 😦 I wish I could stay longer but i have to go back to work on Monday, yes I’m aware it’s a public holiday but when you’re a Doctor, public holiday is nothing exciting. It’s just another day. Especially if you’re on call, it’s pretty much like a weekend call. 

Anyway, im home and wide awake so I decided to type this post. 

Let’s get right in, shall we?

1. Prepare your mind for the worst. 

I don’t mean to scare you but it works well for me. I prepare my mind for the worst and  nothing can really surprise me anymore. Just know it’s going to be one long year and once you’ve accepted the fact that you’re in for struggle, you’ll be fine.

2. Eat. 

I really have no shame for confidently writing this because I have a terrible eating habit. I go from not eating to binge eating and the cycle goes on and on. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed with work and forget to eat. Yes, I didn’t think it was possible to forget to eat either until I started housejob. Have snacks in your bag. Work can go from zero to one hundred real quick and before you know what’s happening, it’s 8pm and you’ve not had a proper meal all day. 


Be nice but not too nice. 

I know it’s like I’m contradicting myself but I started house job with the ‘I’m going to be nice to everyone’ mentality and it didn’t take long for me to be like ‘uh fuck it’. Nigerians don’t like nice people. Nigerians respect you when you’re mean and you yell. Sadly. I mean, I’m not saying disrespect anybody but don’t let people walk all over you especially the nurses because they tend to think they know better and they always want you to do what they want you to do but if you really know what you’re doing, they can’t bullshit you into doing anything. Bottom line is know what you’re doing and stand your ground. Respectfully tell them to do their work and do yours. Nurses can be your best friend and your worst nightmare. 


Don’t forget to read. I can count how many times I’ve opened my book to read. You’ll learn everyday and it gets overwhelming sometimes but get a small notebook and write down things you see/hear/learn so you can find time to go over them. I can’t promise you that you’ll find time. From being on call and not sleeping to doing 5hour ward round to being yelled at. Honestly, all I think about is sleep. I can’t come and die. Housejob kinda makes you better at clinical skills than theory because who has time to read honestly? 


Rest. Rest. Rest.

I know this might sound like a foreign term to you but you gotta find time to rest. Even if you have to ’tissue’ to sleep. Do what you gotta do smartly. Except you’re ready to overwork yourself and burn out/collapse. I’ve heard stories from people i know and random people of how doctors faint at work from exhaustion. How sad is that? I have friends that have collapsed at work. It’s really not that deep. Do your work but try to rest. If you’re known to do your work well, no one can fault you for taking some time off to rest. I know it’s hard for some people *coughs*. I’m a workaholic and I barely rested these past few months but hey, even if I can’t take my own advice i can help someone out there! 
I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

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Two months….

You guys! I have two months left and i’m done with house job. I’m so excited!!! I’m officially starting a countdown. I can’t wait.

It feels like i started just yesterday. It really went by quickly. I remember feeling some type of way about moving to Ibadan. I remember the orientation process and my first day as a Doctor. It was overwhelming. How naive and clueless i was! It was ridiculous.

I have learnt and grown so much. I have met some cool people. I have worked with some stressful people and commended myself on how much I’ve grown by just being able to deal with them.

I started my internship with Obstetrics and Gynaecology, then moved to paediatrics and then Surgery. I’ve completed the first month in Medicine. .

I remember finding out I was posted to GIT/Liver unit and I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad because the unit is mad stressful in this hospital and happy because I actually don’t mind GIT. It was my favorite system back in Med school. I even did an elective rotation in GIT. That’s how much I loved it. 

The first month was a bit stressful as I was getting used to the unit. People weren’t exactly doing their work so it made everyone tense. I don’t mind the unit now though. I know what’s expected of me and what I need to do. 

Personally, I’ve been feeling somehow. Not sure if I can call it depression because that’s pretty big but I just don’t know if this is what I want to do with my life. I’m not sure being a Doctor makes me happy. A lot of people have said it’s probably because I’m in Nigeria and everything here is stress but deep down I feel like I’ll be miserable if I end up doing this forever. I’ve spoken to a few people about it and everyone is basically like you’ve got your whole life ahead. Ultimately, you gotta do what makes you happy. I mean, I love helping people feel better. It’s really overwhelming when you see someone come into the hospital really bad – almost dead ‘bad’ and they eventually leave conscious and well. It’s really amazing and the feeling that you played a role in making that happen is not something I can even discuss. Tew much! But I still wake up and feel sad. Almost like this is not what I should be doing with my life. Hopefully , i figure it out soon. Pray for me guys! 

On to happier news, I met my cute ass nephew last week. 😍  I’m looking forward to finishing housejob and starting NYSC much later in the year. I also look forward to next month as I’ll be welcoming my second nephew to the world. Super exciting. Titi is getting married in August so that’s super lit. Such a blessed year for my family tbh. 

What kind of post would this be if I don’t share pictures from the past few months? 
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Life as a house officer. 

Hey guys. First of all, I’m pretty sure my followers/readers outside Nigeria might not understand what house job is all about. 

Its basically your internship year. Your first experience as a Doctor after med school. It is also when you start earning money. 😉

We are at the bottom of the chain as the consultants here keep emphasizing. So basically, we do three months in each department (medicine, obgyn, surgery and pediatrics). 

I’m starting with Obgyn and for the first month I’ve been posted to GOU (Gyne oncology unit). I wasn’t particularly thrilled by this. I mean, who wants to wake up to see cancer patients everyday? Not me! It is quite depressing but I’m not so sad because I hated gyne oncology in med school so I guess this will give me an opportunity to learn and know it by force. 

So, during the three months posting in different units in O&G, you get to do one week in labor ward, another week in Gyne Emergency and then your one week leave. One each month. 

Guess who started with labor ward? Me. I was initially not excited because its usually very busy and unpredictable but I’ll still do it anyway and apparently to get your leave, you must have done your two weeks outside posting. 

First day in labor ward was not bad. They only allow scrubs and slippers in labor ward. I still dont understand why bathroom slippers sha. It was not as bad as I thought it’d be. I heard it was a punishment zone like if you do something wrong in your unit, they might post you to labor ward. The have the first stage area, the second stage area and then the post partum area where they stay till theyre transfered to the warda. The most common diagnosis here from my one week there is preeclampsia.  Basically, we do ward rounds with the registrars, snr registrars and consultants, review patients, fill investigation forms, take blood samples, assist in any procedure being done, assist in the surgeries being done, give IV drugs, take vital signs and deal with any complaint the patient has. Its not as easy as it sounds. I barely got a chance to just relax but the thing is its very unpredictable so it might get quiet for like an hour and next thing you know, they’re wheeling three patients in.  I was excited though. 

If you’re not on call, you get off work 5pm (5 was never really 5 tbh)  but if you are on call, it’s till 8 the next morning and you resume your normal duty. Stress. 

I did my first call in gyne emergency. Bruh. I never hexperret it. I barely slept for two hours. The emergency room here is under construction so it was just chaotic. I learnt a lot though and it was exciting. 
I’m back to my unit on Monday and I have a ward call that day. Hopefully, it goes well. 

This post is mainly for those that asked for house job update. 

So far, so good. I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

Have a good weekend! 


July/ Update

Hey guys. How’s it going? I feel like now that I’ve started working I won’t have the time and energy to post things but I’ll sure update y’all on what’s happening because I like gisting and sharing. 😏

July was a stressful month for me tbh. I started the medicals for my new job and these people are so dramatic. I’m not complaining tho because its all for my health and to make sure I’m fit and protected from some diseases I could get while working here. I legit got over 6 injections, did a bunch of blood tests, found out I was underweight ( I gained weight in July tho) praise jah. 

So I found out I’m starting my internship year in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I was so happy. Its so funny cuz I was talking to the guy sitting right beside me about how I wanted obgyn and they called all the Doctors posted to that department and my name wasn’t mentioned. They initially posted me to pediatrics and randomly changed their minds. I was like ‘look at God!’ 

I just like and feel it’ll nice to transition from Obgyn to pediatrics and not the other way round.

So, I’m doing obgyn for the next three months. We apparently get to go to different units every month so we get to experience and learn as much as we can. That’s really exciting.

Day 1 selfie

I met some really nice people in July and I think I’m going to be really close to some of them. We all just clicked.

I would share more but July was really not that eventful. I was sad I missed Eat Drink Festival and the other  food fest in Lagos but I was eating Amala in Ibadan so life wasn’t so bad and I can’t complain.

How was July for you? Are you excited for the new month? Got plans for it? Looking forward to anything? Share with me in the comments section.

I hope this month goes well and hope I don’t lose weight from the stress but I’ll definitely keep y’all updated. 



Dating in Lagos

Hey guys.
I didn’t want to share this but I figured someone out there may or may not have experienced something similar and just want that someone to know that they are not gullible or stupid. I also want to share some lessons I learnt from it all and who knows? Someone might learn a thing or two.
I’m not saying you should have trust issues o but keep reading.
So I decided to go into this dating thing. I’m not much of a ‘dater’ tbh. I like being alone. Being jobless for a while made it even worse. I just hate the stress of meeting people, liking them and being disappointed. Don’t get it twisted, I like the going out part sometimes, having someone new to laugh with, go out with, try new things with other than your family and friends.
So, I decided to sort of date two people because I kind of met them at the same time. Let me just call them A and B. I wanted to give y’all the full gist because frankly I don’t care if they read this but It’s a long story so I’ll just summarize it and save y’all the stress.
Now, I don’t know about you girls but after a while, I can’t keep up with two guys so I obviously had to narrow it down to one eventually.
A was not my type physically but I decided to look beyond that. Clearly, I didn’t look too far because apparently he had a girlfriend of four years and lied about it. Four bruh.


How did you miss this? You might be asking. Frankly, I don’t even know. I guess when someone is constantly messaging and calling, you just sort of assume he does not have a girlfriend especially after he tells you  he’s single. Ya know? Before I found out,  I told him I don’t think anything will happen here tbh. Ko le werk.
Did i mention that when i told him i dont think we are compatible, he blocked me on whatsapp and unfollowed me on twitter and I was like


While gisting with my friend after the blocking drama, she told me he has a girlfriend. What a freaking wawu. I know.


Lesson learnt from that experience is to talk to friends that might know the person you’re dating. Don’t say he’s just a guy I met, why investigate so much. Girl, Ask lots of questions.. not only to the guy you’re dating because they tend to lie about having girlfriends, but to people that know him. I personally don’t like to put my private life out there but clearly in Lagos you have to investigate everything because married men are out here trying to date single girls. ASK MY SISTERS. Lagos is small, someone will know someone that knows him. LOL.
B that I decided to focus on turned out to be a liar. LOL. I literally thought it was jazz.

Like bruh how does one lie about what they’re doing in life? It had me confused. Like I had to ask how he planned to keep up with the lie forever.

For obvious/other reasons, I had to drop him too. * Boy, bye*- In Beyonce’s voice.
Lesson learnt: Forgive yeah but move the hell on. If a nigga can lie about what he does regardless of the reason, keep it moving. You don’t need that kind of person around sis. Also, as I said earlier, ask lots of questions. Don’t assume shit. People lie about everything and don’t ever underestimate a guy’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.
There is no way to know if a guy is a liar by just looking at him. I wish there was some sort of technology for that. So you just gotta keep your eyes open, ask questions, talk to your friends (they might know someone that knows him) and don’t be naïve and too quick to think you’ve found the one so you won’t get disappointed. I’m sure there are lots of good guys so this is not in any way a ‘ALL GUYS ARE LIARS’ post.

I hope someone reading learnt a thing or two from this post.
What kind of person would I be if I did not share some tips with my sisters. 😉


Feelings ft Sirkastiq.

Before anyone hisses that I’m back here, shey you know the blog is “life with two TEES” not “life with two tees and a K” so anytime you see me here, just take it like that. But yeah, It’s always great to feature on here and share one or two things with you amazing people.
So what am I talking about today?
I feel it is time for me to address this issue of feelings. It’s not like I’m an expert on the matter but the other day, I was chilling under one coconut tree like this when I saw this tweet


“How do you know when you’ve caught feelings?”
See yeah, forget what you see on Telemundo and Zee; that’s all acting and is mostly detached from reality. Many of us grew up expecting to have the butterfly in tummy experience and all we ever got was running stomach and a brain wave of worries. You grow up thinking you want a guy that’s tall, dark and handsome but then you meet one who’s all this and all you’re not sure if you have caught feelings or just living out  fantasy.
See ehn, it’s not that deep. Just pause.
What are feelings?
Maybe if you can clearly define this, you’ll be able to explain what is happening to you as it’s happening.
To some, catching feelings is what happens when you’re out with your girls and this guy walks in looking all fly and smelling like he walked straight out a perfume ad (Even though he’s 50m away, you can perceive his scent). Looking at him, your jaw drops open, you get weak in the knees and you picture yourself in his tight grip, probably squeezing you tight while planting passionate kisses on your lips.
My friend, that’s the power of your imagination!
To others, catching feelings is what happens when you just become a dosgbe whenever you are in the presence of that person; like you can’t articulate your words, you can’t do anything, you’re just a complete mumu.
Truth is, that’s a medical condition!
The romantic books say something about your heart skipping a beat. As per your heart decides by itself that no o, I don’t want to beat in normal rhythm again, I want to join Don Jazzy and co to be doing beatmasters.
That’s risky bruh.
I think, feelings aren’t just a matter of your heart. They are a combination of a lot of things mostly starting with physical attraction; based on what you see, you are then drawn to connect with this person. However, you should let your sense be involved in the entire process. Forget what you heard about “following your heart”. Who heart don epp?
Attraction is the evidence of feelings. Don’t however think that because you have feelings for Ajapa, Ajapa should automatically have feelings for you. For some of us, feelings need to grow, time needs to play its role for the benefit of both parties. So next time you’re wondering if you have feelings for someone, don’t think too deep, if the initial attraction is there, give it time and see whether you still “feel” the same after several encounters.
The answer to the question sha is that, I really don’t know how you know you’ve caught feelings. It differs for us all.
Till next time y’all. Later.

– Sirkastiq

Road Chef | Review

Hey guys.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I actually wrote it along with the bay lounge review but somehow ended up not posting it. I went the same day too.

I’d already been there before like three times. I saw some reviews online and figured why add another review to the numerous ones already out there but on my fourth visit there, I was like nah! I have to review this place.

I always get the same burger tho but the last time I went, I got fried chicken and sweet potato fries. It was so good. It sort of reminded me of the KFC in Dominica. I couldn’t finish it though so I took it home and ended up forgetting to put it in the fridge and the ants in my house decided to have a feast but yeah it was really good.

I love Road Chef because its so cozy, the service is great and they always play good music. Shout out to the owner of the playlist. You sabi the thing! Also, you can go upstairs if you want more privacy. I noticed it’s always empty or almost empty every time I go there. I wonder why. I’m hoping its because people take their food home instead.
The prices are reasonable, they have a breakfast menu, quesadillas, burgers, wraps, desserts and so on. 

Anyway, Road Chef is located near Ascon filling station off Admiralty road. Very close to the lekki-ikoyi bridge.









I’d definitely recommend going to road chef. I heard they make pizzas now.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.